Tuesday, March 4, 2014

custom artwork and being a part of your story.

Below are a few of the custom pieces I've finished and sent off over the past few months.

[top left] Chris and I flew to Cali this weekend for the wedding of our dear friends. They live in San Diego, and they're some of the coolest people I know. You might have seen their surfing engagement session when I linked to it a few months ago. Anyway, I knew I had to create a piece for them as a wedding gift, and I ended up taking one of their engagement pictures as inspiration. The "live in the sunshine" quote by Emerson was perfect for them, and I am absolutely smitten with how this piece turned out.

[top right] I had the honor of creating a print for Margaux back in January. Her family is in midst of the adoption process, and this quote was especially meaningful to her husband. Since their new son or daughter had been affectionately dubbed "Shoe" (I love a quirky nickname!), we decided to incorporate that in the painting.

[bottom left] My mom is the director of three crisis pregnancy centers. I've grown up hearing stories about the ways these centers change the lives of men, women and babies for the better. As they are re-decorating one of the centers, I got to paint this giant Ripple painting for them. The best part was getting to pour prayers into it as I painted, and pray peace and direction over the women that will pass by this piece.

[bottom right] Another commission for the pregnancy centers. This time, the staff each got a custom notebook with their favorite color and Bible verse. I LOVE how these turned out!

All of these pieces are part of a unique and beautiful story-- a newly married couple, a family anticipating adoption, women on the verge of one of the most important decisions they'll make in life, and staff that go to battle each day for those women's hearts and lives. I love sending happy mail out to people from my Etsy shop, but I think getting to know the lives behind each custom piece is really where my heart is. And being part of surprises for others is always a blast too! So thank you, to those of you that have allowed me into your story-- whether it is through a custom, or a piece you've bought on Etsy. Ok, you're gonna make me cry, so I'm gonna go eat homemade oatmeal cookies instead (and pretend they don't have Silas drool in them... my little mooch, er, helper...)

As always, shoot me an email [hellohueblog [at]gmail.com] if you're interested in your own custom piece!


  1. I love the ripple piece! I've gone back in your blog and seen your other ones and I think they're some of my favorite paintings of yours. Love this color combo!

  2. Love the quote and the baby shoes painting!. The words balance well w/the shoes

  3. I've told you many times but you should hear it again.....
    I LOVE my piece. I stare at it daily and find happiness in it.
    Thankyou lovely.


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