Monday, February 25, 2013

polka dots, rust-colored tights, and a happy list.

top:: Target
skirt:: Forever21
rust colored tights:: Target
socks:: my sock drawer (ha.) 
Blowfish Tugo wedges:: c/o
ring:: Charlotte Russe

things I'm loving this week::

being able to breathe through my nose

finding a new ticklish spot that makes Si crack up

rust colored tights (any colored tights, actually!) 

video chats with Chris early in the morning

a new haircut that feels good even days later

pictures of my new niece on Instagram

watching Si learn to explore as he scoots around the living room

buying a ticket home and looking forward to Chris' homecoming days later

nap time. The good Lord knows I need them lately. 

happy new week, friends! 


  1. I have to take the little second to tell you, you are adorable! Everyone deserves to hear that as much as possible! You truly are - I stumbled upon your little blog right about the time Si was born, and your little family is just sweet. Thank you for giving me something uplifting to read an look forward to!

    1. Hey Tracy! Thanks so much for your sweet words! Thanks for your encouraging comment!

  2. Great pics. Your hair looks great!

    Bump to Baby

  3. Adorable. That skirt is just gorgeous.

  4. Great outfit. I really love that skirt.

  5. Loooking gorgeous as always! I looooove those shoes!!

    1. Thanks Meghann! They're so comfy too-- I seriously wouldn't imagine wedges to be so comfortable, but they honestly are. Definitely recommend.

  6. Love your skirt!

    Yay for a homecoming date!

  7. Ah how cute are you? Loving that skirts and those tights and the boots!


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