Friday, June 21, 2013


Today, after we sign some papers, we get the keys to this beautiful place and we get to call it home. You should have seen Si exploring it last night as we did our last walk-through. He checked every nook and cranny and was pretty excited about the whole thing. I practically skipped through the whole place myself. I can't wait to show you more and I'll definitely be sharing the process of making it our very own. 

We won't have internet for a few days, so if you wanna check in with us, come follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Happy weekend! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

thoughts on style and real life.

necklace:: {gift from Lindsey}
tank:: {target}
hoodie:: {anthropologie}
skirt:: {american eagle}
sandals:: {target}
nail color:: {tart deco by essie}

You know what I love? (well, besides cheesecake froyo with cookie dough toppings...) I love reading accessible style posts. Like, the ones where I say, "Ooh, I can totally do something similar with my own wardrobe!" I love seeing style that's wearable, affordable, and real. Honestly, sometimes I get bummed out because I'm not gallivanting around the blog and IG wearing heels and designer frocks. But duh, guys, that's not my life. It is real life for some bloggers, and that's okay. But for me, right now, real life is denim shorts (with baby applesauce on them, most likely) and flats and chipped nail polish. 

The past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about my style posts. I don't feel like I'm anywhere close to the most fashionable girl out there. And the leftover mama pooch has got me feeling blah. But I began thinking about what inspires me. And it's real life. It's the cute outfits that other mamas are wearing while they wrangle their own babies. Even if it's all from Target. Because heck yes, you can have a busy and hectic life, but still take time to look cute. Nah, looking cute isn't the most important thing in the world, but feeling great about yourself is a pretty big deal, I believe. 

So, you're stuck with my style posts. They may be sporadic. They definitely won't be glitzy. And I'll probably repeat stuff a lot (like this striped skirt... lurve it.) But they'll be me and they'll be real. 

I feel like this post came out sounding like I'm justifying something, but I just wanted to share what was going through my brain the past few weeks. So there ya go. 

If you're looking for some adorable real-life style inspiration, check out two of my newest faves, Merrick's Art and Frill for Thrills. I'd love to hear about some of your favorite real life style blogs! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a much needed break.

 photo longisland4_zpsf9d887fe.jpg photo 4d424dac-1b5a-4380-a5a4-14d122c5c4b0_zpsbda754c4.jpg
 photo longisland3_zpsb8752e12.jpg

A few weeks ago, we took the ferry across the Long Island Sound to stay at Chris' grandmother's cottage. I've been hearing about this place since w   e begandating 7 years ago. As soon as we pulled up, I felt as if I was walking into scenery from a book I'd read. Having heard so many stories over the years, the place was finally coming alive to me, and it was so much more magical than I even imagined. A bright cheery cottage, sitting on top of a hill that ends in a private beach. Smooth pebbles as far as you can see and giant, algae covered boulders sitting in the water. A lobster dinner, followed by frozen lemonade pie for dessert. And late night conversations with Grandma about everything under the sun. Needless to say, it was a welcomed break from our hotel living.

Friday, June 14, 2013

silas' dad.

I think one of the greatest things about becoming a mama is getting to see your guy become a daddy. Silas has one of the most adventurous, smart, and loving dads I've ever known and I can already tell that his little heart knows it. You should have seen the look on his face when Chris walked in the door yesterday afternoon. Pure joy, and the speediest little crawl across the room to his favorite guy in the world. Sitting back and watching them growl and wrestle together on the floor and listening through the door while Chris sings hymns at bedtime are two of the most profound joys I've experienced. These boys, they've got my heart. 

Happy Father's Day! I hope you get to spend some time loving on the men that have shaped your own lives and hearts this weekend! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a shiny new studio and a fresh start.

The picture above is my soon-to-be new studio space. The top floor of our new house was intended for a master bedroom suite, but the staircase is so narrow our bed won't fit. I gleefully volunteered to use it as my studio space and I've been daydreaming about it ever since. 

Eight skylights, beautiful wood floors, built in storage and exposed ceilings beams. It's pretty much a dream come true. And it's ironic because during our home search, I kept saying, "God isn't a genie", meaning that he wasn't going to necessarily give us all the 'wants' on our list. I knew he would provide some sort of home, but I'm beyond ecstatic that I get to create and dream in this space for the next three years. 

I've been busy thinking about what I want this space to be. Not only the decor side (which has been really fun to scheme up!), but also dreaming about the goals I want to set and the ways God can use me in this space.To be completely transparent, with all the craziness of preparing to move, being in transition and waiting for this house, I've been really lackadaisical about seeking out God's heart. Scratch that-- I've been downright ignoring Him. I can feel it in my attitude and the way I respond to people and situations. My Bible has been buried under a box of wipes in the back seat of our car, but this week, I brought it inside and I can already feel the words I read this morning washing away the built up gunk in my soul. A fresh start is close by and I'm a big fan of fresh starts. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what we've learned:: flying with baby

Silas flew on an airplane for the first time at just 4 months old and he's boarded a plane over 8 times since then. Many of those flights were just me and Si, and at first, I didn't think we'd come out unscathed. But, we lived, and so did the other passengers on our planes. We're far from experts on the subject, but we've learned a lot about flying with a baby. Below are just a few pointers--some ridiculously simple things that we learned over the past six months!

Leave yourself plenty of time

 Perhaps an obvious tip, but something we've had to change a bit since Silas arrived. When it was just Chris and me, we didn't mind rushing through the airport, only to barely make it to our seats before take-off. But now, we leave more time to check our bags, go through security and get to our gate. In my opinion, it's worth it to go calmly through the insanely long security line, even if that means more down time at the gate. I actually like to have a little bit of downtime to situate our bags, get a fresh diaper on Silas before we board and get myself fed so I don't have to worry about that on the flight. If you know your airport is a busy one, leaving yourself a good chunk of time can cut down on frantic 'Home Alone' runs through the airport. 

Bring the carseat

 Babies under two years old fly for free, but they must be seated in your lap. This is fine if you have a calm, squishy newborn, but at 10 months old, I can barely get Silas to sit still for 2 minutes, let alone 2 hours. Some forward thinking and divinely empty flights have saved us that hassle for the last few flights. 

The loophole to the 'lap baby' rule is that if the flight has enough open seats, most airlines will allow you to bring your carseat aboard for the baby- no charge! I usually call the airline the night before to see if I can expect a few empty seats, and unless the flight is guaranteed to be packed out, I bring our carseat to the gate, just in case. We've had about 4 flights where Silas was able to crash in his carseat during the flight, and I got to chill with a Coke and a magazine. 

Wear them 

After learning the hard way and juggling laptop bags, the stroller, carseat, carry-ons and baby all at once, I now wear Silas in our Ergo carrier through the airport. If you have baby in a stroller, you'll have to take him out and fold the stroller up as you go through security, but if you have him in a carrier (Moby, Ergo, etc.), 9 times out of 10, they won't make you take the baby out. That leaves you with two free hands to fold your stroller up, yank your shoes off, and jam all your stuff through the scanner. 

We usually use the stroller as a baggage cart and pile the carseat and carry-ons on top. I walk with Silas in the Ergo and Chris pushes the stroller (slash baggage cart). When I get on the airplane, I take Silas out of the carrier and store it under my seat. 

Just do your best

 I think the thing most people worry about when flying with their baby is keeping him calm and happy and not disrupting other passengers. My advice is to just do your thing and try not to worry about what others are thinking. (Easier said than done, believe me, I know.) You will not find me handing out bags of goodies or earplugs to fellow passengers. I don't think I've ever encountered the stereotypical disgruntled baby-hating passenger and for that I'm thankful. We've had plenty of pleasant interactions with other passengers, and when Silas is fussy, we've been grateful for gracious people. Most people will just turn up their music and tune out a fussy baby, and the other people can just deal. If you're gonna freak out, freak out because it's stressful and tiring, but don't let a few stares and imagined (or real!) grumbles get you down, mama. 

Got any other flying tips? Share in the comments below! 

Click here to read the things we've learned about roadtripping with a baby! (Lots of great tips in the comments of that post too!) 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Why does my baby find banging on the toilet seat to be the most amusing thing in this hotel room?

Should I buy a Bamboo Create tablet for my artwork?

How is Silas almost a year old already? Wasn't he just born??

Which color should I paint our bed frame this summer? Kelly Green? Citron yellow?

Should I continue doing style posts on the blog? 

Is there an easier way to wipe a kiddo's runny nose without him screaming bloody murder?

Will I see Chris at all this summer after he starts his MIT classes today?

When will we finally move into our new home?

Should we go with a bold patterned living room rug or something neutral?

Is there a happier sound than a squealing baby on a swing?

Should I grow my hair out or continue with the same old short style?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

silas at {almost} 10 months

At almost 10 months (he'll hit that mark on June 10), this kiddo has us cracking up all day at his goofy faces and hilarious personality. 

He's crawling at lightning speed, standing up with support and cruising along furniture. 

He says 'Dada' all the time and I'm anxiously awaiting 'Mama'. Right now, I'm 'Bob'. I kind of like 'Bob' though. 

He's a little mooch and points and gasps whenever he sees food he wants. I can't put anything in my mouth these days without him wanting some too. He's got 8 teeth and his favorite foods are bananas, fig bars, and rotisserie chicken. 

He's working on throwing a ball, waving, and pointing, but seems to have very little interest in walking by himself. 

We're getting a little more sleep around here, but I don't think he'll get into better stretches until we can get into our own house and start sleep-training him. He's taking two naps a day (when we're not out running around!) We've been traveling almost non-stop for the past 8 months and I imagine having a little more consistency will be great for all of us. 

He went through a little bit of 'stranger-danger' last month, but I think a lot of that was just being overwhelmed with all of his family wanting to hug and smooch on him. Once he got used to that, he's been great and loves being held by his Papa (my dad) and Grandma (Chris' mom). 

I really should be better at writing in his baby book. Once we get into our house (hopefully at the end of this month!!), I'll unpack that puppy and get writing before I forget everything. 

Joining Blair in her new linkup series, Life Lately!