Thursday, September 11, 2014

38 weeks.

I'm not sure I really have words for the feelings that have been washing over me the last few days. While I'm so ready to meet this little girl face-to-face, I am quite a bit terrified to be a mom of two. The past few days, Si has been skipping his nap, and it's left me feeling exhausted (even more than usual) and low on patience. I can only imagine what these kinds of days will look like when I have a toddler bouncing off the walls, bags under my eyes, and a tiny newborn to care for as well. So, I'm doing my best to soak up the quiet times I have left (even if it means stuffing my head under a pillow while Si chatters in his room), and praying my way through the days. 

I think that the next few months will be filled with lessons on how I can't rely on my own strength, but instead, on God's strength through me. Those kinds of lessons scare me. Because they are hard learned, and often come only after many tears for me. 

So, besides being a little terrified and a little exhausted, we are pretty ready for the arrival of miss Delia Bea. Ready to kiss those sweet toes, hold her tiny hands and introduce her to her big brother. 

Her drawers are stocked with the frilliest, sweetest little clothes imaginable. 

The guest bedroom is made up and awaiting my mom's arrival. 

Silas is practically bursting from waiting for his little sister (not sure he actually believes us that she's really coming soon...)

The freezer is filled with meals-- both homemade and our favorites from Trader Joe's. 

My hospital bag is packed and ready to be snagged at a moment's notice. 

I bought a few fun lounge clothes, fully remembering the frumpy feeling of being a new mom. And hoping new sweatpants and tees will alleviate that just a bit. 

We've toured the hospital, met with the other midwives that may help deliver Delia, and I'm downing several cups of raspberry leaf tea each day. 

Not much left to do but wait... and get one last pregnancy pedicure, of course. 


  1. Does Si do quiet time? Or at least room time, like you said he chatters in his room? My son quit napping forever ago, but I still force him to be in his room for a few hours. I can't lose any more of my mind!

    1. He does sometimes! If he refuses to sleep, I stick some books and toys in his crib, but he's not always keen on that. Thankfully seems like today he's finally drifted off... fingers crossed!

  2. We struggled a little at first too, with the toddler not doing quiet time or napping. BUT it is doable, and with enough patience and Grace and prayers and coffee, you will do just fine. Congrats, friend! :)

  3. you look fantastic, and i love the name you have picked for your sweet girl. can't wait to see the good news that she's arrived!

  4. So beautiful. I'm pretty sure it won't be much longer. :)

  5. I am sure u will get gifts for your second, I hope the giver remembers Si with a little something as well... its a transition for all.... btw, you look great! you've kept your shape w/respect of that little package you're carrying... the second time around will be easier, believe me... :-)

  6. Darling photos. I think we're due around the same time! :)

  7. Transitions, no matter what they are : Baby, school, work, moves, any other life event - are hard to wait and anticipate. I get like that with every move we make. But you are right, there's only one way to get through it and let your arms up and let go because its all going to work as it is supposed to. If you ever need to get Si out of the house, he can come hang with us and take a ride in Justin's 'red truck'. Keep the positivity and you are SO CLOSE!

  8. love these pictures!! just beautiful!!!

  9. So looking forward to seeing pictures of your sweet girl after her arrival.


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