Wednesday, October 30, 2013

sometimes i just need a little sunshine.

This morning, I'm thankful for the bright bouquets of flowers filling our home, thanks to the new Trader Joe's down the street from our house. The bright blooms are making the chilly house feel a little cozier this week (we've had some lows in the 30s already!). 

Halfway to the weekend, friends! 


  1. Oh what a treat!! Our lows have been in the 20's -- it's been hard to get used to this year. These blooms would bring so much joy to a home. :)

  2. I have only heard of Trader Joe's...being from Canada I have never been. It is on by list of places to shop next time I head down south :)

    1. u get more for your money at tj's... just don't go to Whole Foods- aka Whole Paycheck as my oldest calls it...

  3. The gray of winter is starting to settle over New England, for sure ... flowers are a great way to brighten up your space. Thanks for sharing!

  4. <3 Flowers really do just brighten up a room!


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