Friday, January 11, 2013

it's the little things:: a tough week, a good run and ice cream.

To be completely transparent, it's been a rough week. I've had more than one moment of questioning my mommy instincts and wondering how the heck I'll balance mamahood and my handmade business. Between a fussy, teething baby, housework and working hard to get my shop up on Monday, I've had little energy for anything else this week. Including taking pictures for this post. But I do want to share my little things with you this week, because these are the weeks I need it most!

 (ooh, did ya catch that rhyme?!)

Chris and I have been working out a little this week, which is a ton more fun than working out alone. Yesterday we ran about a mile and a half, and get this-- I didn't die. Normally I'm a pathetic runner, wheezing about ten steps in. But I actually enjoyed it this time, and we even found a running trail near our place! 

While it's a bit difficult to find time to paint with this squishy baby around, those moments when I get to sit down with a paintbrush and blank canvas are golden. So thankful for that 'me' time

I got my wedding rings to fit again, after 6 months of wearing an $8 JCPenney ring! 

Chris and I started watching the latest season of "The Amazing Race" on Huluplus. I can't believe he's never watched that show, because it's right up our alley. So fun to hang out on the couch after Si is in bed and talk about how'd we run it if we ever got the chance.

Bluebell icecream. Yeah.

What were the little things pulling you through this week?

Oh, and because I can't stand a post without a single photo, here's one of my boy and me from Si's failed 5 month photo shoot yesterday. 

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  1. it's almost as if you were reading my thoughts. i am from Brenham (birthplace of blue bell) so of course i am obsessed.

    also, huge fan of amazing race. i entered my roomate and myself up when we were in college without telling her. needless to say she was a little shocked when they sent her an email saying we needed to send in a video to complete the application. ;)

    happy friday!

  2. From one mama to another: You will find your balance, I promise. :)

    Sweet moments this week. TV night with ice cream makes everything better.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  3. Sorry you have had such a rough week! But you are so encouraging in how you are approaching it and choosing to be thankful despite the things that are tough. So thank you for that! Also....that picture of you and Si is absolutely adorable!!

  4. So stinking sweet. Little Si is precious!! :) great job on the running!!

  5. A friend got me hooked on the Amazing Race!. Be sure and watch their next season!

  6. i just went back to work recently and balance is definately tough... i work from home, but i had to hire someone to help out...i just couldn't do it. oh...and i got my ring back on!! glad i didn't resize!

  7. I don't think it's a failed attempt at pictures if you get a great one like that! :) He's so cute! Linking up for the first time today - hope I did it correctly ;) emily

  8. We love watching the Amazing Race too. The photo shoot may have failed, but the picture of you and Si is a super cute one though!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. If that’s a failed photo shoot, I’m in trouble! You both look beautiful. And I just love his little fuzzy head of hair. Absolutely precious!

  10. So I'm having kind of a crappy day. And reading this made me smile. So thanks lady.

  11. this is such a lovely link up.

    this post clicks so much because just yesterday i wrote a note to my self telling her to put her act together and start taking care of her 13+months post baby body.

    i am a new follower and looking forward to read

  12. thanks for the link up!
    i love your photos on your clear and pretty!


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