Tuesday, April 29, 2014

in the details.

Our house was built in 1925. There is more character in this house than the Disney store in the mall. We're not sure exactly what it looked like when it was built, but it's obvious that a ton of work has been done to it since then. The details in this house are exquisite and it's more than evident that lots of love and care have gone into making each detail perfect and unique.

The thresholds are each inlaid with pieces of stone, sea-glass and marbles. At first I thought they were weird, but now I'm pretty attached to their quirkiness. 

The stained glass windows in the front door are gorgeous. Shades of purples, blues and greens make happy patterns on our walls each evening at sunset. 

The front door is carved with tiny details. I love the idea of a brightly colored front door, but could never bear to paint over that lovely wood. 

The french doors leading into the living room have shiny hammered gold handles, that make me want to open and close them, just to touch that pretty texture. 

Even the air vents have beautiful patterns. The one in our bedroom is my favorite. 

Seeing these details not only makes me happy to live in such a lovely home, but I'm thankful for the work that was put into each one. Contractors, builders, carpenters and even the previous owners poured  hours upon hours into making this a beautiful home. 

Last night, Chris and I  got to sit in a dark room and watch our baby squirm about for a whole hour. We found out the gender and are relishing it with family until we share with the world later this week. The thing that really stuck with me (and I don't remember this so much with Silas, but I'm sure I was just as in awe then), was the tiny details on that itty-bitty body. Two perfect little legs, two perfect little hands. We could see each perfect little bone in each hand, and a long, sweet curve of a spine with itty bitty ribs branching out from it. 

Watching the four chambers of the baby's heart beat was amazing, and I had tears in my eyes as we sat and watched it pump- pump- pump. Our God is the perfect Craftsman, and much like I'm thankful for the contractors and builders that spent so much time and energy to make our house beautiful, I'm in awe that He takes such joy in perfectly crafting that little body in my belly. He's a God of the details, and I love that about Him. 


  1. Beauty is in the details! Isn't it great!

  2. Beauty is in the details! Isn't it great!

  3. So beautiful! What a gift to have a house full of amazing little details!

  4. Love is so in the details and so is God! Such a great reflection.

  5. I have 3 children and ever I saw their tiny little bodies on the ultrasound screen I was humbled and amazed by God's craftiness and majesty.

  6. Your words resonate so deeply with me. Two kids later and I still think I would be in awe if I got pregnant again. From conception to pregnancy to birth feels like God revealing so much of Himself to us - how blessed are we that we get to experience it firsthand. He is good.

    Excited to hear boy or girl. Part of me wishes boy for you as I have two boys 2 years apart and they are a complete JOY. But I know a girl would be just as much as a ball of fun as a boy so either way it's thrilling!!!


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