Thursday, April 24, 2014

big kid status.

In the past few weeks, Si seems to be learning new words and concepts at lightening speed. Almost daily, I say to Chris, "We have a real KID! Not just a baby!" It's crazy town. Now he's stringing words together and I find myself getting giddy over phrases like, "See trucks, please!" A real sentence! Meanwhile, I'm feeling this current little baby do flips in my belly, and I remember when SILAS was in there doing that. And I could never fathom what kind of little person he'd become.

One of my favorite things lately is seeing him become adventurous like his daddy. He figured out how to climb onto the coffee table and now it's his favorite place to watch Elmo and drive his trucks. I'm preparing myself to find him perched atop the dining room table next. 


  1. I love it! We're in the 15 mo. time, when walking is just mastered and hand flapping counts as "communication" and yet I'm still most days by the "bigness" of my baby!

  2. He is so big!!.. I mean that in a good way... So grownup... He's got the best of u and your hubby...

  3. He looks so like your husband! My oldest is 3 in July and I have a nearly 7 month old and it amazes me how much my youngest is growing so quickly trying to catch up with his big brother. He is so desperate to be mobile x


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