Tuesday, May 27, 2014

bump style:: 22 weeks

This might be the shortest post I've written in a long time because this mama is exhausted and my bed is calling my name.

Anyway, this breezy chiffon skirt was perfect for a hot and humid day, cruising around downtown Annapolis with my mama and sis. A good percentage of that 22 week bump up there might be thanks to the giant bowl of pad thai that I stuffed in my face a few minutes before these pictures. Half of my "must-do" list for our Maryland trip has revolved around food. Chickfila and my favorite pad thai have been had. 

And as your belly growls along with mine, I'm headed off to bed to dream of what's next on the list-- cream of crab soup and Amish market soft pretzels. 

what I'm wearing:: top:: h and m maternity// skirt:: she inside// leather tote:: c/o great + many things// watch:: c/o feral watches// sandals:: target // gold infinity ring:: dear mushka// 22 weeks with Silas

Thursday, May 22, 2014

these days.

It's been quiet around the blog this week, but crazy busy at our house. Between family visits, home renovation (which turned into an expensive electrical problem and three days without power), celebrating Chris' birthday, our anniversary tomorrow, and all the fun chaos that goes along with a toddler, we've barely had time to breathe. But here are a few updates from our world.

Baby girl still doesn't have a name, but no matter, because she sure has personality. There is rarely a time of day that I don't feel her tossing and turning in my belly. Of course, she goes quiet as soon as Chris lays his hand on my tummy. If that's a foreshadowing of Chris' calming effect on her, I'll take it. 

No power for three days means throwing ice cubes into day-old coffee, washcloth wipe-downs instead of hot baths and lots of eating out. We can't actually complain too much, since the weather has been gorgeous and it's given us a great reason to spend all day outside. 

Since Chris is off for his short summer break, we've been enjoying some Daddy time. Bike rides and beach days are the norm, and finding new streets to explore has become a favorite past time. Cramming in as many adventures this summer as possible before we become a family of four. 

Tomorrow is our fifth anniversary, and we are excited to spend it traipsing around Boston sans baby (well, not including the one currently attached to me). I'm researching massage places and getting excited about all the cannolis I'm gonna stuff in my face. 

Meanwhile, we're in the middle of turning a second floor closet into a laundry nook, painting all the exterior trim white, and possibly putting in the back yard. The projects seem to have a habit of being more fun to dream up than to actually carry out, but I think the payout will be worth it. 

Our electrician just got our power turned back on, and I hear a little voice drifting down from upstairs. So, I'm gonna hit publish and snag a hot shower before Si gets too rowdy. Hope your week is less chaotic than ours-- but either way, it's almost the weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

copper + torch feature and giveaway!

Every once in a while, I come across a shop that is so unique and creative, that it makes me just a little giddy. Lately it seems that everyone has some sort of handmade endeavor, and it's become rare to find that perfect balance of unique and relative.

Well, I'm really excited to introduce you to Lindsay today (not me, another Lindsay.) She is the maker behind the business, Copper + Torch. She creates glass + soldered copper hanging terrariums, and necklaces with the tiniest and sweetest details. 

Lindsay sent me a few pieces from her shop recently, and I'll tell you firsthand that her products are incredibly well-made and so gorgeous. I stuck a few baby succulents in my Diamond + Triangle Duo terrarium, and they seem to be pretty happy after a few weeks of hanging around in on our dining room wall. Think of all the fun possibilities --  fresh flowers from the backyard, smooth stones, or even filled with pretty sea-glass would be beautiful! 

Her necklaces are their own kind of special. Tiny bits of lace, and the teeniest feathers you've ever seen are placed between two pieces of glass. Lindsay even did a few custom pieces using heirloom lace as gifts for Mother's Day. So personal and amazingly sweet. I love that idea for preserving a piece of a wedding or baptism gown.

I'm really excited that Lindsay is partnering with me for her first ever giveaway! One winner will receive their choice of one of the items above-- a tiny feather necklace (click that link-- her pictures capture the beauty of this necklace way better than mine!), a lace necklace, OR a small terrarium. 

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Mandatory entry is to comment on this post with your choice (you're not stuck-- just your first thought!) AND tell us about a personal gift that meant a lot to give or get. Additional and optional entries available too!

PS. Keep an eye out for a HelloHue + Copper and Torch collaboration coming soon! 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

click these links { mamas edition!}

It was a little bit of a rough week as a mom. Not awful, by any means, but I'm just thankful we've made it to Friday. Within the course of three days, I threw out my back (while lifting Si to kiss a boo-boo!), Silas had a case of nursemaid's elbow (that freaked me out just a little!), and then yesterday, he fell smack into doorway corner and busted his nose. So here's hoping this weekend, we see less injuries and last minute doctor's visits. That'd be nice. 

Below are some of my favorite links this week, mostly pertaining to motherhood, because if you didn't realize.... this Sunday is Mother's Day. I'm not expecting any fanfare or elaborate gifts-- just a sunny day spent with my guys. 

Anyway, click away, and have a great weekend! 

These gorgeous robes and lounge sets from Plum Pretty Sugar look so luxurious. One of those robes would be the perfect gift for a mama settling into being home with a newborn. 

If you're into reading birth stories-- I'm feeling particularly nostalgic about Si's, as I get ready for this second baby to come in the fall. Here's part one and part two

While planning baby girl's nursery, I re-fell in love with Ivie Baby shop. You might just giggle in delight at all the fun colors and patterns in their blankets, crib sheets and pillows. They're the very definition of eye candy. 

This post is a sobering, but excellent read for anyone that comes into contact with mamas who have lost little ones. I'm thankful for Heather's insight into a grieving mama's heart. 

Thrive Moms published a great post this week--a reminder about the lies we let ourselves believe as mamas. 

Stumbled upon any awesome links this week? Feel free to share in the comments below! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

baby girl nursery inspiration

Before last Monday night, I didn't really let myself start brainstorming a space for this girl, or think about the sweet ruffles that might fill her closet, or what fun we would have together. Even though I had an inkling that this baby was a girl,  I didn't want to get my expectations stuck on something and then have to about-face and start all over again. 

So once we found out, I barreled ahead with the day-dreaming. There is already an image in my heart of what she's gonna look like, and I can't wait to see if it's right or wrong. My dream nursery for her came together in about 30 minutes while watching Grey's Anatomy on the couch and surfing my favorite spots on the web. 

I bought the Pamela print by Michelle Armas (one of my very favorite artists) several months ago and it's brightening a spot in my studio right now. I picked the Pamela one, not only because it was beautiful, but that's also my mom's name, so it was a bit of a no-brainer. The nursery is loosely based around that print-- with a big focus on using those bits of turquoise and gold. 

I am not really a fan of the "princess-y" themes of many nurseries, but what better place to bring in some trendy metallic gold than in a baby girl's nursery?! I am in LOVE with this sunburst mirror from The Land of Nod, and the gold foil prints found in Lara Casey's shop. 

Since we already own the turquoise overdyed rug from Rugs USA, I know that it's a gorgeous teal/turquoise hue and would look awesome under a gray glider and all kinds of scattered baby toys. Plus, I think the variations in the color would do well to hide any sorts of spills or stains that might (ahem, will) happen. 

Of course, both these pillows and the colorful fabric letters from Anthropologie are kind of superfluous, but would add a rich and playful touch nonetheless. 

And finally, for midnight diaper changes, this lamp from The Land of Nod, (or this one!) would be perfect perched on a little bookshelf. 

I'm excited to see how her nursery turns out in real life once we actually start working on it. I think a fun part of creating a space is taking lofty inspiration and turning it into a tangible project. 

We're still hashing out where to put her, and might have to end up flipping a coin if we can't agree. Chris wants to take over my studio with a master bedroom, but I'm hesitant to be on a different floor from the kids (mostly for those nighttime feedings-- who wants to navigate stairs while half asleep?!) I've also suggested creating a little office nook for him in our current bedroom, but not sure how that would work out. I'm curious-- do you sleep on a different floor from your kids? Or do you share your master bedroom with an office space? There are a lot of options on the table! 

Psstt... to see more of my nursery inspiration, follow me on Pinterest and check out my board, "baby girl's room"

Oh,and to see my inspiration post for Si's boyish adventure themed nursery, click here.  And to see how his nursery turned out, click here. 

review + giveaway from bw prints!

Last month, I put out a call for sponsors, hoping for one or two small biz owners to contact me about jumping on board with sponsoring the blog. The response I got was overwhelming and for the past month, I've been really lucky to have the chance to get to know these creative people just a little bit more, and I'm excited about the opportunities I have to share their talents with you.

One of those awesome creative people was Bobbi. She creates designs for her print shop called BW Prints. Filled with colorful and graphic art prints, her shop is a treat to look through, and after just a few of our conversations, I've come to know that her heart is sweet. 

She recently sent a few of her prints my way, and each one is uniquely gorgeous. The paper they are printed on is a thick and smooth, perfect for propping up all by itself on a bookshelf, or hanging in a gallery with a bulldog clip. 

The "Your Grace..." print found its way onto our side table in the living room (next to my Lindsay Letters print), and I love the reminder of those words each day. The quote on the print comes from Hillsong United's lyrics, "Deepest Waters". 

To give you just a peek at the heart behind these prints, I asked Bobbi a few questions about her art. 

How did you get started in the print making art? 

Sometimes I wish I had a more glamorous story about how I began making prints, but the simplicity of it proves it was 100% God. In the summer of 2012, I became super interested in photography, and eventually decided to start freelancing in my spare time (this is now laughable to me because I'm really not great at photography). Almost immediately after I began working on the logo for my "business," my love for graphic design, typography, and art in general was reignited. I'd been really passionate about art in high school, but gave it up in college because I wasn't sure what I'd do with an art degree besides teach. But lucky for me and so many other amazing artists out there, Etsy was created! Being able to make art that incorporates God's Word is honestly my dream job! 

Which is your favorite print in your shop right now and why? 

 I think my favorite print from my shop right now (because I tend to be super indecisive) would have to be this one ("I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love") or this one ("To Your Name Be The Glory"). I'm obsessed with brush lettering and anything hand painted, and Psalm 115:1 is also my life verse. 

What do you hope these art prints will do for the people who own them? 

The hope I have for people who buy from my shop is that they would encounter The Gospel. I pray often that my prints, specifically my scripture prints, would not only reassure them of their worth in Jesus, but also that people in their lives - friends, family, coworkers - would be encouraged. I always try to design prints that will stand out because I want His Word to stand out in people's homes :)

Want to own some of Bobbi's pretty prints? Enter in the RaffleCopter widget below to win your choice of any TWO prints from her shop! Giveaway ends next Tuesday, May 13th. The mandatory entry is to "favorite" your fave print in Bobbi's shop on Etsy, and there are several other optional entries. 

I was provided the prints for reviews and this post contains my sincere and honest opinions. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help keep HelloHue running!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

weekend outfit:: baseball tee + wedges

A casual outfit that I feel great in is worth way more in my books than a pretty dress. I love a good twirl just as much as the next girl, but there's something about a baseball tee and relaxed jeans that makes me feel perfectly comfortable in my own skin. To girly it up a little, I'll toss on a sparkly headband, some wedges and great bag, and you might just see me in this all week.

Wanna know a little cheat of mine? I love the look of boyfriend jeans on most people, and I usually try out trends when they come around. So, I ordered a pair of boyfriend jeans from American Eagle a few months ago. They looked like a case of mom jeans gone completely wrong on me. Oh man, they were not flattering, my friends. So, I traded them in for this pair of straight leg faded wash jeans, and I cheat the boyfriend jean look. Similar relaxed look, less frump.

Speaking of cheating-- none of these pieces are maternity. Maybe it's just my stubborn streak, or maybe it's that I just can't stand the ruching on some of those maternity tees, but I'll probably go most of my pregnancy in non-maternity duds. Thankfully, it seems that many retailers are carrying tops in longer lengths that work pretty well for covering a bump. Some of my recent faves are Target's Mossimo Layering Tanks, Old Navy's Perfect Tee, and JCrew Factory's knit tees.

what i'm wearing:: headband:: anthropologie // baseball tee:: jcrew factory (similar) // straight leg jeans:: // american eagle // leather tote:: c/o great + many things // wedges:: payless 


Friday, May 2, 2014

little sis!

All week we've been reveling in the fact that we get to be parents to a sweet baby girl! I've been convinced for weeks that it had to be a girl, since my pregnancy has been so vastly different from last time. My midwife was even sure that pink was in our future. It's obviously true that people have different pregnancies with the same gender all the time, but I think I just knew. It's been sweet to know her just a little bit better this week and oh, the fun it's been to dream.

Yes, her first headband has already been purchased. I couldn't resist this simply sweet knotted turban by Lemons and Lace

Baby girl is already deeply loved by so many, including her big bro who loves to pat my tummy and garble some version of the name that's on top of our list.