Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 things.

glasses:: {c/o firmoo}
skirt:: {american eagle}
bracelet {31 bits}
shoes:: {c/o blowfish shoes}

Just a short list of things going through my noggin at the moment. Life is a bit disjointed lately, and so are my thoughts.

1. These glasses make me look like a bit of a dork. And I kind of like it. 

2. Olive green is quickly becoming a new color obsession.

3. Sunshine and warm air makes for a happy Lindsay. Probably a happy world, I'm guessing. 

4. We're headed into 3 or 4 more weeks of hotel living in Boston and I'm dreading it. 

5. We may never do an overnight sailing trip again, but the one we took last week was amazing. 

6. On a related note, Silas loves sailing but is not a fan of sleeping on boats. 

7. My sister makes a beautiful bride and I can't wait to share wedding details here. 

8. Giving a matron of honor toast is nerve-wracking and I'm glad that's over. 

9. Date nights thanks to our parents are priceless. (And paying for $10 popcorn is worth it, I say!) 

10. I'm hitting publish on this post and taking a flying leap into my bed for naptime. 



  1. oh i just adore you! :) I'm so happy that he loved sailing, even though he didn't sleep well on the boat!

  2. cute, cute, you are so cute. I love that skirt and I am not usually a skirt girl but I can learn!

  3. Love olive green! (and I agree about sunshine. something I hope we get more of soon!)

  4. Matron of honor speeches=terrifying. I tried so hard to enjoy the whole day and forget that I had that responsibility the whole morning/day of--but when it was finally over I finally felt I could let my hair down and relax ;P

  5. Cannot wait to see wedding pics, and I'm sure your toast was awesome!

  6. Such adorable glasses!!! As a geek, a gamer and a nerd, and probably a dork as well, I say heck yeah. ;)

  7. Movie popcorn - always worth it!


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