Monday, November 4, 2013

don't leave me!

dress:: {forever21} (similar)
cardigan:: {francesca's collections} (similar)
necklace:: {urban outfitters}
boots:: {c/o blowfish shoes} (similar)

I'm currently curled up on the couch enjoying breakfast in our living room which is dripping with morning sunshine. 

The best part is-- I'm alone. 

Silas (thankfully) didn't get the daylight savings time memo, and has been sleeping in the past two mornings! So, this morning it's avocado toast and strawberries, topped off with a hot (yes, hot, not lukewarm or microwaved) mug of toasted coconut Kona coffee. 

There's not much to say about this outfit except that you may have noticed a pattern lately-- dresses and colored tights. I'm trying to make the most of this fall before I'm forced to dress only in pants and bulky layers. I just peeked at my weather app and it says that it's currently 28 degrees outside, but feels like 15 degrees. We'll be staying inside in our pj pants and hoodies this morning, in case you were wondering... Winter is not welcome yet-- don't leave us quite yet, fall! 

Keep an eye out later this week for five more ways to style a striped dress like this one this fall and winter. And I've gotten several emails lately about my hair (how I get the cut and how I curl it) and I promise I'm not ignoring you-- a post is still in the works to chat about hair! 


  1. Totally copying this outfit! I have all similar pieces, and thankfully fall is sticking around for a bit here in Georgia! :)

  2. love this post and your outfit! just added a bunch of your blog reads on the left sidebar! thanks! :)

  3. love me a pretty pair of tights! i have those same exact shoes! i haven't thought to pair them with a dress, thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Yay for YOU time while Silas sleeps. I bet you're hoping he just won't acclimate to daylight savings time and you'll had this hour for forever. :-)


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