Tuesday, October 8, 2013

new 2014 calendars and a special deal for TONIGHT only!

New calendars are in the shop and tonight ONLY, they're $20 instead of the full price of $24. Tomorrow, they'll be full price, so if you're in the shopping mood, go ahead and snag one or two for holiday gifts (or prep for the New Year a little early!). 

The unique (and fun) thing about any of my prints (calendars included) is that the original has been hand-painted and hand-lettered in acrylic paints and fine art pens. I love digital design as much as the next girl, but there's something about my hands touching the paper and the way the paint strokes leave my brush that makes m feel connected to my artwork, and in turn connected to each of you who buy it.  


  1. Have you considered designing calendars that have a full page for each month (with room to write on each day)? I would SO snatch one of those up!

    1. I have considered that option, but the cost would be far more than I'd like to charge for a calendar. Perhaps I'll consider those kind of calendars when I'm able to print my own work. Thanks for the feedback!


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