Friday, June 27, 2014

custom necklace + brooch slots available!

Just popping in to let you know that I'll be taking a few custom orders for necklaces and brooches this summer! These will probably be my last available slots before this baby girl arrives, so shoot me an email this weekend if you're interested!

Also, I have a meeting today with my printer to go over proofs for some new prints-- and I'm hoping they'll be in the shop next week! Will post an update once they're live!

Happy weekend! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

little things.

Maybe it's the arrival of full-blown summer (finally!), or my emotional state in this 25th week of pregnancy, but I've been noticing tons of little things lately. Sweet little things through my days that make me smile, make me thankful and aware of all that God is doing. The days can be so tiring and at the end of the day, I'm exhausted and worn out. But these little things are the stuff that get me through. 

The scrapes and bruises on Si's knees and elbows. Marks of his adventurous spirit, which I love. 

Hearing Chris say our little girl's name. 

The way Si says, "'Scuse me, Mom", in the correct usage, when he's trying to get past me to something. 

The pint of So Delicious brand Coconut Ice cream in our freezer. I'm on a no-sugar diet ordered by my midwife, and that stuff is a divine lifesaver. 

Seeing a long-awaited package peeking out of the mailbox. 

Throwing a load of laundry in on the second floor. Easy-peasy. 

Sitting with Chris on our front porch, reading books, and enjoying the summer air. 

Watching Silas do his version of my prenatal yoga video-- I think he's better than I am. 

The anticipation of a summer weekend with perfect weather predicted. 

happy weekend! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

anatomy of a go-to outfit.

what i'm wearing:: necklace:: {c/o Josabelle Studio}// tee:: {H+M maternity}// pants:: {american eagle}// sandals:: {ASOS}// see my bump with Silas at 25 weeks

I have a theory that works for me personally, and maybe works for you too. When I spend less time putting together an outfit for the day, I generally feel better about myself. It's the days when I agonize over what to wear that I end up feeling unsure of myself all day, and usually pretty uncomfortable too. Not to mention, our bedroom gets trashed, and I more often than not end up making us late. That's why "go-to" outfits like this are so essential to my wardrobe-- during pregnancy and any other time. 

"A go-to outfit" is a pretty common blogging catchphrase, but if you break it down, it looks like this-- it works for multiple occasions (for example, I wore this to a get together for Chris' work, and I'd also wear it to the beach, on a road trip, or even to church!), fits your body well, and feels effortless. I've worn my share of outfits that try too hard to be cute, or trendy or whatever, and I never go back to those outfits a second time. 

Speaking of simple pieces in my wardrobe, Tonya recently sent me this necklace from her shop, and I think it's going into my rotation of well-loved, everyday pieces. Each of Tonya's necklaces feature a quote on hand-stained paper. Mine says,

 " She knew that she was formed by God's hands.
Dreamed up in His heart and placed in the world for a purpose." 

Tonya wasn't sure about the origin of these words, but how encouraging are they to read anyhow! To know we are loved intimately and cherished by the God of the universe is powerful and sweet. For me to know that I am loved and have God-given purpose is my best source of confidence in this world-- far above a perfectly put-together outfit, great hair day, or good day as a mama. 

If you wanna scope out more beautiful quote pendants from Josabelle Studio, click here and be sure to use the code HELLOHUE10 for 10% off any purchase! 

PS. I call these my "genie" pants and they're pretty much the best thing to happen to my wardrobe all summer. And get this-- not maternity, so if you're reading this post, pregnant or not, you should run to American Eagle today and grab yourself a pair (or two! I have them in black also). 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

almost two.

I think I've said "this is my favorite age" at just about every stage in Si's short life, but I'm realizing that I enjoy toddlerhood far more than the baby stage. Totally exhausting and frustrating at many points through the day, but it's pretty amazing to watch my baby grow into a full-blown kid. 

At 22 months (his birthday is August 10th!), Silas is a character. I would definitely put him in the category of "strong-willed child"-- he is opinionated, stubborn, and pit-bull like in his wants and desires. He's incredibly verbal, and knows what he wants, even if it takes us a few minutes of him repeating a word for us to 'get' it. His personality is hilarious, and he's constantly joking with us in his little toddler way. 

I think my favorite side of him is his goofy side. He's become a master at the goofy face, and even knows when to break it out for pictures. (We call the one in the collage below his 'crazy' face and he does it on command...or just to be silly when he feels like it.) Usually the giggle I catch afterwards makes it that much cuter. He spent a good five minutes exchanging silly faces with a stranger on the train last week. I love his ability to make friends wherever he goes-- even if it does make public outings a little more awkward for us more inhibited adults. 

We talk about 'baby sister' a lot these days--everything from what her cries will sound like (his impression sounds more like a mouse squeak-- which would be nice, but I think he's in for a rude awakening) to what colors she will like, and whether he's going to share his trucks with her (that changes on the daily). As much as an "almost two-year old" can, I think he understands pretty well that there is a little baby coming to our family soon. Anytime he glimpses a baby girl on my Instagram feed or sees a baby in church, he says, "baby sister!"

Lately his favorite things are to go for walks (which he refers to as 'waaalk, walk, walk's), eat Greek yogurt (this kid is obsessed), and splash in his inflatable pool. He holds our hands and bows his head to pray, and even will remind us if we start to eat before praying. He counts to two, can point out a handful of colors, and slept 12 hours last night. I would never have guessed that last one based on his sleep record as an infant. 

 I have to confess that I sometimes roll my eyes at people who refer to their kids as their 'best friends', but admittedly, I love having this little buddy around. And it makes me wonder what the heck I did with my days before Silas was around to keep me on my toes. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

click these links! {if ya want}

It's a rainy Friday morning, and I'm sitting with Silas on the couch, our bellies full of scrambled eggs, orange slices and toast. Chris is off today, but he's out running some errands, so it's been a quiet morning with my favorite little boy. I've been doing my best to savor these kinds of things, fully realizing that our days will be just a little different once this little girl comes. 

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and compile a few of my favorite links from around the internet this week. If you're looking to burn a few minutes clicking around the web this weekend-- here ya go! 

We are in the final stages of getting our laundry moved from the dank, unfinished basement to our second floor hallway. I'll be sharing some progress pictures and details next week, but until then, I'm gathering ideas for fun organization. This post from the Better Homes and Gardens blog has some great tips! 

If you're looking for the perfect maternity tee for this summer, I've found it for you. I bought this soft gray tee a few weeks ago, and so wish ASOS carried it in other colors! The slight boatneck and turned up sleeves are super flattering. 

I'm absolutely drooling over this cargo duffle that Kacia made. And for the millionth time this year, I wish I had some sort of sewing skills. That Kacia is so stinkin' talented (and adorable!) 

Recently, Chris went on a fishing trip with some guy friends, and came back with a freezer full of cod and haddock. We made fish tacos last week using this recipe for peach cilantro salsa, and the flavors were spot-on for summer! 

Even after all these years of blogging, I still love using PicMonkey for editing photos. They just added a long-awaited feature that allows you to import your own fonts! Can't wait to try that out. 

Alright, I'm outta here. Have a great weekend-- we've got ribs on the menu for Father's Day on Sunday and hopefully a little beach trip if the weather cooperates! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

24 weeks with baby girl.

Chris is back to school today after a month-long break, which means Si and I are on our own once again during the days, and I have a little more time to think about this 'ol blog. It's been so good for me to have a relaxed posting schedule this past month, and honestly, I don't anticipate that changing too much over the rest of the summer. The days are filled with Si-chasing, nap times are for napping or working on custom paintings, and I'm left with only enough energy at night to lift spoonfuls of gelato to my face. And that's ok with me. A slow and sweet summer before this baby girl arrives sounds just about right to me.

Baby girl and I have been together for 24 weeks yesterday. That devil heartburn has started just like last time, and sleeping is getting more difficult. I finally broke out the body pillow last week, and added an extra pillow under my noggin. Exhaustion is my norm, and the heat doesn't help, but we just installed central A/C in the house last week. That'll be a huge improvement over last summer, when the house got up to 90 degrees during some days, and we hid in the mall half the time. 

We got to peek in at her sweet face a few weeks ago, and goodness, she's a cutie. It amazes me that all those bumps and kicks and flutters I'm feeling belong to a little girl with a button nose and tiny little mouth. After our ultrasound, I'm even more impatient to kiss those cheeks and hold her in my arms. 

We're pretty sure we've landed on a first name for her, and once we decide on a middle name, it'll be fun to share with you. I love to hear Si attempt her name, and he says it with the biggest smile on his face. It seems to me that for an almost two year old, he understands pretty well that he's getting a baby sister. He sees pictures of baby girls and will say "baby sister!" and loves to put his hand on my belly. You should see his face when he feels her kick. I can't wait to see this sibling duo together. 

There's a little dude with a onesie duck tail and mismatched socks calling for my attention, so I'm off to sneak in some snuggles while he's occupied with Elmo. Have a great week, friends!