Monday, June 10, 2013


Why does my baby find banging on the toilet seat to be the most amusing thing in this hotel room?

Should I buy a Bamboo Create tablet for my artwork?

How is Silas almost a year old already? Wasn't he just born??

Which color should I paint our bed frame this summer? Kelly Green? Citron yellow?

Should I continue doing style posts on the blog? 

Is there an easier way to wipe a kiddo's runny nose without him screaming bloody murder?

Will I see Chris at all this summer after he starts his MIT classes today?

When will we finally move into our new home?

Should we go with a bold patterned living room rug or something neutral?

Is there a happier sound than a squealing baby on a swing?

Should I grow my hair out or continue with the same old short style?


  1. Replies
    1. I'm leaning towards bold too, Kerri! And thanks for the thumbs up vote. ;)

  2. Paint the bed frame green!
    Yes to style posts!
    I love your cute hairstyle!

  3. Yes to style posts, i always love them!
    Citron yellow frame :)
    neutral rug (rugs will hopefully last a long time-its easier to add other accent pieces to the room in my experience!)

    overall, whatever makes you happy girl! Congrats on Chris starting at MIT! enjoy Boston :)
    ps-i just bought TWO MORE chubby sticks via clinique online. addiction. problem.

    1. Thanks Laurel-- those Chubby Sticks are perfection. Which colors did you get?

  4. I'm a new reader but I'm already in love! And I can say as a mom to a 15-month-old...yeah, the toilet obsession doesn't just disappear one day. Unfortunately ;)

    1. Thanks for reading, Heather! It's seriously the one thing in the room that I really don't want him playing with! (Well, besides outlets/cords, which he loves to chew on... He definitely keeps me on my toes!)

  5. Yes to style posts!! Always interested to see what you would wear and it gives me ideas that I hadn't considered before.

    Maybe use a wipe to wipe his nose? His nose could be raw and the wet wipe would maybe help...just a thought.

    And I too LOVE your hair! But have been considering the same thing. I actually had it to my shoulders and just cut it shorter, now to start all over again! LOL

    1. We use Boogie Wipes for him, which have aloe and definitely help keep his little nose from chapping. But he just hates anything coming near his nose! I will never judge another mom with a snotty kid again! ;)

  6. Kelly green, short hair, neutral rug, and Nose Frida! Not sure how's he's already one, though. :-)

    1. I've heard wonders about the Nose Frida, but I have my doubts that he would stay still long enough for me to even use it. We have a snot sucker thing and he squirms out of my arms as soon as he sees it. Hopefully the runny nose doesn't last much longer!

  7. Man, oh man, doesn't time just fly?! I always wonder how my babies are growing up so fast - I feel like they were all just born, lol! And I love your short hair - I think it's super cute! My husband started language school a few weeks ago, and we hardly see him now - BUT, it definitely makes the times we DO see him, so, so worth it!

  8. My answer to any of those questions is to go w/your gut feeling and to take into account the pros and cons...

  9. There is no better way to wipe a child's nose. My 20 month old still hates it... it's like she's being tortured! -- Kendra

  10. I vote citron yellow for the head board, bold rug, and short hair. You always hate when it starts growing out and is it worth being unhappy with it while its in "transition" stage? And Silas is so big! Love that little man! Love you as well! Muah!

  11. I've only got answers for 2;) BUT grow that hair out...I want to see what that looks like!!!! AND YES on the style posts!! You're Adorable! Don't STOP!!!:):)

  12. What a cutie. Time flies, soak in every single moment {which I am sure you are}. I look at my own son and to me it seems like it was just yesterday he was born and I was cradling him in my arms. He starts Kindergarten in August and has his Pre-School graduation this weekend. Emotional? That's an under statement lol.

  13. We love boogie wipes in our house... And when c was first ours and not used to nose being wiped... We used to do a sneak attack and it turned into a fun game and now doesn't mind having her nose wiped :)

    Keep your hair short... I love how you style it

    I actually say neutral rug, but with bold accents throughout the room... Rugs are $$ and you might get sick of a certain color/style

  14. time flies too fast, time for another one.
    kelly green
    kids will scream when you wipe their nose till they wipe their own nose!
    bold rug
    the anxiety and excitement will make it seem like forever
    the sound of them saying i love you mommy
    I love it short

  15. I will never know why kids are drawn to toilets. Unless you are trying to potty train, then they want nothing to do with them.


    Kids like to torture us with their crazy ability to grow at alarming speeds.

    Kelly Green

    Yes, I have a simple style and love seeing your bold outfits! Gives us boring moms (me) some inspiration and a boost to venture out of the same old same old!

    boogie wipes but even those cause a scene at our house.

    I sure hope so. life without daddy/husbands is not as much fun, thats for sure.

    praying soon!!

    BOLD! we went neutral in our new home and I have been fighting to get more color and boldness in our house! I wish I would have been bolder in the beginning!


    I love your short hari but think it would be great either way!

  16. I've never had one of Wacom's Bamboo tablets, but I have owned a Intuos and a Cintiq. Wacom is a great company and makes top notch tablets so you won't be disappointed! I have quite a few friends who have Bamboo's and love them. So I think it would be a good investment. :)

  17. No there isn't any better sound than a baby laughing on a swing. It's my favorite sound!

  18. Kelly Green!

    Amen to style posts!

    Bold rug, FO SHO!

    I love your hair! I want to try something similar...maybe shorter. Ever consider a pixie? You have the face for it!


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