Monday, April 14, 2014

remaining in the moment.

It was not too terribly long ago that I had myself convinced that in order to fully enjoy and remember a sweet weekend or fun family outing, that I had to snap pictures of each photogenic moment. I'm still working on shaking off that sentiment, but looking around the house at the reminders of our weekend with friends and family, I'm thankful for all the moments I spent time in this weekend.

There is a little metal mail truck sitting beside me that was a gift from a visiting blog friend and her adorable boys on Friday. Silas has fallen in love with it and it's the first thing he runs for when we get downstairs after nap time . It's a reminder to me of the beauty of the internet and how "screen friends" can be become true friends in just a few hours. 

A short stack of bright bowls sits on our coffee bar, making me smile thinking about a little Anthropologie and Chikfila field trip with girlfriends on Saturday. 

Beneath my sweatshirt collar, there's a faint line where my chest got a little sunburnt while I sat basking in the warm sunshine during Si's Saturday nap. I had a good book in my hand, coconut ice cream in my bowl, and the baby was wiggling around in my belly. That was a good moment be in. 

On Saturday evening, we took a walk down to the beach with Chris' parents and inadvertently met up with a small crowd of our church people. After gyros and fried seafood dinner on the beach, we trekked back to our house for the first bonfire of the season, complete with sampling Chris' first few batches of home-brew beer and s'mores. The pile of smoky sweatshirts waiting to be laundered by the stairs is a stinky and persistent reminder of that pretty-much perfect night. (Funny how the smell of a bonfire is so alluring in the moment, but just a few hours later, makes me want to gag.)

Chris' parents were here all weekend, and the best part is watching Si with them. He's finally at the age where he's old enough to get excited about their arrival, and several times during the weekend, he would take a running leap into Chris' dad's arms. I didn't get a single picture of them together, but I know Si won't soon forget wrestling with Grandpa on the living room floor or reading through the new books that Grandma brought him. 

I love looking back at pictures I've taken during particularly beautiful weekend hikes, or the first time we walked the pier with Silas down in Florida. I can't deny the power of having moments big and small captured by a photo. But more and more, there is a tug inside of me to remain in the moment as it happens. I think blogging and Instagram have convinced a part of my brain that a photo will be the only way to remember, but I'm working on re-teaching myself to stuff my phone back in my bag and soak up the scent of Si's hair, the sound of Chris' laugh, and the words my friend is saying.


  1. I struggle with this SO bad. I have not brought out my big camera in months until this weekend. Part of me was soooo glad I finally brought it back out. The other part of was all, UHHHHHH. It's such a hard balance in wanting these memories but also wanting to enjoy the time there in those moments.

  2. This was such a beautiful post! A great reminder for us all!

  3. This is beautifully written & so true. I used to get upset with myself for forgetting to take photos, but now I try to remember that if I forgot, that means I was truly enjoying myself & immersed in the moment. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. i'm the same way! I've been trying to really let go of social media on the weekends and just BE...

  5. I've been thinking about this post since I read it yesterday, and I whole heartedly agree with remaining in the moment, however I also really wish that my childhood moments were better documented. There are definitely pictures of the big things-holidays, birthdays, etc. But man would I love to see the day to day moments I shared with my mama. I think when we try to capture the moment just to have candid pics for a blog post, or to make our instagram feed live up to others then it is definitely time to dial it back. But I have to think that if I carry around my dslr to capture the picnic I share with my girls in the park, or the dinner out we share on some random Tuesday, my kiddos will really love being able to look back years from now and remember more than just those big celebrations but will remember that every day, all the moments, are celebrations. :)

    1. Hey Kelly!

      I definitely agree- I love capturing the everyday with my fam, and I think those are really special things that we SHOULD capture. My issue is that I too often find myself watching Silas enjoy the swings through my phone screen, instead of just soaking up those moments without any intent to share or capture. I think it's definitely a balance-- especially for those of us that really enjoy the photography aspect of it. Great reminder that it IS important to snap those shots-- thanks for your comment!

    2. And I should note..I have been thinking about it in a really good way. Haha, hope you read it that way!

  6. I love how you used all the things around you to tell this story. It was so easy and fun to read and it makes all that could seem overwhelming and possibly even "a mess to be cleaned up" seem suddenly like fun happy memories of life lived.
    Thanks for the inspiration.... it's just what I needed to get over that empty blog box.

  7. I completely understand this! I love capturing the daily moments with my girls and just documenting life, but while at a beautiful wedding for a great friend last weekend on an amazingly gorgeous farm, I found myself just sitting and taking it all in, watching my little girl run down the aisle after the ceremony was over, pretending to be a bride and soaking it all in and I didn't take any pictures! Afterwards, I was a little bummed at first because it was just such an amazing day but then I realized, the pictures wouldn't do any of it justice anyway, it was being in the moment, enjoying the beautiful view, and being with my awesome husband, girls and friends and pictures do not capture feelings and for that day, the feelings are what was more important.


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