Thursday, November 13, 2014

hi there.

Every time I've sat down to write a blog post over the past few weeks, I stare at the computer screen, searching for the right words. Eventually, I realize that I don't possess the right ones, and so I close the lid to my laptop and curl up on the couch next to Silas instead.

But the kids have been sleeping for about 3 hours now, and I've cleaned the kitchen, prepped dinner, cleaned the kitchen again, finished custom orders, and now my hands are fidgety for lack of something to do. (Who am I kidding? There's ALWAYS something to do, but the laundry will wait until another day...)

So, a blog post it is. Just a few tidbits about the state of the Wilkins' home.

Si and Delia are getting used to each other, and sometimes even love each other. Si is curious, sweet and only a teeny bit jealous (yesterday, while he was throwing a fit, she chimed in with her own screaming, and he said, "No! NO! Delia, me crying!!" Ha. ). Delia is curious about this loud little being who stomps around while she's trying to snooze.

Lately, Si's favorite things to do are hop around like a frog "WOO-but! WOO-but!", make forts out of blankets, and play hide-n-seek. He's finally mastered the fine art of staying in his hiding spot, and it's awfully adorable to see his little pajama'ed feet sticking out from underneath the curtains. He's hilarious and maddening, all wrapped up into one adorable two-year-old sized package.

D is working hard at fattening up her cheeks lately, and doing a good job at it. Her smiles are bright enough to light the block, and she is definitely a mama's girl-- following my every move with her eyes and instantly calming (sometimes) when I start in on Too-Ra-Loo-Ra. I think she and Chris both love their nightly snuggle on the couch, while we catch up on Black List, and I use my "no longer pregnant" excuse to eat all the sugar in the house.

This is starting to read like a Christmas newsletter, isn't it? I'll be honest-- it's been refreshing to step back from the computer a little bit in the past few months. When every event, outing, and outfit has to be a blog post-- life gets a little bit crazy. I'll be back soon though-- I've got some fun things lined up over the next few weeks-- an awesome diaper bag company, some gorgeous family pictures by the talented Ruth Eileen Photography, and a sweet holiday card giveaway.


  1. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra is the lullaby that I sing to my sweet boy too! Sometimes (emphasis on the sometimes nature of it) even just humming it into his ear while we sway in the nursery calms him and he'll lay his head on my shoulder. Such blessings these little ones are!

  2. such a great treasure trove of photos here!! love love love!!

    i'm thinking of you today as it's my first day alone with both babies. i remember your first day home alone and what you had shared on IG about taking it slow and having lots of grace. ;)



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