Friday, July 11, 2014

friday links.

After painting our front door threshold a bright teal blue last week, I decided that we needed a new wreath. I just ordered a felt wildflower wreath from the talented Cole Franke and I'm pretty stoked for it to arrive!

My friend Moriah is one of the cutest mamas I know. I loved her post titled "Five Summer Outfits for the Pajama-Loving Mom". 

I just put four new art prints in the Hello Hue Studio shop- have a looksie and take 10% off your purchase this weekend with the code SUMMER10 at checkout! I think my favorite might be the Rise and Shine print! 

This beautiful fabric garland has me itching to get started on some DIYs for baby girl's room. We're pretty far from that stage, and have lots of wallpaper stripping, room clearing and painting to do before we get there. 

We recently added a few things to our baby registry on Amazon (where you can register for things from any website.) But I heard this week about Baby List, which is a site that does basically the same thing, but even better. Have you used it? 

Jenn from Little Faces Apparel recently sent Silas and baby girl (oops- almost typed her name there!) a few cute things for their wardrobes. She's offering 15% off to HelloHue readers using the code BLOGLOVE at checkout. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends! We're just winding down our Friday after a beautiful afternoon exploring the city. I'm debating whether I want to spend the rest of the evening being productive, or completely lazy. I've got a feeling that lazy is gonna win... 

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