Monday, July 7, 2014

a week in annapolis.

We spent the last 6 days or so down in Maryland, soaking up the sunshine and plenty of humidity too. We drove through the night on Monday, and showed up in Annapolis around 3am. After a few hours of so-called sleep (which really consisted of being shoved off the bed by a tiny toddler), we were ready for vacation. 

This particular trip home seemed extra special. Maybe it's because it was our last vacation with just Silas, or maybe it's that toddler age he's in where everything is fascinating and exciting. We spent a ton of time down by the water on Chris' parents' dock-- paddle-boarding, boating, swimming and we even got him tubing. And he loved every minute of it (except for that first minute every time the life jacket went on!). Before becoming a mom, it never occurred to me that I'd get so much enjoyment just from watching my kids have fun. 

Chris and I snuck off for a lunch date in downtown Annapolis, where I filled my tummy with cream of crab soup, and we wandered around our favorite streets. We peeked into the Naval Academy Chapel, where we exchanged vows a little over five years ago, and held hands as we reminisced about our dating days-- days I'm thankful we experienced, but I'm awfully glad for the place we are now in life. 

The night of the Fourth was pretty magical, as I held a warm toddler body on my lap and he watched in awe as the fireworks popped overhead. We had a boat full of family, bellies full of crabs, and I was happy. I think it's a toss-up between my favorite moments-- either listening to Si whisper the color of each firework as it glittered in the sky, or holding him while he slept on the boat ride home and the summer wind whipped in my face. 

We're home now, after a way-too long drive from Maryland to Boston yesterday. I've got a stuffed car to unpack this morning, and I'm pretty excited to start organizing baby girl clothes from the surprise baby shower my mom organized for me this week. While Chris and I get back into the swing of things here, I have a feeling Si will be talking about the boats and fireworks all week. 


  1. Beautiful weekend! Congrats on your happiness. : > Cheers to a fresh week!

  2. beautiful pictures! looks like you had the best time!

  3. What a great vacation! And it's so true, seeing your children happy trumps pretty much everything else :)

    The Joni Journey

  4. You are absolutely adorable. Glad you had a great time!!

  5. so fun! glad y'all had a great family time. being on the water is one of our favorite things to do as family. we recently got a boat given to us and it has been so fun to go out as a family. I'm also glad to see someone else let their kiddo tube. our 2yo loves it!


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