Thursday, May 19, 2016

getting ready for summer with The Baby Cubby

This summer is going to be a crazy one for us.

Leaving our Boston home and spending some time in transition while we wait for our Ottawa house to open up (we rented a house this past weekend up there! More on that soon.) Even though it's sure to have its stress and being away from our familiar home will be tough, I'm hoping to make this summer a fun and memorable one for the kids. Boating time at Grandma and Grandpa's, cousins camp at Nana and Papa's, picnics, hikes, exploring our beautiful new neighborhood and city up north. 

When Ryan over at The Baby Cubby contacted me about a collaboration earlier last month, I was excited to pick out a few goodies for the kids to prepare for this summer. 

Their SkipHop Zoo backpacks are absolute perfection-- plenty of pockets for books, crayons and road tripping essentials. Silas picked out a ladybug (he chose it for its pink face, his current favorite color), and we chose that sweet bumblebee for Delia ( our Delia Bumblebee, as we call her sometimes). Looks like these backpacks are on sale right now, so I'd pile a few up in my cart if I were you! 

I couldn't resist snagging some Saltwater sandals for Delia, and oh my gosh, the cuteness. Not only cute, but so functional-- I love that she can get them wet or dirty, and they'll still be uber comfy and looking like new.

I'm also excited about our Lulujo Turkish towel. Light enough to stuff in any bag, versatile enough for pretty much anything. Drying off after impromptu swimming sessions (which my boys are not averse to at all!), picnics in the park, a sunshade for the new babe. And that sunshiny yellow is so sweet! 

If you're looking for summer essentials for your kiddos, preparing for a new baby, or even looking for the right gift for a new mama, the Baby Cubby is definitely the place to look. With price matching (even to Amazon pricing!), free shipping over $49, and tons of awesome brands like Freshly Picked, SkipHop, and Boon, it's pretty much a no-brainer.

Aaand, you know I wouldn't leave you hanging, so take 10% off your Baby Cubby order with the code HELLOHUE, good through the end of the month!

I was provided a gift card in exchange for this post, and as always, opinions and words are my own! SkipHop backpacks, Baby Bling headband, Saltwater sandals, and Lulujo Turkish towel all c/o of The Baby Cubby

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

my favorite graphic tees for mamas

I'm really into graphic tees these days. The typography, the simplicity, the layering options, how they basically make an outfit without even trying. Certainly there are some dumb ones out there, that make me roll my eyes or think "who would wear that?" This one is a particularly stupid one (who wants a list of all the things they can't have while pregnant?!)

But there are some sweet ones too. 

Here's a little round-up of graphic tees for mamas that I would actually wear. Some maternity, some not. Also, almost all from small companies run by mamas themselves. That tee from The Jones Market is headed my way, and I'm gonna tuck it away for after baby #3 comes- if I can resist the temptation to squeeze my bump into it right away. I love having a few fun things tucked away to wear after the baby, especially something like an soft, cozy tee that I can toss on without much thought. 

No affiliate links or sponsorships-- just some tees I love and wanted to share. Also, posting them eases the urge to click 'add to cart' on all of them. :)