Friday, November 6, 2015

four reasons to shop the Hello Hue pop-up shop before it closes today!

I realized that I dropped the ball on blogging about my pop-up shop happening this week. I've been depending on Instagram to spread the word, but there's a very real chance that if you don't follow along over there, you haven't heard!

So, here ya go.. Today is the last day of my pop-up shop! I still have a handful of bright and colorful paintings available.This will be the last chance to purchase anything from HelloHue Studio before the holidays, and I expect my next pop-up won't be until January or February. I put together a little no-brainer list of reasons to purchase a painting today. Just in case you need a little extra nudge. 

1). Mark one gift off your list way ahead of schedule. 

I'm a horrible procrastinator, and the thought of chipping away at my Christmas shopping list early is pretty enticing. Imagine all the time you'll have for peppermint mochas later! 

2). Add the finishing touch to your long-neglected gallery wall. 

I've got a few blank spaces on our walls myself, so no judging here. But there are several different sizes still in the shop, so I bet you could find something to fill that hole. 

3). Support an independent artist. 

After closing up my Etsy shop last February, I thought I was done painting for good. And that made me feel a bit lost. But I'm so grateful for this chance to open up every now and then to share my artwork with you. This pop-up style allows me to spend more time with my kids, but still experience the joy of creating and sharing my artwork. So thank you for supporting me in that. I completely understand that you can go to Target for pretty wall art, but the fact that so many of you choose MY art makes me feel humbled and honored. 

4). Surprise a friend. 

Gifts at Christmas are so fun to receive, but you know what's even better-- a just-thinking-of-you gift. Does a friend need a little extra encouragement this month?

Alright, I'm off to enjoy this 70 DEGREE day (in NOVEMBER, YES, I'M SHOUTING!) with the kiddos. Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!