Thursday, February 6, 2014

all about instagram:: giveaway from artifact uprising!

I currently have 2,412 photo posts on my Instagram feed.

Assuming that a good portion of those are business related things (like the blog updates I've put up this week), there are still somewhere close to 1,900 or so posts that capture a memory, a thought I wanted to share, or a little moment that I couldn't let pass without documenting. And most of them are stuck on my phone or in my IG account, but I'm working to change that. 

This post is brought to you by a beautiful company called Artifact Uprising. While searching for the best place to print my photos, I came across them and their gorgeous products. Their slogan, "Inspired By The Disappearing Beauty of the Tangible" resonated with me. I emailed to see if they would like to be a part of my All About Instagram series, and they heartily agreed. 

They offered to send me a photo book from their collection, and I set to work creating one on their website. I decided to make a little book for Silas highlighting the past year, 2013. I was able to customize the layout of each page, add text and choose fonts. I used only Instagram pictures (by importing my IG feed) and when it showed up on my doorstep last week, I was really excited to see how beautiful my pictures looked on paper. 

This is one of Si's favorite books now-- he loves pointing out the 'baby', mommy and daddy, and other random things in the book. I think my next project will be an alphabet book for him to flip through, with photos of his favorite things. And Chris and I have a whole list of photo books we need to make-- including a coffee table book from our Hawaii years. 

If you check out Artifact Uprising's website, I know you'll be drawn into their stunning aesthetic, and beautiful product choices. They offer not only photo books, but prints, calendars, postcards, and more. I'm excited that to partner with them in giving away one of their 5.5x5.5 soft-cover 40 page books to one of you! Use the widget below to enter (you'll be asked to enter your email address, and have the option for bonus entries too!) Winner will be chosen next Thursday, February 13, and will be notified by email.


  1. Wow your book is lovely! I love Artifact Uprising - I've been putting photo books together for the last 2 months and am so excited to finally finish & order them x

  2. I love how small and simple this book looks! Lovely.

  3. I just used some credit from Blurb to make a "Riley's far-away family" book, for my 1 yo to flip through! So sweet! How was their customer service?

  4. Just happened to find you doing a Google search for something else and thought I would enter..

  5. Which photo book did you use by them? I'm trying to find a layout that's Instagram friendly and i can add a caption. I'm making one for our little one who's about to turn one. So excited to see how yours turned out!!


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