Tuesday, July 30, 2013

i'd like to help fuel your obsession. {introducing the newest hellohue product!}

 I have a theory that there are two kinds of people-- notebook hoarders and other people. If you're a notebook hoarder like me, you probably have a neat little pile of pretty notebooks, handmade and otherwise stashed somewhere. I can't resist a new notebook and admittedly, there are many sitting on my shelves just waiting to be opened.

But that's the best part about a new notebook! The blank, crisp pages and all that potential. I always keep one or two in my bag in case I need to doodle during a long phone call, make a shopping list, copy a recipe from a friend, or jot down an idea for a blog post. 

These notebooks are Moleskine notebooks -- perfect for just about anything. They have a stiff kraft paper cover, a pocket in the back cover for keeping track of loose pages, and my colorful designs painted on the front in acrylic paint. 

I think my favorite is the 'Eats' notebook-- painted with cute little veggie and kitchen illustrations- just right for meal planning, grocery list making or recipe keeping. 

Check out all the notebooks in the shop and take 10% today only with the code FRESHPAGES10 at checkout. 


  1. Just ordered the 'Eats' notebook! I always scribble down recipes from online on post its that get lost and thrown out and I have to look up the recipe again; this way I can keep them all written in one pretty place! Love it!

  2. I think I just squealed openly and out loud when I saw all the lovely little books! I want to plan all my meals with that eats notebook! Be still my heart.

  3. I am SUCH a notebook hoarder!!! And yep, think I'm gonna be "needing" another. :)

  4. i feel like i never have enough notebook!

  5. Oh my goodness. New follower of your blog and LOVE these - my husband will be thrilled that you're fueling my notebook hoarding tendencies! :)


  6. I LOVE THEM! I'm a total notebook hoarder! You can never have too many :)


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