Wednesday, June 18, 2014

anatomy of a go-to outfit.

what i'm wearing:: necklace:: {c/o Josabelle Studio}// tee:: {H+M maternity}// pants:: {american eagle}// sandals:: {ASOS}// see my bump with Silas at 25 weeks

I have a theory that works for me personally, and maybe works for you too. When I spend less time putting together an outfit for the day, I generally feel better about myself. It's the days when I agonize over what to wear that I end up feeling unsure of myself all day, and usually pretty uncomfortable too. Not to mention, our bedroom gets trashed, and I more often than not end up making us late. That's why "go-to" outfits like this are so essential to my wardrobe-- during pregnancy and any other time. 

"A go-to outfit" is a pretty common blogging catchphrase, but if you break it down, it looks like this-- it works for multiple occasions (for example, I wore this to a get together for Chris' work, and I'd also wear it to the beach, on a road trip, or even to church!), fits your body well, and feels effortless. I've worn my share of outfits that try too hard to be cute, or trendy or whatever, and I never go back to those outfits a second time. 

Speaking of simple pieces in my wardrobe, Tonya recently sent me this necklace from her shop, and I think it's going into my rotation of well-loved, everyday pieces. Each of Tonya's necklaces feature a quote on hand-stained paper. Mine says,

 " She knew that she was formed by God's hands.
Dreamed up in His heart and placed in the world for a purpose." 

Tonya wasn't sure about the origin of these words, but how encouraging are they to read anyhow! To know we are loved intimately and cherished by the God of the universe is powerful and sweet. For me to know that I am loved and have God-given purpose is my best source of confidence in this world-- far above a perfectly put-together outfit, great hair day, or good day as a mama. 

If you wanna scope out more beautiful quote pendants from Josabelle Studio, click here and be sure to use the code HELLOHUE10 for 10% off any purchase! 

PS. I call these my "genie" pants and they're pretty much the best thing to happen to my wardrobe all summer. And get this-- not maternity, so if you're reading this post, pregnant or not, you should run to American Eagle today and grab yourself a pair (or two! I have them in black also). 


  1. I love that necklace! Definitely checking out Josabelle Studio. :)

  2. As soon as I finished reading this post, I hopped over to check out josabelle studio. I was smitten and ordered 2 necklaces. They arrived today! Thank you for spreading the word about this shop, with such beautiful pieces with inspiring and empowering messages. :)

    1. Love this, Crissy! This is why I love sharing shops with you guys! So glad you love your necklaces!


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