Friday, June 13, 2014

click these links! {if ya want}

It's a rainy Friday morning, and I'm sitting with Silas on the couch, our bellies full of scrambled eggs, orange slices and toast. Chris is off today, but he's out running some errands, so it's been a quiet morning with my favorite little boy. I've been doing my best to savor these kinds of things, fully realizing that our days will be just a little different once this little girl comes. 

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and compile a few of my favorite links from around the internet this week. If you're looking to burn a few minutes clicking around the web this weekend-- here ya go! 

We are in the final stages of getting our laundry moved from the dank, unfinished basement to our second floor hallway. I'll be sharing some progress pictures and details next week, but until then, I'm gathering ideas for fun organization. This post from the Better Homes and Gardens blog has some great tips! 

If you're looking for the perfect maternity tee for this summer, I've found it for you. I bought this soft gray tee a few weeks ago, and so wish ASOS carried it in other colors! The slight boatneck and turned up sleeves are super flattering. 

I'm absolutely drooling over this cargo duffle that Kacia made. And for the millionth time this year, I wish I had some sort of sewing skills. That Kacia is so stinkin' talented (and adorable!) 

Recently, Chris went on a fishing trip with some guy friends, and came back with a freezer full of cod and haddock. We made fish tacos last week using this recipe for peach cilantro salsa, and the flavors were spot-on for summer! 

Even after all these years of blogging, I still love using PicMonkey for editing photos. They just added a long-awaited feature that allows you to import your own fonts! Can't wait to try that out. 

Alright, I'm outta here. Have a great weekend-- we've got ribs on the menu for Father's Day on Sunday and hopefully a little beach trip if the weather cooperates! 


  1. I remember when u suggested Pic Monkey to me a few years back!.. I love it as well...That cargo duffle is to die for...

  2. smoochies my lovely :) that bump of yours? Is the CUTEST EVER. I seriously have bump envy. xoxoxo!


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