Friday, January 18, 2013

it's the little things: cute packaging and sleeping babies

Man, the past few weeks of very little sleep and a crazy busy schedule are taking their toll on me. I had to apologize to Chris this morning for being such a crankypants last night. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and eat brownies. I think we'll be doing a lot of resting and hopefully de-crankifying as a family this weekend. 

All that to say, bring on the three day weekend! To kick off the weekend, here are a few of the little things that kept me smiling this week. 

  •  Starting off the day with a hearty breakfast. I don't always get to sit down to breakfast, so this is a treat some days! 
  •  I'm having a blast packaging up orders this week. I love being creative and putting together a fun package for someone to open! 
  •  I got an evening to roam Target alone this week. I feel a bit like a cliche whenever I do this, but it's seriously relaxing. And goodness, the new Threshold goodies are gorgeous! 
  •  It was warm-ish the other night, so we took a stroll on the beach together. Chilly, but the sun on my face felt so good. 
  •  I'm a little obsessed with polka-dots lately. How can little dots make me smile so much?
  •  Si has been a horrible sleeper lately, but when he does sleep, gosh, he's cute. God bless naptime. 
What about you, friend? Do you have a three day weekend? What's made you smile this week?
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  1. its amazing how quick trips to target just aren't easy after a baby! Getting to run errands alone is definitely a luxury:) Your boy is too sweet.

  2. Happy packaging is so nice to receive!

    Sweet pictures from your week!

  3. so enjoy decorating my mails and the whole process of mailing! the outside of the envelope/package is prime real estate!

  4. Right on about the new thresholds stuff. Went a few days ago and almost went broke. And so wish we lived by the beach ;)

  5. "God bless naptime!" is right. Every momma needs that little break when her little one's young ... I remember when Matt stopped napping at 3 years it threw me for a loop.

    Your picture of breakfast makes me want to eat RIGHT NOW. Yum!

  6. That is my FAVORITE part about shopping on Etsy. The packaging shows the love and personal aspect of the transaction. :)

  7. I remember my first trip to Target solo. I think I went up and down every. single. aisle. It was seriously amazing.

  8. Target is awesome - and going alone makes it even better :) ~ Andi

  9. Ooh I want to go to the beach now! And nap time is so sweet in so many ways. Lovely photos!

  10. Polka dots are awesome, they always make me happy. And I can't wait to get my order from you!


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