Tuesday, August 11, 2015

albion fit review and giveaway!

As summer approached this year, I began to worry about my beach bod. Or lack thereof, rather. After two pregnancies, two C-sections, diastis recti wrecking my core, and a very long winter indoors, I was not feeling beach ready in the slightest, except for the fact that I knew I was ready to get sandy with my kiddos and drink margaritas in plastic cups. Definitely ready for that.

When it came time to finally find a swimsuit for this season, I made a decision to embrace this bod. This one, right here. All the stretchmarks, wrinkles, freckles, and saggy skin that have come from carrying two sweet babes, nursing them for their first year, and living life for almost thirty years. No more beating myself up over a body that has worked so hard and given me so much. I've worn a bikini to the beach a few times, and loved the way it helped me to accept my mama bod a little more.

But um, let's be (even more) honest here. Sometimes it's just really nice to wear something that totally flatters, supports, and makes you feel a tiny bit sexy, even when wrangling littles at the beach. Even though it felt liberating to don my high-waisted bikini, and I was (and still am) determined to love this body I've got, there were more than a few pictures snapped by Chris that I deleted as soon as I saw them. I needed something with a little more support, and yeah, maybe a little more coverage. Here's where this gorgeous swimsuit enters the story.

Peplum. Floral. Stripes, High-waisted. Underwire support. Sweetheart neckline. Criss-cross back. They've thought of everything in the Antigua Cobalt Peplum suit . It's a tankini like you've never seen  (or worn!) before. "They" being Albion Fit, a swimwear and fitness clothing company with beautiful, high-quality pieces that you will go ga-ga over. They've got a swimsuit silhouette for everyone, in the most lovely prints and vivid colors.

So, here's to embracing what your mama gave you, and what your babies gave you, and what life has given you, and wearing a suit that enhances, tucks, supports and flatters all of those things. I'm excited to be partnering with AlbionFit to give away two $50 gift cards this week. Hop over to my Instagram to enter to win!


  1. What a cute suit! It's pretty and really flattering.

  2. U look gorgeous! love your choice of swimsuits... u seem to look good in everything!

  3. The bikini looks amazing on you!it's perfect for the current festive season.



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