Thursday, September 19, 2013

it's a boy! {jess + avery's gender reveal pics!}

I recently had the privilege of taking some gender reveal family pictures for our friends. They have a 21 month old son and found out that they're expecting another boy! I've learned a lot playing around with my camera the past few years, but this little shoot taught me that I have so much more to learn. Number one might be how to corral a spunky almost-two year old to sit still for 3.4 seconds. This was my first family photo-shoot ever, and I am really proud (and maybe a bit pleasantly surprised?) of how the pictures turned out.

Jess sent me a Pinterest board of some photos she liked the style of and most of them were soft, bright and glowy. So that's what we were aiming for. The whole day was overcast and gloomy and I prayed for sunshine for our afternoon shoot. And God is gracious because about 30 minutes before we met up, the sun came out and created some really beautiful photos for us.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your exciting day, Jess and Avery (and Cayden!) Oh, and thanks for the pizza too.

PS. Do you spot Cayden picking flowers in the last collage? Sneaky little bugger.


  1. beautiful family, the photos turned out really great :)

  2. Love the photos with him and the balloons! Super cute.

  3. What great pictures!!! I love the subtle gender reveal!


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