Monday, November 25, 2013

off the grid.

This weekend, I signed off the grid for a bit and spent more time in the little moments. The minutes waiting for Chris to come downstairs after putting Silas to bed, or after dinner when we're all full and sleepy and just sitting on the couch.  Those are moments when I would usually check out and flip through my blog feed. It was relaxing to be bored for once. I don't think I allow myself to be quiet enough lately. To just sit and watch Silas attempt to rescue a ball from under a chair. Or to eat breakfast with only a book as my companion (instead of the 1,000+ people I follow on Instagram.)

We ate gooey cinnamon buns for breakfast (with green smoothies, which cancels out the gluttony, right?!). We accomplished nothing on our to-do list except for a grocery run, which turned into a Panera dinner and shopping for flannel shirts at Old Navy. There are milk drips all over our kitchen floor from a leaky sippy cup, flour dusting the table from our homemade pizza night, and toys are strewn about the living room, which is driving me crazy right now. But the little moments piled on top of each other made for a nothing remarkable, but sweet weekend.

I'm ready to head into the week with my heart a little quieter and prepared to take in this advent season.


  1. That sounds lovely. I find that we spend way to much time sitting around messing with phones and Ipads and stuff too. I can't seem to break the habit very well while I'm hanging on the couch, but I have been going for walks and runs and bike rides a lot more and I have a strict no-checking-the-phone policy for those outings. So that's something, right? :-)

  2. so lovely! great pics..thanks for sharing this moments ;)

  3. I love this post ... I've been trying to do the same thing lately ... put myself on a little Facebook fast just to spend more time focusing on my family and home ... it's sorta nice not being distracted by it constantly! =)

  4. mmm that sounds so good. i am so glad you were able to unplug.

  5. It really is wonderful to have technology free time! I did that this Sunday and it was such a blessed day!


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