Friday, April 5, 2013

what i'm loving. (a gussy sews review and glance at my week)

headband:: {c/o gussy sews}
top:: {jcrew factory}
belt:: {target}
shorts:: {american eagle}
sandals:: {target}

This post was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but we left for Boston at 4am and I didn't get a chance to open my computer all week. It's refreshing just to live life and not think how to blog each moment. Anyway, our house hunting trip was a whirlwind and we came home without a house, but with a few options on the table. I know we won't be homeless in Boston, so it's just a matter of seeing where God takes us and how He provides.

As we head into the weekend, here's a list of things I'm loving and not loving this week.

Loving the chance to spend time walking around Boston with Chris this week and dream about the next three years.

Not loving the mess (and laundry!) that comes from all the packing and unpacking.

Loving that we get to reunite with Hawaii friends in New Orleans this weekend!

Loving wearing shorts again after bundling up in Boston this week.

Not loving the conviction I felt after reading Jami Nato's post here. I think my diet needs to change. After our New Orleans trip, of course. Can you say, beignets?? (But seriously, loved the post. Go read it.)

Loving the longer naps Silas has been taking lately. Thank you, Jesus.

Loving the sight of his little butt stuck in the air while he sleeps.

Not loving the sound of the pacifier hitting the floor and rolling under the crib for the 30th time while trying to put a fussy baby to sleep.

Loving the response to my new Aloha print. I've got some fellow Hawaii lovers out there!

Loving the headband sent to me by Gussy Sews (aka Maggie Whitley) to style up. Here ya go, girls. A super cute headband that doesn't make you feel like your head is in a vice. I love how different the ruffles are from your typical rosette headbands and her fabric choices are so cheery.

Interested in your own super cute Gussy headband (or any of her cute rufflies!)? Use the code HELLOHUE10 for 10% off your purchase until May 30th.

What are you loving and not loving this week?


  1. i am loving that my daughter is finally on the potty training train with me!! :)

    and i am L-O-V-Eing the new aloha print. i've been to hawaii only twice but it's stuck in my soul in such a good way. i may have to find a way to squeeze that print into our budget!

  2. i am loving that it's friday! and not loving all of my to do list that I need to tackle ... i know I need to take a step back and just "enjoy"... and it's hard when there's SO much on my plate!

  3. Seriously - the pacifier hitting the floor. Ugh! I want to buy 50 pacifiers just so I don't have to keep moving the crib every.single.time.... I hope you find somewhere you love in Boston - it's my favorite city :) ~ Andi

  4. Beautiful!
    And we're not loving the snow over here! x

  5. I am JEALOUS of your New Orleans trip! I have a friend there right now and his pics on FB are making me green with envy!

  6. I'm loving starting to feel my 2nd little bump wriggle and kick about. Not loving the cold weather we are still having here in the UK, it has been dull for nearly 6 months, and I would really like some sunshine soon :)

  7. Jealous that you get to see our friends this weekend! Give them big hugs!! Have so much fun :)

  8. Pretty girl, I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog last week:) I am now following along here, and on instagram. You are such a delight to my soul. I love coming over to your bright and cheery place on the web, and am already praying for your move to Boston. So happy to be here with you!

  9. I used to leave about 5 pacifiers in my daughter's crib, so if she dropped one or it got lost on the side of the crib she could roll over and grab another one.

  10. That is a really cute headband! I wonder if my {meager} sewing skills would allow me to create a modified version for my baby, on a hair clip. Such a cute idea... I definitely entered the giveaway. And I hate the pacifier falling sound, too!

  11. Goodness do you have awesome legs! And such a fun life! So much to look forward to.

    Would Si be able to find his pacy if it's clips to his jammies?


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