Sunday, March 30, 2014

bump watch:: 14 weeks

We took advantage of the spring temperatures on Saturday and ventured out to explore a new park. With perfect views of Boston skyline, and lots of space to run, it's bound to be a go-to picnic spot this summer. I'm just ready for green grass and blue skies again. 

jacket:: {francesca's}
button down:: {target}
tank:: {target}
necklace:: {dear mushka}
boots:: {c/o lulu's}

Today I'm officially in week 14 of this pregnancy, which means week two of second trimester. This time around has been so vastly different than last time. For starters, when we found out we were pregnant with Silas, it was after a bit of a struggle and was so long- awaited. (You can read more about that story here). With this baby, I was expecting another long wait for those two lines and was caught by surprise when we got pregnant just a few months into trying. So that might be why things have felt less real and I've almost been in denial about the whole thing. 
It may also have to do with the fact that I barely any nausea this time around. With Silas, I couldn't even hear Chris say the word 'chicken' without feeling sick. But during this second pregnancy, I've only been a bit queasy and mostly just starving all the time and extremely tired. Which I'll take over pukey any day. But I guess the absence of that nausea has made this pregnancy seem a little less real to me. No complaining here. 

And then there's the fact that I'm trying to keep up with a 19 month old each day, and I don't have the luxury of laying on the couch to feel every growing pain and stretching ligament like I did last time. 

But that belly decided to pop out this week and oh boy, I can't deny that there's a baby in there. And we got to see him or her during an ultrasound a few weeks ago and that perfect little profile was more than enough proof for me that our lives are about to change again in a wild and awesome way. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

spring break.

Chris has been on spring break this past week. We wrote out a long list of to-dos on our kitchen chalkboard, hoping to get a bunch of house projects done while he was home. 

Fix the kitchen tiles that are popping up. 

Get the backyard and gardens prepped for planting this spring. 

Sharpen the kitchen knives. 

Hang up artwork that's been hanging around for nine months. 

Strip the wallpaper in the office. 

Yeah, I had high hopes for that list. 

We  (meaning, Chris) got one finished (our master bathroom sorely needed some updated fixtures), but the rest of the list is about to get erased today and scrapped for later this spring. 

Despite being moderately unproductive this week, it was pretty wonderful to have Chris around. The early mornings with Silas are a little less painful when I have a partner to chug a mug or two of coffee with me. And Si's silly antics are a little bit funnier when Chris is there to snicker next to me. 

Our week included giant donuts on Sunday morning from the Donut King, the beginning stages of spring cleaning,  many mornings of delicious breakfasts (pancakes! waffles! bacon! smoothies!), and plenty of chill time and wrestling matches with Daddy. Plus a little bit of bump watching, as this baby grows. 

Chris said to me the other day, "You look gooood, babe!" And I feel good. Just out of my first trimester-- still exhausted all the time, but starting to look more pregnant and feel more pregnant, just without all the swollen limbs and  heartburn. Oh dang, the heartburn is definitely something I could do without this time around. 

So for the last few days of Chris' break, we'll be fitting in as many slow-start mornings, lazy afternoons, and sunshine soaking as we can (and I might be sneaking in a solo shopping trip later this afternoon). I've embraced the fact that our kitchen knives aren't going to be sharpened this week, and the garden outside won't be prepped for spring planting. But maaaybe we can fit in a little day trip on Saturday, and maaaaybe I can convince Chris to make another donut run on Sunday. And that will be "productive" enough for me. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

how I curl my hair with a flat iron, and other hair related babble.

I've had a bunch of people ask me lately if I could write a post detailing how I style my hair. It's been "in the works" (meaning, not really in the works) for about 6 months now because it feels really awkward to post something like this.

Here's why. 

I'm not a beauty blogger. I buy cheap makeup from Target. I use the brushes that come with my Revlon blush. I just recently started wearing lipstick, and my favorite hairspray is one that I accidentally took from Chris' parents house last year. I have no idea what the brand is. So yes, I love style, and I believe that it's really important for women to feel great in their skin and in their clothes. And yes, I'm totally happy to share how I do my hair, but I'm not an expert. Hopefully this will be at least somewhat helpful to you if you're looking for a similar hairstyle or something new to try with your short 'do! And I'd love to hear any hair tips that you have to offer! Favorite hair spray? Best trick for smoothing flyways? Favorite 'do for short curly hair?

I started curling my hair on a regular basis last summer. After doing it a several times for a few different outings, I realized that I really loved the volume and the way that it shaped around my face. It gave me a little more of a sophisticated look that made me feel put together even in a tee and jeans. It takes me about 5-8 minutes to curl my whole head, and even less if I'm just touching up curls. So, that became my go-to styling option. 

First, I'll let you know that my hair is stick straight and when it is long, it holds a curl for about 2 seconds before falling flat. I've worn my hair in a stacked bob for about five years, sometimes with side bangs and sometimes not. I love the ease of short hair and the way it frames my face. Even though Chris tries to convince me every once in awhile, I won't be growing it out anytime in the foreseeable future. Short hair is ME, and I'll do my best to convince just about anyone to try it out at least once. 

If you want to see the kinds of inspiration for my own bob, you can check out my Pinterest board here. The image below is one that I've printed out in the past to show at the hair salon. I'd love for you to use it in the same manner, or create your own to show your hairstylist. This winter I've been going for longer layers and I'm growing out my side bangs, so I should probably make a new collage to reflect that. Come summertime, I'm sure I'll be ready for some shorter, fresh layers. 

When I'm curling my hair on a regular basis, the choppy layers above make for some funky antennae sticking out of my head. So, since curly hair is my go-to lately, I've opted for longer layers, instead of the usual choppiness. You can see below that this gives me a lot less volume when I wear my hair straight, but I'm ok with that since I wear my hair curly 95% of the time, and that gives me plenty of volume.

To create my curls, I use a flat iron. I find that it works best for my short hair because I can grab on to those shorter strands, and the curls hold for a really long time (I can go about two days on the curls). I tried a curling wand once, and I found that it did not work for my short hair at all, so back to the store it went.

Instead of creating an awkward video tutorial of myself, I'm just gonna link you to this one. It's the best one I've seen and I use the same technique she uses. Start with clean, dry hair. I separate sections of my hair using a claw clip, and start from the bottom. I spray each section really lightly with hairspray once I'm finished, and I use a variation of curl techniques (just like in the video) to create a more natural look.

Remember when I said I was a cheap when it comes to beauty products? Well, the flat iron I use is a 5 year old one-inch Conair and as I was looking for this link to a similar one, it dawned on me that I should probably spring for a new one. Do you have a flat iron that you love? Divulge your secrets, sisters!

So there ya go, hair stuff. Got any more questions? Fire them at me!

Friday, March 21, 2014

a hellohue photo shoot.

I had originally planned on releasing some new products for spring 2014 in January. Because of major first trimester fatigue and a general lack of creativity and inspiration, that didn't happen. I muddled through some ideas that just weren't hitting the nail on the head. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I started creating some things that felt right. So, even though it's a bit later than I had hoped, I'll be releasing some brand new designs in April! I can't wait to share the new inspiration behind these new notebook designs, necklaces and prints.

Yesterday, two creative and inspiring friends of mine came over to help with a little HelloHue photoshoot. We shot some product photos, had fun brainstorming pretty styling ideas, and even got some 'action' shots to show a little more story behind the designs. I'm so excited to see the final product, and super thankful for Ruth and Chari and their talents. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

sticky9 giveaway + review!

I shared last month about one of my favorite ways to get my Instagram pictures off my phone and into my hands, and that was through StickyGram. Tiny photos with a gorgeous matte finish to stick anywhere a magnet goes. Last week, StickyGram launched their rebrand and their new name is Sticky9. So, now when you see Sticky9 around the internets, you'll know they're the same great products, just under a different name!

Hugo, from Sticky9 sent one of their iPhone cases my way last week. I got to design it myself, using their really simple interface, with tons of different layout options. I picked my favorite IG photos and put them in rainbow order, and I'm pretty stoked about how it turned out! It's pretty fun having all those little memories and random pictures I've snapped right there on my phone case. My IG photos are literally in my hands, though I guess technically they're still on my phone.


The colors are spot on, and the quality seems really great too. It's a lightweight case, which means it probably won't hold up to constant slams, but that's good by me. Honestly, I was wondering if it would measure up to my favorite GelaSkins case, and I was impressed! It has a great matte finish, and was a breeze to snap onto my phone. There are tons of different design options, so yours will be truly unique to you!

Sticky9 is offering a 3 for 2 deal on their magnets until the end of the month! So, hop on that train if you're in the market for some fridge beautification!

You ready for a giveaway? There will be three winners this time! Two of you will win a pack of magnets, and one winner will get to design their own iPhone case! Use the Rafflecopter widget below. Winners will be chosen next week, March 27th, will be emailed and the winners will be displayed on this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 17, 2014

peach + chartreuse

dress:: {target}
necklace:: {c/o nspottery}
tights:: {target}
boots:: {rack room shoes}

I had planned to share an outfit post today with an idea or two of how to style your HelloHue/Oh, Sweet Joy headband. But, a non-napping baby boy and lazy Sunday afternoon means I didn't get around to it this weekend. You can still head over to Kim's shop and snag one for yourself today! 

Instead, here's what I wore to church yesterday. I think this peach dress and my chartreuse NS Pottery necklace were made for each other. 

There's a 13 week baby bump under that dress that feels like I'm carrying two Chipotle burritos in my gut at all times. And now that I typed that... I'll take one carnitas bowl for me, please, with extra lettuce, sour cream, and tortillas on the side. Anyway, I whisked that dress straight into my Target cart while I was doing some browsing on Friday morning. It's the comfiest thing I've worn in a long time, and I'm pretty excited to see that bump fill it out a bit more in the next few weeks and months. It's not maternity, but if you followed along with my pregnancy last time around, you'll know I love going as long I can on non-maternity pieces. It'll be interesting to see how my maternity style has changed since two years ago when I was last pregnant. I already look back at a few outfits I wore and think, "really, Lindsay?!" And then there are outfits that I just can't wait to wear again-- like this one.  (If you wanna see some of my style from my pregnancy with Silas, click here)

Chipotle or not, it's shaping up to be a pretty good week. My birthday is on Wednesday, and we have my first ultrasound appointment that day too.  Thursday starts Chris' spring break, and we're hoping the first weekend of spring will be nice enough for a day trip with Si. Throw in a girls' night, and a few packages of happy mail that should be arriving, and I'm set. 

PS. I've been asked a few times for a hair post, so I finally broke down and took some pictures last week. SO, deets on how I curl my hair, what I tell my stylist when I go in for a trim, and other riveting stuff will be up later this week or the next. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

coming monday:: a collaboration with oh, sweet joy!

Several months ago, Kim and I started brainstorming a collaboration. It all started with a text from her as I was sitting in my studio painting one afternoon, and on Monday, we'll be launching a headband that's a sweet blend of our talents-- mine with painting, and hers with fabric and headband design. 

I painted a canvas with bright turquoise, fuchsia, yellows and oranges and Kim turned my artwork into fabric. It's stretchy and soft, and there are tons of ways to wear it. I'm really excited about how versatile this fabric is too-- because of all the colors, I can wear it with almost any top in my wardrobe. 

The headband will be for sale in Kim's shop starting this coming Monday. And don't worry, I'll be posting an outfit on Monday to give you at least one idea of how you can style this bad boy. 

it's the little things.

Just a peek at some of the things that made me smile throughout the week. I love writing these posts, and I've missed them a lot. When I plan on writing one on a Friday, I spend the whole week with my eyes open to the simple things that make my day just a tad brighter. 

Productive time in the studio preparing for the spring launch the first week of April.

a messy, colorful palette.

Planting new succulents in new pots on a warm, sunny day (the familiar smell of dirt!).

Silas and his love for wearing his boots around the house (mismatched is even cooler!).

A birthday package from my mama waiting to be opened next week. 

Chris didn't have any classes today, so he was home with us, which was a treat. I spent the morning cruising through Target, where I spent the predictable amount of money (which is always, too much). But I got some new spring wardrobe pieces for this growing bump, and got to use my CartWheel app for the first time, which was pretty fun. 

I'll be back later this evening to let you in on a fun collaboration with my girl, Kim from Oh, Sweet Joy, that's launching on Monday! Until then, enjoy your Fridays! Hope yours is as sunny as ours is here. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

links I liked.

My awesome real-life friend, Chari, started a blog recently called Whatever Season. She has hit the ground running with awesome photos, and great content. Go say hi!

I mentioned this the other day, but if you didn't see the link, the calendar from my Monday post is on clearance at Paper Source! $5 folks! 

I loved all the sweet golden details from this golden birthday party over on Words of Williams! The cupcake topper from Lisa Leonard? Perfection!

This post by Jolie has some really great tips for being productive as a work-at-home woman.

Shop Bando recently launched their spring collection and it's gorgeous. I especially am dying over these colorful jeweled bobby pins.

That's about all I've got for the week. Today dawned gloomy and chilly, a sharp contrast to yesterday's gorgeous weather. Chris and I have decided that we'd be perfectly fine never seeing another winter after our time here in Boston. Hawaii is calling us back home...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

numero dos.

So, the secret is out. Wilkins babe #2 will be joining the family late September! We're so stinkin' excited, and I'm feeling absolutely exhausted and always ravenous, but thankfully not very nauseous. When I was pregnant with Si, I was so pukey and could barely even smell Chris cooking dinner without feeling super queasy. Praise the Lord, this time around, all I want is pizza, and bread, cheese and naps. I don't discriminate-- I'll eat anything that's unhealthy and not a vegetable. And sometimes apples.

I've had one appointment with my midwife and got to hear the heartbeat last week. She let me record it for Chris, so even though he couldn't make my appointment, he got to hear it too. I forgot what a sweet, sweet sound that is to hear (especially after it took her a good five minutes to find it!). I have my first ultrasound to see the babe on my birthday. 

I know a few of our family members were surprised to hear that we were pregnant again, given some of the struggles we dealt with last time. We were prepared for a long wait for #2, but after my hypothyroidism diagnosis in 2011, things seem to be working pretty well, and for that, I am grateful. In fact, that might be why I'm still a little bit in denial (despite very clear symptoms that I'm pregnant and a belly that has decided to make an appearance even before I've hit 12 weeks).

After it took us a little longer than we expected the first time around (with Silas), I really wasn't expecting to see two pink lines for at least a few more months. I even tossed the first (expired) pregnancy test I took because it was taking a long time for any results to show up and I just figured it was defunct. If I had been a little more patient, I probably wouldn't have been fishing a pregnancy test with two pink lines out of the trash later that night and staring at it in disbelief. The next two (new) tests I took were enough to make me think that perhaps I wasn't seeing things after all.

Chris is ecstatic, Silas is oblivious, and I'm exhausted and heading to bed. God is good.

(psst.. posted my first bump pic on IG tonight. Let's just say second time around is no joke.)

PS! Some of you have been asking about the calendar pictured above. I didn't make it, but isn't it awesome? It's from Paper Source, is on super duper clearance, and is available here! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

is motherhood a duty or a calling?

There are two little boys who make a ruckus at our small group Bible study on Wednesday mornings. One of them is mine, and so I don't always hear every word shared from my girl friends. But yesterday morning, one thing I heard has stuck in my heart like a burr. My friend said something along the lines of "I've had to make the choice to see motherhood as my calling and not my duty."

When she said this, a lightbulb went off in my head, and my heart lightened a little bit. The good majority of the "discussions" that Chris and I have had lately revolve around my struggle with the fact that I "never" get a break, and the fact that we both feel under-appreciated. You see, I know that being a mom (and a wife) are both roles that God's graciously given me, and I do honestly feel privileged to hold them. But up until this week, I've been allowing myself to view my day-to-day role as a duty and not a calling. 

A duty suggests that I have to take it on my shoulders alone, while God walks alongside me in my calling. 

A duty can be a heavy responsibility, while a calling allows for grace, truth, and plenty of mess-ups. 

To me, a duty says, "give me credit!" , while a calling says, "Thank you Lord!"

Silas is at a really fun age right now, soaking up words and concepts like a sponge. His personality is awesome and he is constantly singing, dancing and pretending. We had a dance party this morning to "The Bear Necessities", and you should have seen the kid's moves! These are the fun parts, and then there are the heavy parts-- the tantrums, the early mornings, the whining and the "I never get a break" parts. And those parts have been weighing me down so much, that by the end of the day, I forget all those fun and beautiful parts of our day together. Seeing my role as mom and wife as a calling that God has placed on my life doesn't mean that it's going to be easier, but it's a new perspective that allows me to accept the rich grace that comes along with the role. It allows me to see that He placed me in these roles with Purpose, not that they landed in my lap and I'm stuck here. 

Next week, I'm going to bring back my Little Things series. I won't be doing a link-up, because I post far too infrequently lately to commit to that, but I'd love for you to join along in the series. I started it several years ago during one of Chris' first deployments with the Navy and the goal was for me to see the beauty and the grace that God pours on my days, even in the midst of a tough season or day. Every time I start it up again, I spend those weeks seeing His hands on each little moment. So, I'm excited to bring it back! 

Off to enjoy a quiet lunch while the boy naps, and fingers crossed he'll sleep long enough for me to sneak up to the studio for a bit too! 

PS. That's him at 5 months in the picture above. Love that bald little noggin! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

custom artwork and being a part of your story.

Below are a few of the custom pieces I've finished and sent off over the past few months.

[top left] Chris and I flew to Cali this weekend for the wedding of our dear friends. They live in San Diego, and they're some of the coolest people I know. You might have seen their surfing engagement session when I linked to it a few months ago. Anyway, I knew I had to create a piece for them as a wedding gift, and I ended up taking one of their engagement pictures as inspiration. The "live in the sunshine" quote by Emerson was perfect for them, and I am absolutely smitten with how this piece turned out.

[top right] I had the honor of creating a print for Margaux back in January. Her family is in midst of the adoption process, and this quote was especially meaningful to her husband. Since their new son or daughter had been affectionately dubbed "Shoe" (I love a quirky nickname!), we decided to incorporate that in the painting.

[bottom left] My mom is the director of three crisis pregnancy centers. I've grown up hearing stories about the ways these centers change the lives of men, women and babies for the better. As they are re-decorating one of the centers, I got to paint this giant Ripple painting for them. The best part was getting to pour prayers into it as I painted, and pray peace and direction over the women that will pass by this piece.

[bottom right] Another commission for the pregnancy centers. This time, the staff each got a custom notebook with their favorite color and Bible verse. I LOVE how these turned out!

All of these pieces are part of a unique and beautiful story-- a newly married couple, a family anticipating adoption, women on the verge of one of the most important decisions they'll make in life, and staff that go to battle each day for those women's hearts and lives. I love sending happy mail out to people from my Etsy shop, but I think getting to know the lives behind each custom piece is really where my heart is. And being part of surprises for others is always a blast too! So thank you, to those of you that have allowed me into your story-- whether it is through a custom, or a piece you've bought on Etsy. Ok, you're gonna make me cry, so I'm gonna go eat homemade oatmeal cookies instead (and pretend they don't have Silas drool in them... my little mooch, er, helper...)

As always, shoot me an email [hellohueblog [at]] if you're interested in your own custom piece!