Friday, October 25, 2013


I know I just did a pretty link heavy post yesterday, but I have just a few more fun things to share today. If you're in a 'clicking around the internet' mood today-- this post's for you. You might find some new friends and you'll definitely find some creative inspiration.

image from my post over on Annie's blog today!

We just bought this rug for our living room from SchoolHouse Electric a few weeks ago and it should arrive Monday. I feel like I'm going on a blind date-- giddy and nervous at the same time. I hope we're a good match!

I recently got the sweetest email from Katie, and she mentioned her new Etsy shop. Isn't it simply gorgeous, you guys? I want all the things. 

When I met sweet Annie at Influence, she asked me to be a part of her Passionate Faith series. I'm honored to be on her blog today talking about my faith and creativity. 

I loved this post by Merrick on 10 ways to wear ankle boots. 

Simply dying over Heather's new box paintings. The details!! The colors!!

Your heart will leap out of your chest at the beauty of these engagement pictures by Yes Dear Studio. The surfer dude is Chris' best buddy and we're so excited that he's found such a sweet girl and wife-to-be in Kelsey. 

Happy Friday! This weekend, we're excited to be staying home, enjoying the autumn chill and inviting friends over for pizzas on the grill and a firepit! 


  1. The engagement shoot - absolutely beautiful! Well done Yes Dear Studios! I also loved the box paintings. Your links are always such a joy. xo

  2. oh keep the links coming! :) I love stuff you love -- but i usually read from my phone, and blogger never lets me comment!

    So just commenting to say 1. i love you 2. i can't wait to hug you some day 3. I'm here! And i am not good at telling you that! XOXOXO!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our engagement session of Joel and Kelsey! They are one of our new favorite couples. Love your blog!

  4. I think I've finally come around with the ankle boot trend. I'm on a mission to buy a pair this weekend! Thanks for sharing her tips.

  5. Oooo, thank you for linking that Dear Mushka shop! Amazing products. :D

  6. that rug is gorgeous! We are big fans of SchoolHouse Electric :)

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  8. Are you just the sweetest person ever? Thank you, thank you for your support! You're making my week :)


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