Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a hike in hawaii.

These are a few pictures I snapped during our sunrise hike on the first day of the year. It was almost our last day on Oahu, and this was one of the things that I most desperately wanted to cross our list. It's not the most challenging hike, and it's often crowded with running enthusiastics, tourists, and yappy dogs. But I hiked it many times over our time living there, and it is special to me. I hiked it first with a new group of friends-- the same group of friends who became our dear family over the three years we lived on the island. I hiked it while 20 weeks pregnant with Silas, and huff and puffed my way up the steep incline. And I distinctly remember hiking this path right before we left, my heart welling with all kinds of emotions-- thankful for the chance we had to call this place home.

Getting to climb Lanikai with Silas was all I hoped it would be. Chris carried him in the Ergo for the first (steep) portion, but after that, Silas was intent on doing it himself. Watching his little sneakers navigate the rocks so carefully, as he gripped his daddy's hands tight, was enough to just about burst my heart. I'm such a sappy mom, getting all sentimental over a hike. But watching my little baby act like a big adventurous boy gave me a little glimpse into all the fun we get to have with him. Many adventures await, little dude.

Monday, January 27, 2014

monday links

I couldn't get my act together to post this on Friday, so let's start the week out with some of my favorite reads from the past week or so.

Honestly, I do most of my blog reading and link-hopping on my phone during the three minutes per day when I'm actual alone- usually while I'm peeing. I often have to escape Silas' grip while he's busy knocking down his blocks or eating dust bunnies. And if he sees me pull out my phone during a lull in Dinosaur Train, he'll be all over that. So, I'm reading less lately, which makes me a little sad, but that's another reason I love these kind of link round-ups. If you've got just a few minutes to click around today, here are some links that got the thumb up from me.

I think this post from Ashlee titled "how to support bloggers you love" is great. I have a lot of thoughts about blogging and the changes I've seen recently and I'll share those soon. But until then, Ashlee has a bunch of really great ideas for making your favorite bloggers feel loved and supported. 

Need a laugh this morning? This post featuring two brothers re-creating their childhood photos is hilarious and awkward to the max. 

I've been searching high and low for a new camera strap over the last few months. I finally gave in and indulged myself with this gorgeous Bloom Theory scarf style strap. Maybe this will be the impetus to get me to pick up my 'big' camera more often. 

I may have linked to this Thai Shrimp Salad recipe before, but I'll do it again, because, dang, it's good. Chris and I polished off two giant, flavorful and filling salads yesterday.

Just this morning, I hopped over to Jessi's blog and was so encouraged and challenged by her post about 5 ways to start taking action on a dream or goal (like starting a handmade shop!). Even three years into my own shop, I have dreams and goals that seem impossible to get a jumpstart on, and I love Jessi's heart and advice in this post.

What are some links that have caught your attention lately?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

from our recipe box:: green papaya thai salad

If you're up for venturing into an Asian market to grab a few ingredients, this salad is the perfect pairing to a spicy Thai curry ( like panang!), or a fresh way to add some brightness to a warm winter meal. And come this summer, it's going to be one of my go-to salads to eat with burgers. It's tart, sweet, crunchy and spicy all at the same time.

During Chris' second deployment out of Hawaii, we met up in Thailand. We went zip-lining, held a bear-cat, ate tons of pad thai, and took a Thai cooking class in the kitchen of a tiny Thai cooking school. The cooking class was by far one of my very favorite travel experiences, and the basis of this recipe is from our little cookbook that we got at the end of the class. I've changed it up just a little bit to work with the ingredients that are easy for me to get here in the US. 

Below you'll also see a few ingredient substitutes I've included, if you're having trouble finding some things.

You'll need:: 

One half green papaya (about 2 cups shredded)
4 chopped long beans (or a handful of green beans)
2-6 garlic cloves, depending on your taste!
8 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
a pinch of red pepper flakes (more or less depending on taste) 
2 tablespoons palm sugar (or 1 tablespoon light brown sugar)
2 tablespoons fish sauce (or lightly salted soy sauce)
2 tablespoons lime juice
3 tablespoons chopped peanuts
lime wedges for garnish

Peel and seed your papaya. Shred with julienne peeler (find it on Amazon here) into a large bowl. 
Peel and shred carrot. Add to the bowl.
Crush the garlic using a pestle and add long beans and tomatoes. Pound a few times to get the juices mixed in. 
Add in the rest of the ingredients (palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, peanuts and pepper flakes)
Pound a few times and serve cold! 

A few notes:: 

Some people are really turned off by fish sauce. I promise this does NOT taste fishy, but you can use soy sauce if you wish. 

From what we can tell, green papaya is not necessarily unripe sweet papaya. I think it's a different variety. It's crunchy and mild, as opposed to the sweeter orange variety.

You should be able to find most of these ingredients in your average grocery store, including the fish sauce. You'll most likely have to head to a Thai grocer for the palm sugar and green papaya.

The original recipe calls for small bird's eye chilis for spice. Usually we have to buy those in a big bag if we want to use them, so we substitute red pepper flakes. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a sneak peak at hello hue studio spring 2014!

Silas took a four hour nap today, which never ever happens. It was pretty close to the 'sneak in the room to check on his breathing' stage, except that I've gotten to the point where I just appreciate the quiet and assume he's finally obeying my plea of 'take a nice long nap, now, okay??'

I got a chance to work in my studio for awhile and I'm really excited about how the winter/spring collection is coming! Rarely do I put together a large grouping of artwork to release all at once, but I've been inspired by the Pantone Spring 2014 color report, our trip to Hawaii, and my own palette, and it's been fun to create a somewhat cohesive collection. Expect to see more florals, bright colors and patterns come next Thursday (January 30th)!

Oh, and a brand new product is hitting the shop too-- brooches! Which, is just a fancy word for pins, but ya know. Pin 'em to your favorite winter scarf, stick 'em on your lapel, collect a colorful assortment on your purse. I can't wait to see how you style them! 

IIn the meantime, I'm working on retiring a few designs in the shop. Check out the "Retiring Soon" section to see which prints will be gone once they sell out! Fresh new prints will be coming in soon to take their place.

Monday, January 13, 2014

black and white and rest all over.

slouchie beanie:: {c/o fountaintop creations}
gingham button-down:: {old navy}
watch:: {c/o feral watches}
jeans:: {american eagle}
booties:: {target}

Since we got home last week from Hawaii, I've been hiding out in our house, barely taking a look in the mirror, definitely not wearing make-up, and enjoying the chance to ease into our normal routine. And outfits I've worn have been, like this one, incredibly simple and comfort centered. 

It's been a great way to ease into the new year-- this slow transition back to normal life. I've been seeing all kinds of posts about goals for 2014, resolutions, and the like. And admittedly, my brain has been wandering that direction a lot this week. But at the same time, I'm trying to take the month of January as a time of rest. Rest from a hectic vacation (yes that's a thing), rest from a busy blog schedule, rest from feeling like I'm not on top of things because I've only just started to think about new artwork for the shop. I can't wait for what this fresh new year will bring, but for now, I'm excited to hunker down, make lots of lists, gather supplies, and hit the ground running come February 1. 

And in fairly related news, the shop is open today! There's nothing new in there now, but I've got at least one pretty new product coming in a week or two, plus a really fun collaboration to share with you next month. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

home sweet home.

One of the best parts of vacation is the chance to take a step back from the "real world", but I always find it just as refreshing to return to normal life. After a whirlwind three weeks of travel, we're settling in at home slowly but sweetly. Sleeping in late (read: wonky sleep schedules), filling the fridge again, and teaching Si the glories of snowman building are about all that's on the agenda for the next few days. There's nothing much better than floating off to sleep in your own bed after a bit of time away.

Mostly, I'm just thankful to be done with airplanes for awhile. We didn't make too many friends on our travel days to and from Oahu. At about the 3/4 mark on our flight from San Diego to Oahu, the flight attendant appeared at our aisle and apologetically offered the guy sitting next to us a free mai-tai. I guess she assumed alcohol was the only thing that would help him cope with Silas' fussing and squirming. She must not have heard me ask, "Where's mine, woman?!" above the sound of Silas' wails. We all could have benefitted from a swig or two (or six) at that point. 

So now begins the vacation-after-the-vacation. Thankfully, Chris still has a few days left before he jumps back in to work. I had the foresight to leave the house in manageable condition before we hustled out the door a few weeks ago, so there are just a few leftover Christmas decorations to pack away, and a load or two of laundry to throw in. 

The shop will be up and running again next week and I'll be sure to share a few sunny Hawaii pictures here in a few days. Until then, you'll find me in my comfiest mismatched layers, underneath which lies a glorious vacation tan that no one will see.