Thursday, January 29, 2015

silas says.

Two years old. He's hilarious, infuriating, sweet and precocious, all wrapped up in one blonde-haired, green-eyed little boy. And the things that come out of his mouth leave me snickering with Chris long after Silas is in bed at night. 

While poking a cooked onion on his plate with a little pointer finger... 
"This feels stinky."

After finding a bobby pin on the ground, kneeling in front of an electrical outlet...
 "Lemme just stick this thing in here real quick." 

(Don't worry--I caught him in time, we had a serious chat, and a wayward socket protector was returned to its rightful place.)

After spitting an unwanted bite of food into my hand, and before I tossed it into the trash...
"Noo! Don't throw it away, Mom! Put it in your pocket!"

While holding his nativity scene's baby Jesus...
"I'm sucking on baby Jesus. I think him a lollipop"

Moments after a particularly powerful sneeze...
"I bless you'd in my hot cholk-lik"

After a loud crash in the other room, rather than "Everything's okay...
"Something's oookay!"

While rubbing my dad's bald head...
"You have sunshine on your head. I'm trying get it off."

Peering over at my plate, which had the same food his did...
"Mommy's food is my favorite food!" 


  1. Out of the mouths of babes!... The sunshine comment had me rolling!.. :-)

  2. I absolutely LOVE what 2 year old's think up. The way they combine what they hear with what their amazing minds comprehend just makes my mama heart happy! My 2 year old said to her 5 year old sister who was approaching her too closely on her slide - "back up sister! Give me spaaaaace!" Just the thought of a sister telling another sister to back up and give her space at this young age makes me wonder how the teen years will pan out. I think Silas has some amazing days ahead of him :)

  3. Life from the eyes of a 2 year-old. Can't wait to see Joe......sunshine!

  4. My girls got such a kick out of Silas's words, the custest! I'm so glad your documenting them, so much I wish I would have written down.


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