Monday, October 13, 2014

weekend outfit:: a new normal

 If you would have told me two months ago, that I'd be editing an outfit post three weeks after Delia's arrival, I would scrunched up my nose and scoffed. But this time around, the post-baby body with all its flabby skin and leaky boobs, the newborn stage with its exhaustion and worries  -- it's all a little less scary and overwhelming than the first time, and I'm feeling more like myself with each day. And I'll say, "Hallelujah" to that because boy, was I anxious.

Finding nursing-friendly outfits can take a little more time and effort, and there's no use getting attached to favorite tops, because they'll be spotted in breast milk and spit-up within a few minutes of wearing them.  I will never have a flat tummy again, and as Silas pointed out to me this week, my belly button is "broken".  After Silas was born, these things overwhelmed me and even crushed me at times. Getting dressed was something I often dreaded. But this second time around, I'm heaping on the grace, and embracing the wrinkles, lumps and tears a little bit more.

We said goodbye to the last of our family yesterday afternoon, which means no more extra help, but instead, the opportunity to settle in to our new normal. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my first full week alone with the kids, so I know there are still plenty of hard days ahead. But surviving the first three weeks feels like a small victory.

what i'm wearing:: cardigan:: {target} // blouse:: {anthropologie} // leggings:: {c/o agnes and dora} // boots:: {c/o lulu's}


  1. You look great! I'm hoping that the postpartum recovery will be easier the second time around, so I hope I have the same experience as you.

  2. Lindsay, you look GREAT! And I know this is just from what we see online, but from what you're sharing it seems you have your heart and soul in the right place: take it slow, love your family, allow grace to settle in. I admire you so much :)

  3. You look great. It's amazing how different it is the second time around, I know.

  4. I absolutely love the leggings and the boots! So good together :)


  5. Love your style! It's inspiring me to find more fun pieces for the fall/winter!

    Also...I think your backdrop wall is the outside of my church?

  6. You look great! Congratulations on making it through the first three weeks. Praying for you today!

  7. You look wonderful and I love your mindset toward this season of life! :-)


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