Thursday, March 14, 2013

silas kai at 7 months

I could put about 25 more pictures on here, but I'll spare you the scrolling. Goodness, he makes my heart soar. In the 6 weeks since Chris has been gone, he has grown in leaps and bounds. I'm so excited for his Daddy to come home and discover all the new things he's learned.

At 7 months, Silas...

... is crawling 'like a big boy'. He's advanced from army crawling but still does it when he's feeling lazy.

... is eating rice cereal and loves squash, bananas and his Baby MumMums.

... responds to his name and is definitely a mama's boy. That might have something to do with daddy being gone and so many new faces around lately.

... has a signature smile with his little tongue hanging out. It cracks us up.

... is ticklish on his feet, back and chest. His laugh is infectious.

... is a horrible sleeper. Mama is learning to love coffee more and more.

... has gotten his two bottom teeth and just got his top two teeth this week.

... has just started to pull up on things... uh oh.

... has pulled over a ficus tree and full length mirror and loves trying to chew on computer cords. He keeps me on my toes, for sure.


  1. This seriously just put a smile on my face!
    Does he ever not smile? :D

  2. Oh my, he is a bundle o cuteness... I love when they are "mama's boy"...:)

  3. I love that outfit! He gets cuter every single day!

  4. He is such a cutie... I love following you on Instagram and seeing his smiles and silliness everyday. Makes me realize how much I need to get home and spend more time with my new niece! They grow up quickly!!!

  5. He is so stinkin cute Lindsay! Handsome little guy and growing so fast... love that adorable tongue!

  6. He is the spitting image of you!. So photogenic... Enjoy the moments as long as u can... :-)

  7. Too cute!! It goes so fast doesn't it?! Faster with each added kiddo too!

  8. Love his bow tie shirt... so cute!

  9. Too cute!! It goes so fast doesn't it?! Faster with each added kiddo too!

  10. hey, cutie pie!! love that last picture of him, so adorable. :)

  11. awww! he's so cute, Lindsay. Love that signature smile! =) =)

  12. Gah! He is so incredibly sweet. Baby feet have to be one of my favourite things. lol. He's really moving along so well! My little guy didn't start crawling (forward) until he was a few months older and pulling himself up on stuff started about a month or so ago! It's so fun to see little ones around my guy's age and see how they all develop differently! I love when you share these updates. :)


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