Wednesday, November 13, 2013

two recent custom paintings.

Of all the fun things I get to do with my paints, creating custom pieces ranks as one of my very favorites. I always feel so excited when a person emails me with an idea for artwork as a gift for a friend, or just to hang on their own walls. There are so many talented artists and for someone to choose my art, I just feel really blessed.

One of the best parts about creating a custom piece for someone is that I get to interact with my customers a little bit more than when I get orders through my shop. I get to know their passions, their decorating style, the way they communicate, even the colors of their walls. I recently finished up two custom pieces that I thought I'd share today. They're so very different and have beautiful meanings to their new owners. 

The first is a mother-daughter piece I created for a dear friend of mine from our Florida days. She has one daughter and is expecting another baby girl soon! She is putting together a big girl room for her daughter and wanted a special painting for the purple and turquoise gallery wall. I love the quote that she chose and it was fun creating 'mermaid portraits' of her and her daughter. I can't wait to see the whole room put together! 

I finished this piece last night and am really stoked with how it turned out. Kelley wanted me to create a  painting representing her husband's acting career and each of the plays he's been a part of. I think my favorite icon would have to be either the ruby slippers from Oz, or Wonka's chocolate bar. I'm betting on the fact that Kelley's husband isn't a Hello Hue reader-- she'll be giving this to him for Christmas (girlfriend is on top of her game!)

To see more custom paintings, and to find info on how you can snag a spot on the queue, hop over to this page!  If you are thinking about a custom order for Christmas, email me soon! 


  1. These are just beautiful! LOVE the mermaid thinking I need something for the gallery wall in my two little girls' room!

  2. sister you are so talented! love these :)

  3. These are just wonderful, I love your style!

  4. Those are gorgeous! I love them so much!

  5. Thanks so much Lindsay I can not wait to see his face. I will try and capture it and send it over to you :) It is perfect!!


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