Monday, January 27, 2014

monday links

I couldn't get my act together to post this on Friday, so let's start the week out with some of my favorite reads from the past week or so.

Honestly, I do most of my blog reading and link-hopping on my phone during the three minutes per day when I'm actual alone- usually while I'm peeing. I often have to escape Silas' grip while he's busy knocking down his blocks or eating dust bunnies. And if he sees me pull out my phone during a lull in Dinosaur Train, he'll be all over that. So, I'm reading less lately, which makes me a little sad, but that's another reason I love these kind of link round-ups. If you've got just a few minutes to click around today, here are some links that got the thumb up from me.

I think this post from Ashlee titled "how to support bloggers you love" is great. I have a lot of thoughts about blogging and the changes I've seen recently and I'll share those soon. But until then, Ashlee has a bunch of really great ideas for making your favorite bloggers feel loved and supported. 

Need a laugh this morning? This post featuring two brothers re-creating their childhood photos is hilarious and awkward to the max. 

I've been searching high and low for a new camera strap over the last few months. I finally gave in and indulged myself with this gorgeous Bloom Theory scarf style strap. Maybe this will be the impetus to get me to pick up my 'big' camera more often. 

I may have linked to this Thai Shrimp Salad recipe before, but I'll do it again, because, dang, it's good. Chris and I polished off two giant, flavorful and filling salads yesterday.

Just this morning, I hopped over to Jessi's blog and was so encouraged and challenged by her post about 5 ways to start taking action on a dream or goal (like starting a handmade shop!). Even three years into my own shop, I have dreams and goals that seem impossible to get a jumpstart on, and I love Jessi's heart and advice in this post.

What are some links that have caught your attention lately?


  1. Those are some interesting links! Off to check them out! Happy Monday xxx

  2. Thanks for writing, Lindsay! Just wanted to let you know that you are one of about two blogs (haha) that I read faithfully and that I am impressed by all that you tackle. I've recently been thinking about and planning on opening an Etsy shop....and yours is the only one I've ever followed. I've since realized how much work you put into all of this and am certainly impressed and intimidated. Just wanted to let you know that though I am quiet, I enjoy all that you do here!

  3. That camera strap is so fun!! I like to think I could make something like it but I'm pretty sure it would turn out a wonky mess so maybe a splurge is in order come my birthday.

    And I LOVE those yellow chairs!


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