Monday, July 28, 2014


Is there anything more cozy than a morning thunderstorm with candles lit and cuddly toddler doing puzzles by your side?
I can't think of much else. 

do I really have two more months left for this belly to grow?!
I got my first 'twins?' comment this weekend. 

anyone wanna come help with the million and one projects we have on our 'before baby comes' list?
laundry nook shelves, delia's room, organizing the heck out of our life...

how adorable are these tiny handmade baby girl dresses?!
that pink and gold polka dot one is headed my way!

will Delia have my dark complexion, or Chris and Silas' fair complexion?
I can't imagine a blonde girl in my family, but I can't wait to see! 

how did I just now buy my first pair of Saltwater sandals?! 
I'm in looove. First pair of sandals I've ever had that are absolutely comfy from day 1. 

what are your favorite toys for toddlers? 
Silas' birthday is in two weeks, and I'm pretty excited about the bike we're getting him. 

is there a comfier dress than this one from Asos
Answer: no. 

how many times is Si gonna drive his truck around the coffee table today?
We're currently at lap #46.  

what's for lunch?!
the real question of the day. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

her name.

Her name is Delia Bea, and we can't wait to meet her!

The name Delia is one that has had a special place in my heart for a very long time. My dad's father's family moved to the US from a tiny town in Sicily, called Delia, many years ago. In college, I got to visit Sicily, and I still count the three days spent there among my most treasured. My cousin and I stayed in a tiny house overlooking the Sicilian countryside, and ate meals at tables full of distant family that counted us as some of their own, even despite language barriers. Even before my visit, I dreamt of naming my first daughter, Delia. This is our way of remembering my stubborn, sweet, grandfather-- his strong hands, tough demeanor, crinkly-eyed smile, and tight bear hugs.  

Even though you'd say the name of the town "DEH-lee-ah", we'll call her "DEEL-ya". You can read more about my time in Delia, Sicily here. 

Chris' maternal grandmother is named Beatrice, and Delia's middle name is a tribute to her. She's a sweet, feisty woman with a sharp mind and a love for Christ. When she pulls you in close to speak with you, you feel like she's spilling all kinds of juicy secrets. We share a common joy in painting (though her talent far exceeds my own) , and her beautiful artwork fills Chris' parents' home. I am so thankful that we have been able to take Silas to see her (and her amazing husband, Al) almost every visit to Maryland since he was tiny. This last visit is especially engrained in his head after he got to eat ice cream while sitting on their laps. We hope that Delia has the chance to visit with her sweet great-grand parents too. 

Silas has already nicknamed her Delia Bumblebee (though it comes out more like "LaLa Mum-o-bee") and I kind of hope he calls her that for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

wednesday night dates.

As the summer was just beginning, Chris and I sat down to look at our calendar, and we realized just how quickly the end of September (and the arrival of baby #2 ) would be here. At this point, we have no more than 10 weeks before a tiny baby girl joins the family, sending our schedules into disarray. So, we decided to make the most of this summer before things get crazy this fall.

Our neighbor's college-age daughter is home for the summer and we asked her to block off Wednesdays each week so we could sneak in some dates. Can I just tell you how old it makes me feel old to be paying a college girl to watch our toddler? Makes me feel even older when we get home by 9pm, and we're both beat. And then she says that she is going out with friends after that... yeah, just pass me the walking cane. 

So far, we haven't done anything wildly exciting, but the chance to get out on the town for just a few hours, do my hair and make-up, and chat with Chris sans interruptions has been priceless. For our first date, we scoped out a nearby marina and ate a casual Italian dinner on the docks. We watched the sunset reflect off the Prudential Center, and talked about everything under the sun. 

Last week, we ended up by the water again (surprise!), but this time we took the subway into town and ate in the Seaport district. On our anniversary weekend, we discovered a fabulous Asian fusion restaurant called Empire, and their spicy coconut thai scallop soup was calling my name, so I coerced Chris into eating there again. If you are around Boston, and haven't made it down to Fan Pier yet, you're definitely missing out on some beautiful views. 

Tonight, the weather looks a bit stormy, so we might just catch a movie, but either way, I'm already planning my outfit and looking forward to smooching Chris in between handfuls of popcorn. Plus, date nights are my sugar "cheat" nights, so I might even toss in some gummy bears while I'm at it. Wild, I know. 

Here's a list of some things we'd love to do on date nights future. Some ideas from our own 'bucket' list, and some snagged from my awesome IG followers' heads. 

Relax on the beach for a few hours with some good books and a picnic | see the Blue Man Group | explore around Castle Island | watch a movie at a luxury movie theater | Shakespeare in the Common | Fro-Yo | walk around IKEA | borrow a friend's boat | see Phantom of the Opera | grab some take-out and picnic in the Common | visit the North End (mostly for cannolis) | meet up with friends for a group date... 

Got any other great date night ideas? Have you done anything in Boston lately that we should definitely put on our list? 

Monday, July 14, 2014

ferry riding and island hopping.

This weekend was one of those that came to an end all too quickly. It was chock full of really sweet family time, even through some excessive toddler whining on Sunday and my own exhaustion all weekend long. On Saturday morning, we hopped on a ferry, with a backpack full of peanut butter sandwiches, apples and sunscreen. We spent the entire morning riding ferries, and exploring the islands in the Boston Harbor.

We couldn't have asked for better weather-- a warm sun, cool breeze, and blue skies. Especially considering that last July, we were sweltering in 100 degree days almost all month. It was one of those days where I couldn't help but sit back and watch my guys explore, feel this little girl in my belly, and be overwhelmed with gratefulness. 

And an outing with only one toddler meltdown is definitely a success-- Silas got a little stressed out about having to navigate through a field of goose poop. He keeps reminding us that he cried about the poop-- we couldn't help but crack up as we wiped his tears and consoled his sobbing little self. 

For my local friends (or if you are planning a visit soon!) -- we caught the 9 am Hingham ferry, but there is also one that leaves from the seaport in Boston. It was free for Chris since he is active duty military, and for Si, so it was a total of $15 for a my roundtrip ticket and a whole morning of boat rides and exploring. Some islands had campsites available, some even had small cafes, and events like Shakespeare performances in the evenings. I'm pretty excited to add this to our 'favorite things to do in Boston' list. Here's some more info on the islands and the ferry, if you're interested. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

friday links.

After painting our front door threshold a bright teal blue last week, I decided that we needed a new wreath. I just ordered a felt wildflower wreath from the talented Cole Franke and I'm pretty stoked for it to arrive!

My friend Moriah is one of the cutest mamas I know. I loved her post titled "Five Summer Outfits for the Pajama-Loving Mom". 

I just put four new art prints in the Hello Hue Studio shop- have a looksie and take 10% off your purchase this weekend with the code SUMMER10 at checkout! I think my favorite might be the Rise and Shine print! 

This beautiful fabric garland has me itching to get started on some DIYs for baby girl's room. We're pretty far from that stage, and have lots of wallpaper stripping, room clearing and painting to do before we get there. 

We recently added a few things to our baby registry on Amazon (where you can register for things from any website.) But I heard this week about Baby List, which is a site that does basically the same thing, but even better. Have you used it? 

Jenn from Little Faces Apparel recently sent Silas and baby girl (oops- almost typed her name there!) a few cute things for their wardrobes. She's offering 15% off to HelloHue readers using the code BLOGLOVE at checkout. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends! We're just winding down our Friday after a beautiful afternoon exploring the city. I'm debating whether I want to spend the rest of the evening being productive, or completely lazy. I've got a feeling that lazy is gonna win... 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

bump style:: 28 weeks

Here we are, in the first week of the third trimester! And all of the sudden-- oof, I feel it.

Last night's sleep was peppered with about a trillion position changes, blankets going on and off twelve times, and at least one Tums snack, that I remember. Realizing that I still have three months to go is a bit frightening, and I'm pretty sure this belly is going to be on par with my Silas belly (click here to see my belly the day I went into labor with him). I'm pretty sure it's already a bit bigger than 28 weeks with him. (insert wide-eyed emoji here)

We finally decided on her full name this week, and it's been so fun to write it out, speak it and start to tell friends and family. Naming a person is such an agonizing, stressful, and exciting privilege. It's a bit scary too-- hopefully she won't want to kill us when she's fifteen. Don't worry-- we'll share soon. It's just too sweet to hold a few things close to our hearts for a bit longer.

Silas is pretty adorable when he talks about his baby sister, and the way he says her name and beams just melts my heart. I think I'm gonna turn into a puddle of goo when they meet for the first time.

what i'm wearing:: kimono:: {c/o lulu's} // tee:: {h+m maternity} // shorts:: {asos maternity} // watch:: {anthropologie}// sandals:: {target} // see my 28 week bump with Silas

Monday, July 7, 2014

a week in annapolis.

We spent the last 6 days or so down in Maryland, soaking up the sunshine and plenty of humidity too. We drove through the night on Monday, and showed up in Annapolis around 3am. After a few hours of so-called sleep (which really consisted of being shoved off the bed by a tiny toddler), we were ready for vacation. 

This particular trip home seemed extra special. Maybe it's because it was our last vacation with just Silas, or maybe it's that toddler age he's in where everything is fascinating and exciting. We spent a ton of time down by the water on Chris' parents' dock-- paddle-boarding, boating, swimming and we even got him tubing. And he loved every minute of it (except for that first minute every time the life jacket went on!). Before becoming a mom, it never occurred to me that I'd get so much enjoyment just from watching my kids have fun. 

Chris and I snuck off for a lunch date in downtown Annapolis, where I filled my tummy with cream of crab soup, and we wandered around our favorite streets. We peeked into the Naval Academy Chapel, where we exchanged vows a little over five years ago, and held hands as we reminisced about our dating days-- days I'm thankful we experienced, but I'm awfully glad for the place we are now in life. 

The night of the Fourth was pretty magical, as I held a warm toddler body on my lap and he watched in awe as the fireworks popped overhead. We had a boat full of family, bellies full of crabs, and I was happy. I think it's a toss-up between my favorite moments-- either listening to Si whisper the color of each firework as it glittered in the sky, or holding him while he slept on the boat ride home and the summer wind whipped in my face. 

We're home now, after a way-too long drive from Maryland to Boston yesterday. I've got a stuffed car to unpack this morning, and I'm pretty excited to start organizing baby girl clothes from the surprise baby shower my mom organized for me this week. While Chris and I get back into the swing of things here, I have a feeling Si will be talking about the boats and fireworks all week.