Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 things.

glasses:: {c/o firmoo}
skirt:: {american eagle}
bracelet {31 bits}
shoes:: {c/o blowfish shoes}

Just a short list of things going through my noggin at the moment. Life is a bit disjointed lately, and so are my thoughts.

1. These glasses make me look like a bit of a dork. And I kind of like it. 

2. Olive green is quickly becoming a new color obsession.

3. Sunshine and warm air makes for a happy Lindsay. Probably a happy world, I'm guessing. 

4. We're headed into 3 or 4 more weeks of hotel living in Boston and I'm dreading it. 

5. We may never do an overnight sailing trip again, but the one we took last week was amazing. 

6. On a related note, Silas loves sailing but is not a fan of sleeping on boats. 

7. My sister makes a beautiful bride and I can't wait to share wedding details here. 

8. Giving a matron of honor toast is nerve-wracking and I'm glad that's over. 

9. Date nights thanks to our parents are priceless. (And paying for $10 popcorn is worth it, I say!) 

10. I'm hitting publish on this post and taking a flying leap into my bed for naptime. 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

four years!

Four years ago today, I married that guy in the blue striped tee. Later today I get to walk down that same wedding aisle at the Naval Academy Chapel as we rehearse for my sister's wedding in a few days. Some days I still get butterflies when I look at him, and having been through two deployments, many separations, countless arguments, and traveling adventures galore, I love that I can genuinely call him my best friend. God has blessed us richly. We're pretty lucky that we got the cutest darn kid to raise, too. 

glasses:: {c/o firmoo}
necklace:: {gift from amy cornwell}
dress:: {target}
lace vest:: {simply audrey}
shoes:: {reflects c/o blowfish shoes}

Speaking of lovey-dovey stuff, I loved reading this article from Huffington Post (originally written by Lydia Netzer) entitled 15 Ways to Stay Married 15 Years. The tips are a bit out of the ordinary but I found myself nodding my head to most of them! 

On a less mushy note, like most Blowfish Shoes I've received, these Reflects are my new favorites. Casual enough to run around with a kid in tow, comfortable enough to do it all day, and in my opinion, cute enough to wear with a dress. I definitely related to this post from Sarah at Frills for Thrills about how her style has changed since becoming a mom!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bits of life lately.

hey-o!  Just popping in to say hi. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Filled with hotel living, long car rides, wrinkled outfits straight out of the suitcase, and way too many stroller and car naps for Silas. Right now we're in Maryland spending time with family and gearing up for my baby sister's wedding this weekend. Despite our weariness of being without a home to call our own for almost a month now, we can't wait to break out our best dance moves and celebrate! And after years of living across the world from family, it's pretty precious to get so much time with them now.

Today is a warm, muggy Annapolis day and we're celebrating Chris' 27th birthday. We drove into downtown this morning for breakfast and Chris is down at his dock now getting his sailboat ready for our first overnight trip! I have a feeling we'll get very little rest tonight since Silas is working on some new teeth and may not take well to sleeping on the boat. But, like I said in this post a few weeks ago, we're trying hard to make memories and have adventures, even if it's a little more difficult than the old days. 

Speaking of the little man, he's developed some hilarious personality lately, including a squinty-eyed cheesy grin and some 'baby dragon' growling (as we call it). I'll be sharing some recent photos of him on here soon enough. I see so much little boy in him lately, though he's still got plenty of 'baby' in him (including waking up several times at night...)

What's new with you guys? I feel a bit out of the loop lately. I'm practically salivating thinking about my new studio waiting for me in our new house and can't wait to get the shop running again.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I've got a little toe dipped into hipster territory (a firmoo review!)

I wore my first pair of glasses in second grade. A pair of very round, very lavender frames. Since then, I've gone through many pairs of frames, from sophisticated and rectangular to dorky and thick as pancakes.

Since Silas started being all grabby, my current frames made the world look a bit crooked. I was ecstatic when Firmoo contacted me. Their website makes frame buying simple and their frames are really affordable. First-time customers get one pair free and their virtual try-on system made it easy and even fun for me to figure out which frames would work best for my face. 

When my Firmoo frames (prescription glasses and sunglasses) came in the mail the other day, I was impressed that my frames were packaged in hard cases, and even came with a repair kit. The frames are sturdy and great quality, and my prescription seems to be spot-on. 

My new frames are comfortable and light. And I know it's all hipster-like to wear black roundish frames, but ya know, what? I love how they look on me. So, yeah, I may have stuck a little toe over into hipster territory, but at least my glasses are prescription, right? 

Firmoo also sent me this pair of sunglasses, which are of equally great quality. So, basically, head on over to Firmoo.com and I am certain you won't regret it. 

Okay, too many pictures of my mug in this post. I'm outta here. Chris, Si and I are going sailing this afternoon, and then I'm looking forward to a long overdue movie datenight with Chris later tonight! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

a house.

We got a house! 

After 5 rejected offers and countless potentials, God has provided us with the most perfectly quirky house and sweet neighborhood. I know He's really taking care of me because there is an ice cream shop 1/2 a block from the house. This was our last attempt to purchase a place, and we are unbelievably excited to move in at the end of next month if all goes as planned. 

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes during this crazy transition! Sometimes I'm a bit stunned that complete strangers care for my family so much and take the time to not only pray, but to encourage us through thoughtful comments and emails. 

PS. Ilene featured some fellow style bloggers (and me!) and their 'men behind the camera' today! It's a super cute post-- check it out here! Also, Silas' nursery was featured on Apartment Therapy recently! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what we've learned:: road-tripping with baby

The weeks leading up to Silas' arrival were filled with lots of crossing things of bucket lists and 'lasts'. Last fancy dinner out, last movie outing, last naps without interruption. It felt a bit like our life was ending. But we had many conversations about how we were determined that this baby not stop us from traveling and having adventures. We were determined that his presence not completely halt our life.

I think we've done a pretty good job of it so far. At just shy of 9 months, this little boy has flown on an airplane 6 times, and has traveled through 12 states on roadtrips. He's explored St. Augustine, New Orleans, Boston and Annapolis with us. We still have plans to camp with him (once he's sleeping a little better!) and just bought a baby carrier for some backpacking trips. 

Below are a few things we've learned about road-tripping with Si. (I plan on sharing a flying post later on.) If you're new to this parenting thing (like us!), be encouraged that your adventures and travel doesn't have to be put on the back burner! 

Bring the kitchen sink (and don't stress about packing!) 

 The nice thing about car trips is that you can pack whatever the heck you want. Our days of packing light are long gone anyway, so I've embraced the fact that road trips mean loading up the trunk with everything we may want or need. Usually when we discuss whether or not to bring something, the conclusion is 'eh, why not?' Some of the 'extras' we bring along are 'new' toys (random things around the house that he can play with, or toys from a consignment shop) for Si to keep him entertained in the backseat, a few old towels for cleaning up messes, plenty of extra outfit changes for all of us, and the Ergo, stroller and pack'n'play. 

And the good news is, that even if you forget something (like socks for your baby in Boston springtime! *ahem!*), you can most likely find a WalMart or Target that can help you out. 

Pack some "carry-ons"

Instead of lugging our huge suitcases into our overnight stops along the way, we started packing backpacks with essentials for overnight stays. That way, when we stopped driving and finally got to hunker down for the night, Chris didn't have to make 20 trips to the car hauling in our stuff. When we got to our final destination, we could bring everything in, but until then, the car stayed nicely packed in Chris' Tetris-like configuration. 

This also helps us to get up and out the door earlier after a night in the hotel. It's kind of difficult to get moving when clothes, diapers and toiletries are exploded over every inch of the hotel room! 

Tune in to the static

This is a trick we started using when Si was teeny-tiny. White noise usually does a great job of calming him down when he's fussy (especially in the early days). Instead of downloading a white noise app, or lugging our white noise machine along, we just find a radio station with static and turn up the volume. It takes about 30 seconds for Si to chill. 

Of course, sometimes this doesn't work. Sometimes the baby is screaming as you drive through rush hour Atlanta traffic, and you find yourself bawling and trying to change lanes through blurry tear-filled eyes, while your husband says, "You have to focus!". Not like I'd know anything about that...

Go with the flow

I think this probably applies for every 'new parent' situation. Crazy things happen, you'll most likely be unprepared at some point, and plans may get derailed. But I've found that adopting a relaxed attitude about the trip makes things go much smoother. I'm the kind of girl who gets flustered when plans change and expectations aren't met, but I'm slowly learning to be more flexible and have fun no matter what happens. 

Got any roadtrip tips? Are you a 'bring the kitchen sink'-er or a light packer?