Wednesday, July 3, 2013

from our recipe box:: summer pasta salad

Ok, so sometimes, I have to blog about a recipe that's so simple, it's not even really a recipe. And I didn't even come up with this on my own. But it's such a summer staple at our house, so I just had to tell you-- go make some!! (Ahem, Fourth of July weekend is the perfect excuse.)

My pasta salad is only slightly adapted from The Pioneer Woman's recipe. She uses zucchini, tomatoes and parsley and has way better pictures. But the olive oil and lemon juice base is the same. The simplicity is just so good. 

You'll need::

One pound of farfalle pasta
Two tablespoons of olive oil
One lemon
Salt and pepper to taste
One cucumber
Tri-color bell peppers (I use one half of each color)
A handful (or more if you like!) of cherry tomatoes
A small can of sliced black olives (or kalamata if you like the stronger taste)
Fresh basil (I use about 8-10 leaves, depending on the size)
Feta cheese (I like to use lots!)

First, cook your pasta. I like to use farfalle (bowtie), but any other fun, bite-size shape works too. I never really watch the clock on it, just sample it to tell when it's done.

Drain it, rinse with cool water, and set it aside to cool while you do the rest.

Chop up some veggies. I like to do tri-color bell peppers, black olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh basil. The fun part about these kinds of "recipes" is that you can get creative and toss in pretty much anything that sounds good and looks pretty. Shredded carrots or snap peas would be yummy too.

 I use our julienne shredder on the skins of the cucumber to give them some fun shape. Just run the shredder along the skin of the cucumber, leaving a bit of green, then chop it up however you like. We bought our julienne shredder in a dinky little shop in Honolulu Chinatown, but you can get the same one here.

Once your veggies are chopped up, go ahead and pour some olive oil on your pasta (just enough to lightly coat , and squeeze the juice of one (fresh!) lemon on there. Add some salt and pepper for taste.

Throw in your veggies and mix it all up. Toss in a bunch of feta and mix that up (Remember, more feta is more betta.... that stuff is heavenly) . Then, stick it in the fridge-- for a few hours if you can. It's always way better the day after I make it.

So, what are your plans for the Fourth? We're hosting a party here, even though we are barely unpacked. Hopefully we can keep Silas awake long enough to catch some fireworks too!


  1. This looks delicious and easy to make which is basically my requirements for cooking. I might have to whip this up tomorrow for our 4th of July BBQ! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you! I want to try this soon.

  3. I love this! Thanks for reminder to make some pasta salad. Nothing tastes better for a summer lunch!


  4. We're going to a friends' house for fireworks and dinner! I'm going to bring this recipe! I'll have to see how many weight watcher points this works out to be... Thanks for sharing your summer staple un-recipe. Sometimes it's nice to have something simple and yummy!


  5. Pasta salad is a summer staple for me too! I'll have to try this with the lemon.

    Happy 4th! We're spending time with friends in Boston and hoping to watch the fireworks from the South End (roofdeck) or maybe I'll go into labor...who knows!

  6. This sounds delicious! And it sounds like you're settling in well to Boston, so happy to hear it :-)

  7. YUM! I love this recipe - thanks so much. Love your blog!
    SInger Songwriter


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