Monday, September 30, 2013

flowers in my hair and a washed soul.

I'm back from a weekend away at Influence Conference, feeling refreshed, renewed and rested. My soul was washed this weekend, and the opportunity to get away, meet new friends, re-connect with old ones and learn from wise men and women was just what I needed. I'll share more on all that later, but for now, let's kick the week off with an outfit I wore all day Saturday.

headband:: {oh sweet joy}
earrings:: {ns pottery}
necklace:: {amy cornwell}
tee:: {jcrew factory}
cargo pants:: {zara} (similar here)
blowfish tugo wedges:: {c/o lulus}
watch:: {c/o feral watches}
nail color:: {essie penny talk}

My favorite part of putting together outfits for the weekend was the chance to brag on my favorite handmade and small biz buddies. I always love spreading the word on my favorite shops and products and being able to do that among bloggers who actually care about handmade the way I do was really fun. I'm happy to be the first to model this Oh Sweet Joy headband that is soon to be debuting in Kim's fall collection. The fabric is designed by Oana Befort, and it's even more gorgeous in person. 

PS. I gave up on the curling wand and returned it to Target. Yeah, I know, I'm a quitter. I asked my old, beat-up straightener for forgiveness, and we reconciled. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon all about hair-- how I get the look I want at the salon, inspiration photos I use, and some other FAQ about mah herr. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

olive green affair.

sweater:: {nordstrom rack}
tunic:: {c/o lulus}
leggings:: {charlotte russe}
blowfish wedges:: {c/o lulus}
earrings:: { carosello fete}
headband:: {modcloth}
nail polish:: {essie penny talk}

The last time I took outfit 'selfies' with my tripod and camera was the day I went into labor. It was a lot more work that day than it was today. Maybe a lot less awkward because it makes sense for a pregnant woman to take pictures of herself to document a growing bump. But our new street is bustling with families walking to school, businesswomen walking to the train, and people out for walks with their dogs. Let's just say, there was a lot less waddling this time, but it was still pretty awkward.

Still, I like taking my own pictures because I can spend a little more time on it than Chris will, and get shots just how I like them. Today's outfit is brought to you by my awesome new tunic from Lulu's. Olive green is quickly becoming my favorite "neutral" for this fall, and this tunic is perfect for layering over leggings with a sweater, or tucking in to a patterned skirt. Yes, I'd be the one to pick an actual color as a neutral. Whatevs. I'm excited to mix it up through the fall with a few different looks.

happy monday, friends!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

it's a boy! {jess + avery's gender reveal pics!}

I recently had the privilege of taking some gender reveal family pictures for our friends. They have a 21 month old son and found out that they're expecting another boy! I've learned a lot playing around with my camera the past few years, but this little shoot taught me that I have so much more to learn. Number one might be how to corral a spunky almost-two year old to sit still for 3.4 seconds. This was my first family photo-shoot ever, and I am really proud (and maybe a bit pleasantly surprised?) of how the pictures turned out.

Jess sent me a Pinterest board of some photos she liked the style of and most of them were soft, bright and glowy. So that's what we were aiming for. The whole day was overcast and gloomy and I prayed for sunshine for our afternoon shoot. And God is gracious because about 30 minutes before we met up, the sun came out and created some really beautiful photos for us.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your exciting day, Jess and Avery (and Cayden!) Oh, and thanks for the pizza too.

PS. Do you spot Cayden picking flowers in the last collage? Sneaky little bugger.

Monday, September 16, 2013

hi, sorry I'm late!

Alright, I was going to attempt to ease away from blabbing about the Influence Conference, but I was just clicking around the Meet+ Greet linkup that was posted on the blog last week and felt the need to jump in-- even though it's completely last minute! This community means a lot to me and the women in it are so talented, gracious and inspiring. I'm a major hugger, so if we meet, just be prepared for a big hug! 

Two things I'll be bringing:: 

Lots of handmade jewelry and accessories to plan my outfits around:: It's no secret that I love handmade. I'm excited to brag on some of my favorite artists and show my support for the beautiful handmade community I get to be a part of. Also, I'm pretty excited to break out my favorite necklaces and earrings that rarely are worn around Si. 

Archer Farms' Dark Chocolate Espresso trail mix:: That stuff is my weakness. And what kind of person would I be if I didn't bring some to share? Track me down if you need chocolate and we can bond over trail mix. 

Two things I'm looking forward to::

Seeing blog friends come to life. I love meeting online friends and discovering how alike (or different) they are from what I imagined. Then I get to read their blog in their voice from then on. The internet is real, people.

Sitting in on the Accessible Experts panel with Natalie, Nicole and Erin! Not gonna lie, I'm nervous that I'll look like a buffoon, but excited for the chance to share some of the good stuff I've learned (through trial and error) over the past four years of blogging! 

And now that I've answered those questions, I've got two for you-- 

I'm interested to get an idea of the kinds of questions that might be asked at the panel. I'll be speaking about blog and shop branding, and there will be a wide range of other topics covered like virtual assistants, blog strategy, working with sponsors, etc. If you could ask any blog/shop related question at a panel, what would you ask? 

Also, I'll be leaving Silas for the first time overnight and I'm a bit of a mess about it. Got any encouragement or advice for me? Does it make things better or worse to video chat? Is there any way I can prepare him for the separation? 

Okay friends. I'm off to clean up my mess of a studio and work on a ginormous pile of laundry that's on our bed. Hope you have a great Monday! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

creativity and rest.

For the past few weeks, if Silas is asleep, you can usually find me here, in my studio. The morning is the best, when the sunlight comes through those windows and makes the space all glowy. I'm just really loving my creative time lately and the excitement of getting ready for Influence Conference. I'm selling in the Sashes Market and since it's my first market experience ever, I'm a big ball of nerves-- excited nerves, but lots of 'Oh, I hope I'm doing this right and people like my stuff!' kind of nerves too. It's a totally different ball game preparing my work to be picked up, touched and seen with real live eyes. Pretty cool.

I've been busy preparing for the physical side of things for the conference-- products for the market, planning outfits, trying my hardest to master curling my hair with a curling wand (not happening...). I've realized the past few days that my heart needs some prep time too. It's been really easy to get caught up in the busyness and excitement of it all, but this week, I'm craving a little bit of quiet in my heart. There's not much rest around here lately-- there's a lot of chasing Silas, cleaning the house, prepping for the conference, working on DIY projects, and when I have a chance to sit, I'm usually playing on Instagram. Maybe you can relate to that. Do you ever feel like you just need some time to quiet your heart and breathe? To NOT be capturing every sweet moment for Instagram or working towards completing some to-do list? It's been quite some time since I've sat still and prayed without multi-tasking, or my mind racing in a million directions.

This past week, I read an Instagram comment that read, "So-and-so is a woman who hears from the Lord!' It caught my eye and I realized what a beautiful compliment that was. I got this great burden on my heart to be that kind of woman. But maybe what's getting in the way of that is simply that I'm not resting in Him? That my brain is too full of 'what to dos' and there's not enough room for His voice?

I had a completely different kind of post planned out in my head, but this is how it came out when I started to type. How do you find moments of rest during busy times? How do you clear your heart to hear His voice?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the tethered crate review.

There are a ton of subscription box services out there. From beauty products to styling boxes, even 'green' cleaning products and mommy-friendly products. You name it, you can find a subscription box for it. And you know what? It works-- because who doesn't love snail mail? There's something about seeing a little package waiting for me on my front porch that gives me a thrill. (Yes, a thrill. Sometimes I even squeal, just a tiny bit.)

Anyway, I get a lot of emails about new subscription services coming out, but I was especially giddy about this particular service. The Tethered Crate is all about supporting and spreading love for the handmade world. For just under 20 bucks each month, subscribers get over $40 worth of handmade goodies. Here's what I got in my box this month--

Turban headband from The Poppy Chain
Headband from Suzie Studios
Knit earrings from Sarah Nade
5x7 print from Not Too Shabby

I'm super excited about the headbands that came in my box. I'm a headband girl and I love trying different styles-- like the turban style. Mostly this is great because I now have cute new accessories to distract from the fact that I desperately need a haircut. The knit earrings from Sarah Nade are also adorable. At first I was like, 'Hm, not sure they're my style', but as soon as I slipped them in, I was totally feeling them. I also love that the box comes with enough goodies to keep some and send some along to a friend. I'm planning on slipping this print from Not Too Shabby into my neighbors' mailbox this week as I know it's something she would love. 

If you're looking to try out this whole subscription box thing, The Tethered Crate is a great place to start! My friends, Jessi and Megan are working hard to bring you some of the freshest handmade goodies around! Oh, and a portion of the proceeds each month go to a designated charity, so basically, you should just go join now. 

PS. I just picked the Feral Watches giveaway winner! Almost 350 entries! Congrats to Amber Fussel! Emailed ya, girl!  

(( This post was sponsored by The Tethered Crate.  I was offered product by The Tethered Crate, in exchange for my review. As always, my words and opinions are my own! )) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

entering into a new season.

We're entering into a new season over here and my heart is torn up. We have a busy few months of travel looming and as we prepared this summer, Chris and I decided it would be best to start weaning Silas. The Influence conference is in three weeks and that will be the first time I leave him overnight. I get a little bit weepy every time I think about it, though I know it will be good for both of us. I haven't even put much effort into the weaning thing. As he's started walking all over the place and eating three (and a half) meals each day, nursing has fallen to the low end of Si's priority list. I'd say conquering the stairs, eating blueberries, and watching doggies are the top three for him right now. It's as if my baby turned into a toddler overnight and I'm all sorts of bewildered about it.

From the very beginning, Silas and I have been blessed with an incredibly smooth nursing relationship. He had a great latch and ate like a champ from his first day. We had some issues with reflux in the early days, but when he started Zantac at four months, that greatly improved. Not for one second do I take our experience for granted. Just like I was prepared for anything to happen during Si's birth, I was fully prepared to struggle with breast-feeding. And why we were blessed with smooth-sailing, I'll never know. 

So, I'm often overcome with thankfulness that I've had 13 months of nursing this little boy. Countless middle of the night feeding sessions. Many hours of nursing in public and praying I wouldn't flash passersby. 394 days of milk-drunk newborn smiles, mid-feed toe grabbing and eventually giggles that made my heart soar. Any day now we could have our last nursing session together, so with each one (we're down to about one time per day), I try to soak in the tiny moments. The sleepy stares, the hand-holding, and the rare moments when he falls asleep in my arms. He's growing into a real live toddler boy right before my eyes, but when he's in my arms, he's still my tiny baby.

So bring it on, saggy boobs. And thanks for working so hard for us this past year. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

feral watches giveaway!

blouse:: {target}
necklace:: {31 bits}
shorts:: {american eagle}
purse:: {shara porter}
The Jane watch:: {c/o feral watches}
Reflect shoes:: {c/o blowfish shoes}

In college, an old boyfriend of mine gave me a watch. A little silver thing with a tiny orange face. I wore it everywhere and eventually the battery died and now it's buried in a box somewhere with my high school ring and my first pair of earrings. So for the past 8 years or so, I've been digging around in my purse for my phone amongst receipts, lipsticks, and now Cheerios (I'm not an organized person in any respect) every time I want to check the hour. And then Feral Watches swooped in to save the day. After wrapping The Jane around my wrist a few times, I'm converted. Its big face and wrap around style are the perfect amount of funky, paired with the classic look of the golden details and camel brown leather. 

I'm excited to be partnering with Feral Watches this month-- the founder, Megan, also lived on Oahu for a few years! The laidback island vibe is totally evident in their fresh designs. I think you're going to love them! I'm equally excited for the chance to turn one of you into a watch girl (if you're not already). One of you will win a watch of your choice from Feral Watches! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! Giveaway ends next Wednesday, September 11. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

special edition influence conference notebooks for pre-order!

At the end of September, I'll be flying out to Indianapolis and meeting up with over 300 creative, talented and generous-hearted women at the Influence Conference. At the moment, I'm feeling a bit nervous since I'll be leaving Silas overnight for the first time. (Ah, I get weepy whenever I think about it!) And I'm feeling a little overwhelmed too, as I paint my heart out to create inventory for the Sashes Market. I'm also a bit worried that I'm gonna look like a fool as I participate as one of the 'Accessible Experts' in the panel on Saturday afternoon. 

But mostly, I'm so stoked to hug the girls that have become my blog and shop buddies over the past few years, to hear truth and strategy spoken in the sessions, and to talk with my fellow entrepreneurs about making much of our faith in this crazy online world. 

I really hope that I'll get to meet some of my readers that have a part of Hello Hue (or Aisle to Aloha-- remember those days?!) for so many years. I would love to chat face-to-face and see this Hello Hue community in real-live 3D action. Are you going? Will I get to hug you?? 

Of course, if you are going, you should expect to take tons of notes, because the speakers are seriously phenomenal. And you'll need a cute notebook to take notes in right?! 


I've created two special edition notebooks just for Influence Conference attendees! The notebooks are available NOW for pre-order at a special low price. Each notebook is hand-painted with designs and colors inspired by the Influence Conference branding and features a quote that I love by the poet Mary Oliver. They measure 3.5x5.5 and are filled with ruled paper. 

This is also a sneaky little way that ensures I get to meet you guys. I'll be bringing all purchased notebooks to the conference and handing them out there. (They won't be shipped out to you beforehand!) I'm offering them at a special price and you won't be paying shipping either, so it's a great deal if you've been eyeing the notebooks in the shop! 

Ready to pre-order your Influence Conference notebook? They'll only be available for a limited time! 

Oh, and if you're not attending the conference, we'll miss you! If there's interest, I'll offer these notebooks afterwards, so let me know if you'd like to snag one. 

PS. This promo isn't sponsored in any way by the Influence Network. Just thought it would be a fun product to offer my fellow attendees! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

day trip.

On Saturday, we ended up taking a quick roadtrip down to Chris' grandmother's cottage on Long Island. It's a magical place straight out of a novel and it takes my breath away. Silas got dunked in the chilly Long Island Sound for the first time, and had blast climbing logs and tossing stones into a pile. He's a fearless little kid and loved splashing in the waves and tasting the salty water on his lips. We got to spend some more time with Chris' parents and grandma, and it was worth the trip just to see Silas sitting with her, reading a book on the couch. I think it's going to be one of our favorite getaway spots while we live here and getting to hear stories from Chris' grandma's childhood while watching the sailboats race through the Sound is just icing on the cake.