Thursday, May 22, 2014

these days.

It's been quiet around the blog this week, but crazy busy at our house. Between family visits, home renovation (which turned into an expensive electrical problem and three days without power), celebrating Chris' birthday, our anniversary tomorrow, and all the fun chaos that goes along with a toddler, we've barely had time to breathe. But here are a few updates from our world.

Baby girl still doesn't have a name, but no matter, because she sure has personality. There is rarely a time of day that I don't feel her tossing and turning in my belly. Of course, she goes quiet as soon as Chris lays his hand on my tummy. If that's a foreshadowing of Chris' calming effect on her, I'll take it. 

No power for three days means throwing ice cubes into day-old coffee, washcloth wipe-downs instead of hot baths and lots of eating out. We can't actually complain too much, since the weather has been gorgeous and it's given us a great reason to spend all day outside. 

Since Chris is off for his short summer break, we've been enjoying some Daddy time. Bike rides and beach days are the norm, and finding new streets to explore has become a favorite past time. Cramming in as many adventures this summer as possible before we become a family of four. 

Tomorrow is our fifth anniversary, and we are excited to spend it traipsing around Boston sans baby (well, not including the one currently attached to me). I'm researching massage places and getting excited about all the cannolis I'm gonna stuff in my face. 

Meanwhile, we're in the middle of turning a second floor closet into a laundry nook, painting all the exterior trim white, and possibly putting in the back yard. The projects seem to have a habit of being more fun to dream up than to actually carry out, but I think the payout will be worth it. 

Our electrician just got our power turned back on, and I hear a little voice drifting down from upstairs. So, I'm gonna hit publish and snag a hot shower before Si gets too rowdy. Hope your week is less chaotic than ours-- but either way, it's almost the weekend!

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