Monday, August 12, 2013

cannoli belly.

earrings:: {lisa leonard}
top:: {nordstrom rack}
skirt:: {american eagle}
booties:: {c/o blowfish shoes}

Last Friday, we walked every square inch of the city of Boston. Ok, maybe not quite, but that's what my legs were convinced of this weekend. We actually did most of the Freedom Trail with my parents. I think the best part of walking the city is studying the details of all the impressive architecture.  It's seriously one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. We are loving Boston and all the richness of living here.  Speaking of richness, cannolis aren't an official stop on the trail, but we made a detour anyway. Anything for a cannoli (and you thought my flowy top was just an afterthought!) 

I know I've worn this skirt more than a couple times lately, but it's become a staple. The perfect piece when I don't want to wear shorts but a dressy skirt is a little too much. I've styled it here and here recently. 

PS. I've got a few new sponsors over there on the left! They have some really beautiful products to offer -- check them out! 

PPS. Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes for Silas. We had an almost perfect day on Saturday and I'll definitely be sharing a few pictures later this week. Can't believe I'm a mom to a one-year old. 


  1. Wherever u got that AE skirt, u r lucky..Ours never carried it!... U make everything u wear look good!

  2. You look so cute! I'm glad you were able to explore your city! :-)

  3. LOVE Boston! It's my new favorite city after visiting it just twice (We are south in Rhode Island). My Aunt and Uncle live there and brought us to a great Italian Bakery in Little Italy and I had my first cannoli, YUMMY!!!

  4. I love this look! Need to try the loose fitting top with a pencil skirt look. Cute!

  5. Cute outfit! and cannolis - so yummy!

  6. Crazy! My, ready for this, grandpa's cousin's wife does tours on the Freedom Trail. My grandpa is from Mass, and was relocated to CA during his childhood. :)


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