Thursday, December 19, 2013

all about instagram:: hayley of 'the tiny twig' talks analog weekends

As much as I love Instagram, I'm all too aware that social media sometimes plays a much bigger role in my life than I'm comfortable with. When I start seeing every cute or funny moment with my family in little 2x2 squares, or I'm twitchy without my phone nearby, it's time for a break. Today, I've invited my friend, Hayley Morgan, of The Tiny Twig, to share with you about how she began taking weekend breaks from social media, which she calls "analog weekends'. Hayley is one of the sweetest and wisest women you'll ever meet on the internets, so I'm really excited that you get to hear from her today. As we are deep in the holiday season, and about to start a new year, I'm challenging myself, and inviting you to consider joining Hayley every now and then on these 'analog weekends'. 

Read on to learn more! I think you'll be encouraged and inspired to enjoy life the old-fashioned way a little more often!

Hi Hayley! Can you share a little bit about how you came to realize your need for a break from social media?

One day I realized I was mindlessly flipping through what I call the Bermuda Triangle of social media. I was on my phone zipping between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram...and then back again. I wasn't really getting anything out of it, but I couldn't tear myself away. The worst part? I was insanely bored if I wasn't tied to my phone. 

What are some practical ways you stay off of social media over the weekend? Do you turn off your phone? Place your icons in a separate folder? 

I have all of my social media stuff in one folder...sometime Friday afternoon/evening I do one last scroll, sometimes post an Instagram with the #analogweekend hashtag, and then promptly delete all of my social media platforms for the weekend. Come Monday morning, I get my oldest off on the school bus and then reinstall the apps. It's the only real way I've found that I really stay off my phone over the weekend. I still use the camera, but otherwise, it's kind of a brick. It's almost like having your laptop without wifi--it's just a really heavy notepad.

How have the analog weekends changed the way you spend time with your family? Has it changed the way you look at and interact with social media during the week?

Analog Weekends have literally changed the way I do weekends. I am more present, more alert, and honestly more creative during the weekend. Plus, my mind just stays away from work and away from what everyone else is doing. Stepping away for the weekend just helps me hold social media with a more open hand overall. I realize that life is great without social media, and so it's easier to view it as just a tool rather than at best a source of entertainment or at worst a zombie-inducing distraction.

What is some encouragement you'd have for an avid IGer (or Twitter fiend, or Pinterest addict) who is considering starting analog weekends?

Just do it. Try it for a weekend. Just walk away. If you fail after 4 hours, no biggie...try again the next weekend. Sometimes my Analog Weekends are shorter than others. Sometimes I'll have something I'm dying to say on Sunday night. Sometimes I'll be on until Saturday morning when my boys wake up. Honestly--it's more about the heart than the rules. Isn't that kind of the way life works? The good things are ALWAYS more about the heart than the rules. :)
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  1. I've done this before with AWESOME results! I read books, I wrote, I cleaned, I fully watched a movie with the family... it was great. Once we get settled in our new home, I'm going to start doing this again.

    I love the idea of actually deleting the apps. Then you won't be tempted!

  2. loved reading this! Thank you Hayley for explaining your purpose behind it, and to you lindsay for sharing her words!

  3. I still, to this day, have not gotten a smart phone for this reason. I know I would get so wrapped up in all the social media apps. My husband has one, hence I have an instagram account, but it is done after-the-fact, when he is around and his phone is free. People often comment that I am so "present", and I like that. So I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible. Good job for making it a priority to be present in your real life!

  4. I've been thinking about trying this. I definitely think is slows life down and makes your mind capture moments that otherwise would be a photo on instagram. thanks for sharing!


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