Monday, February 10, 2014

a winter day date outfit.

scarf:: c/o binti designs
dress:: forever 21
cardigan:: anthropologie

My parents came to visit over the weekend and I'm still reeling from the emptiness of my house this morning (and the help with breakfast dishes, if I'm being honest). We hadn't seen them since October, so I was super excited for them to see Silas again. He's changed so much since the fall and instead of wobbly little toddler-baby, he's turned into a wobbly big toddler- kid with so much personality. The weekend went by at lightning speed and we had to say goodbye last night, which always makes me sad. 

They did make sure to send us out on a date while they were here, and Chris and I took full advantage. We tried out a new-to-us restaurant and caught a Friday afternoon movie. Even though it was a completely casual date, I took the chance to wear something other than jeans and a hoodie (my uniform of late). I'm voting for winter to end soon, if only for the fact that I'm tired of wearing the same leggings over and over! It was refreshing to put together an outfit that I've never worn before and dress up a little for our date. 

I also wanted to share a little bit about my scarf I'm wearing in the post today. It's made by Ashleigh of Binti Designs. Ashleigh started her scarf shop in September, with a vision to help women across the globe. Currently, 15% of her profits go towards funding loans for women in Kenya. Through just a few emails with her, I can tell that she has a heart of gold. And not only is her handiwork benefitting fellow sisters, but her scarves are beautifully made. I love how abundant the fabric is ( I can loop it once, twice, or three times!) and the pom-poms add a really unique and fun touch. I'd love for you to get to know Ashleigh better-- you can find her on Instagram or read more about her vision on her about page


  1. You are the cutest...and aren't day dates the best?! I had one last week too and loved it!

  2. Love the oufit. I wish I looked that cute in a beanie :)

  3. How comfy are those boots? I am heading to NY in a few weeks and NEED some comfy rain boots for the sloshy weather

  4. You look so cute! How special that they let you go out on a date night!!! :-)

  5. The outfit is so cute! That purple is one of my favorite colors right now. I need a pair of those boots :)

    Thank you so much for sharing my hat too!

  6. Your outfit is SO cute! I have that sweater but never would have thought to put that together. LOVE….


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