Monday, July 28, 2014


Is there anything more cozy than a morning thunderstorm with candles lit and cuddly toddler doing puzzles by your side?
I can't think of much else. 

do I really have two more months left for this belly to grow?!
I got my first 'twins?' comment this weekend. 

anyone wanna come help with the million and one projects we have on our 'before baby comes' list?
laundry nook shelves, delia's room, organizing the heck out of our life...

how adorable are these tiny handmade baby girl dresses?!
that pink and gold polka dot one is headed my way!

will Delia have my dark complexion, or Chris and Silas' fair complexion?
I can't imagine a blonde girl in my family, but I can't wait to see! 

how did I just now buy my first pair of Saltwater sandals?! 
I'm in looove. First pair of sandals I've ever had that are absolutely comfy from day 1. 

what are your favorite toys for toddlers? 
Silas' birthday is in two weeks, and I'm pretty excited about the bike we're getting him. 

is there a comfier dress than this one from Asos
Answer: no. 

how many times is Si gonna drive his truck around the coffee table today?
We're currently at lap #46.  

what's for lunch?!
the real question of the day. 


  1. I love that dress, and I think you and your belly look great!!

  2. I bet she takes after you!... why not? if recessive genes can dominate , dominant genes will happen... gotta love mother nature.

  3. I hope you're able to check off a few more things off your "before baby comes" list...I know how it is to be overwhelmed with a long list...I had a rather long list and I kept pushing it off thinking I still had lots of time and then my little guy came 3 weeks early! I still had a lot left on my list, but it all worked out in the end. enjoy your time being pregnant and being a mommy of 1--cherish it.


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