Friday, March 14, 2014

it's the little things.

Just a peek at some of the things that made me smile throughout the week. I love writing these posts, and I've missed them a lot. When I plan on writing one on a Friday, I spend the whole week with my eyes open to the simple things that make my day just a tad brighter. 

Productive time in the studio preparing for the spring launch the first week of April.

a messy, colorful palette.

Planting new succulents in new pots on a warm, sunny day (the familiar smell of dirt!).

Silas and his love for wearing his boots around the house (mismatched is even cooler!).

A birthday package from my mama waiting to be opened next week. 

Chris didn't have any classes today, so he was home with us, which was a treat. I spent the morning cruising through Target, where I spent the predictable amount of money (which is always, too much). But I got some new spring wardrobe pieces for this growing bump, and got to use my CartWheel app for the first time, which was pretty fun. 

I'll be back later this evening to let you in on a fun collaboration with my girl, Kim from Oh, Sweet Joy, that's launching on Monday! Until then, enjoy your Fridays! Hope yours is as sunny as ours is here. 

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