Friday, June 20, 2014

little things.

Maybe it's the arrival of full-blown summer (finally!), or my emotional state in this 25th week of pregnancy, but I've been noticing tons of little things lately. Sweet little things through my days that make me smile, make me thankful and aware of all that God is doing. The days can be so tiring and at the end of the day, I'm exhausted and worn out. But these little things are the stuff that get me through. 

The scrapes and bruises on Si's knees and elbows. Marks of his adventurous spirit, which I love. 

Hearing Chris say our little girl's name. 

The way Si says, "'Scuse me, Mom", in the correct usage, when he's trying to get past me to something. 

The pint of So Delicious brand Coconut Ice cream in our freezer. I'm on a no-sugar diet ordered by my midwife, and that stuff is a divine lifesaver. 

Seeing a long-awaited package peeking out of the mailbox. 

Throwing a load of laundry in on the second floor. Easy-peasy. 

Sitting with Chris on our front porch, reading books, and enjoying the summer air. 

Watching Silas do his version of my prenatal yoga video-- I think he's better than I am. 

The anticipation of a summer weekend with perfect weather predicted. 

happy weekend! 


  1. :-) I love happy lists like this! :-)

  2. So my name is Lindsay, and I happened upon your blog one day because one of your pictures ended up on my Instagram popular page. I have to comment because, not only do we share a name, but I also have a son named Silas. He was born in July of 2012. I also just welcomed my little baby girl Maxine in April of this year. I am a stay-at home-mom, and a Christian saved by the precious grace of Jesus Christ. I really enjoy your blog. I'm an avid Christian blog reader due to the hours I spend feeding my baby girl in the dead of night with only my phone to keep me company. I love your style. I also shopped at ASOS for many of my maternity clothes. Just wanted to say hi and wish blessings upon your soon-to-be family of four! Congratulations! I love my little Si, but girls are a whole new and fun adventure!


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