Thursday, January 31, 2013

an unexpected trip.

So, this week has turned out much different than I was expecting just a few days ago.

On Friday, Chris got a call giving him the opportunity to travel to the Pacific for a diving job for a few weeks.

On Monday, he was told that he'd be leaving on Wednesday and that he would probably be gone for a few months

I dropped him off at the airport last night and it's just starting to sink in that we're here at this ugly "deployment" place again. The worst part of it all is the unexpected nature of it. We knew that with this job, he would have these unexpected opportunities arise, but didn't expect a trip so long and sudden for another few years. 

We have two deployments and many tough separations (my semester abroad in Spain, his month-long hiking expedition in Alaska, my 6 months living in Mexico) under our belt, but there's something completely different about this one. Two days notice, (not enough time to even get the car maintenanced) the daunting task of parenting alone, and no homecoming date to focus on makes me feel a bit helpless this morning. 

I have shed many many (many) tears this week, and the shirt that Chris was wearing as he took off on that airplane last night was soaked with most of them (and maybe a little snot... he's a good guy). But really horrible days like these make the blessings (even the tiniest ones) shine through all the more. 

This morning I am thankful for girlfriends who text and call in the middle of the night to check up on me, for sweet Silas smiles and how easy he just went down for his morning nap, and the flowers that Chris bought me before he left, which are sitting right in front of me as I type. 

And I'm thankful for the sustaining power of the Word. I received many verses from sweet IG and twitter friends over the past few days and last night before bed, I poured over those verses and reminded myself that though it really feels like it at moments, I am not in this alone. There is One who has every moment of my day in His hands. 

So, I may be AWOL for a few days. OR you may see me here more than often. Not sure how it will go, but just want to focus on getting adjusted to all of this. 

Plus, I've gotta spend some time buying up all the chocolate in town. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

from our recipe box: {make your own sushi rolls!}

After leaving Hawaii, there was a void in our tummies where inexpensive delicious sushi used to be. We decided to start making it ourselves and will never turn back. The tutorial/recipes below explain how we make our sushi rolls. There's a lot that goes into this, so bear with me as I take you through each step! You may need to read through this one or two times. It took us a while to get all the steps and ingredients down.

Usually we make a whole evening out of it. So invite over some buddies, pour some hot sake, grab your chopsticks and have at it! 

The sushi we make may or may not be authentic, but it sure is delicious. Below you'll see everything we use to make our rolls. We'll go over how to make panko shrimp, spicy (raw) ahi, and spicy mayo sauce. Feel free to add in your own fillings and toppings! 

Sushi prep

Prepare the sushi rice. The most time consuming part of this is making the sushi rice. We use these instructions. You'll need to plan ahead and start this process about 2 hours ahead of when you'll start rolling. 1 cup is enough for about 3 sushi rolls, so change the proportions of the rice vinegar, water, sugar and salt on the instructions as needed. 

Panko shrimp. To make the crispy shrimp, we fry them using panko breading. Heat oil (we use peanut oil and a tiny bit of sesame oil) over medium heat. Beat one egg, dip shrimp in the egg first, then coat with the breading. Place shrimp in hot oil for about 1-2 minutes, flipping halfway through. Place on a paper towel and set aside. 

Slice your veggies. Cut thin slices of cucumbers and avocados. We use about 1/2 a cucumber and 1/2 an avocado for 3 rolls. 

Spicy mayo (my favorite part!). You'll need mayo, sesame oil and sriracha sauce. Mix 3 tablespoons of mayo, 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil and 1 teaspoon of sriracha sauce (more if you like it spicier). You'll find that the sesame oil is what really makes this taste authentic. So delish. Set aside for later. 

Spicy ahi. We buy the freshest raw tuna steaks possible, from our local seafood market. We've never had an issue with upset tummies. If you're not sure about raw fish, you can forgo it. We use about 1/4 lb ahi steak. Using a sharp filet knife, chop ahi into tiny cubes. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil, and 1 tablespoon of sriracha sauce. Mix and set aside. 

Supplies need for rolling: Seaweed paper (called nori), bamboo mat, sharp knife, a mix of 1 oz rice vinegar + 1/3 cup water (for rinsing knife while cutting sushi), damp paper towel (for making inside out rolls), sheet of cling wrap cellophane (for shaping ahi rolls). 

Okay, whew! Now you are ready to start rolling! We'll go over how to make inside out rolls-- those are my favorite. 

Let's roll.

Place your nori on the bamboo mat, with the rough side facing up. Using a rice paddle (or any old spoon), flatten out the rice and spread it to the edges. Place a damp paper towel over the rice and grabbing the edges of the paper towel and rice covered nori, flip it over. The paper towel is now on the bottom, with the nori on top. 

Line up your shrimp, cucumbers, and avocado along the edge of the nori sheet. You can add in some spicy mayo and spicy ahi if you'd like as well. 

To begin rolling, pick up the edge of the bamboo mat, paper towel and nori closest to you. Fold the edge in as close to your fillings as possible. Roll it as tightly as you can, peeling back the paper towel and bamboo mat as you go. When you get to the end, you can roll it back and forth with your fingers to tighten up the roll. 

If you want to top your sushi with spicy ahi, follow these steps below. 

Top roll with spicy ahi. Place cellophane over sushi and form it with a slight dome. Using your sharp knife, cut through the cellophane and the roll. Do not saw, but try to cut in one motion. Between slices, coat the blade with the rice vinegar/water mix to keep it slick. After slicing, remove the cellophane and if you want, top the roll with sesame seeds. 


Skip the ahi and cellophane part and just slice that bad boy. Make sure your pieces are bite-sized. 

Enjoy with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger, if desired and don't be shy about stuffing your mouth with those delicious bites of sushi-goodness. 

Now, if you want to make regular rolls (not inside-out rolls, but the ones with the seaweed on the outside), skip the flipping part above and place your fillings on the rice. You can roll it the same way (you won't need the paper towel for this) and cut it with your sharp knife coated with the rice vinegar/water mixture. 

From there, I like to drizzle spicy mayo (my very favorite part) on top. 

So there ya go. Not simple at all, but totally scrumptious and honestly, more fun than just ordering in a restaurant! 

Let me know if you have any questions! I tried to be as thorough as possible! Happy sushi eating! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

on blog sponsorship and switching things up a bit.

Ok, gonna talk about blog sponsorship here for a bit. I know it doesn't apply to everyone, so if this isn't your cup of tea, I'll be back later this week with an outfit post and sushi tutorial/recipe! 


It's the last few days of the month and this is what that usually means for me:

Bunches of emails back and forth with potential and potentially returning sponsors. 

Sponsor shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook. 

Paypal invoice sending. 

Awaiting Paypal payment.

Ad re-sizing and importing into Blogger. 

And if you're anything like me, you're horribly disorganized (I know I'm not the only one!) and keeping track of sponsorship can be stressful at times. At times, I've thought about just giving it up, but I really do love the opportunity I have to partner with small businesses through sponsorship.

I decided weeks ago that my "word for the year" would be 'intentional'. And part of that is being intentional with how I spend my time and how I prioritize my tasks. 

So, I finally made the switch to PassionFruit Ads

Here's what I'm excited about. 

Easy-peasy for both of us. Pay for an ad spot on my sponsor page and once it's approved by me, it magically appears on the sidebar. 

Rotating ads. I love that the sidebar ads shuffle with each pageview. Optimum views for sponsors, and readers don't overlook ads they've seen at the top for weeks. 

Stats record the clicks that each ad gets. 

Ads start at any time of the month, so my readers get to scope out fresh shops and blogs throughout the month! 

So, here goes. I honestly was pretty opposed to it at first. I like having direct contact with my sponsors, but just because it's easier for someone to purchase an ad doesn't mean I'm out of the picture. In fact, it leaves more time for me to get to know my sponsors, plan awesome blog posts and snuggle my boys.

If you wanna check out PassionFruit Ads, go here.

And if you're interested in sponsoring Hello Hue go here.

And if you're just looking for pretty photos, go here or here. (And now after going through my old Hawaii pictures for those links, I'm missing it like crazy.)

Friday, January 25, 2013

it's the little things:: in our home

I am not an organized person. Neither is Chris. This means that at least once weekly (usually twice), our house gets to a ridiculous state of cluttered. At the moment, I'm sitting on the couch taking a break from clearing the clutter (piles of folded laundry, sink full of dirty dishes, baby toys everywhere!) to stop in here and say hi.

Since the current state of our home was making my eyes twitch, I thought I'd use today's little things post to focus on the little bits of our home that make me smile. Because amidst the mess, I really love our bright, light filled house and I'm so thankful we have a warm home. 

I love bathtime with Si. Mostly because he loves it so much. It's fun to see him splashing and I can't wait to take him swimming this summer. He's a champ when we dunk him underwater briefly (usually comes up smiling!) and I think he's gonna be a little waterbaby.

My little berry basket full of washi tape. So much color and potential for making things pretty.

Butter definitely makes me happy, but more specifically, this butter dish we bought from our favorite store in St. Augustine. It's hand-painted in Mexico and I think it's beautiful.

This print by Katygirl is not only encouraging in and of itself, but it was given to me by Lindsay after this post. So, it also speaks to me even deeper about the beauty of this blogging community and how sweet it is to be encouraged by other women who know just where you are.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

this morning.

hearing :: landscape guys working outside // naptime silence from Si's crib
feeling:: sore muscles from my recent workouts // thrilled at this news from my friend
tasting:: warm waffles with nutella and strawberries on the side
seeing:: gorgeous sunshine and blue skies outside // new necklaces and prints in the works for the shop
missing:: our church in Hawaii // my baby bump
thankful for:: Si giving us a 6 hour stretch of sleep last night // fuzzy warm socks from my mom-in-law
excited about:: starting the Boston house hunt // the 1st round of Hello Hue Studio orders to reach their  recipients!

Monday, January 21, 2013

confession: i may have worn leggings as pants...

tunic:: {target}
necklace: {moriah makes}
vest:: {cinnamon girl}
leggings:: {charlotte russe}
blowfish tugo wedges:: {c/o lulus}

Okay, I'm venturing into controversial territory here. Leggings as pants. 

I did it the other day and I don't regret it. This was my comfy, running-errands-in-the-cold outfit. Just like I never thought I'd venture into wearing leggings as pants, I also never in a million years would have predicted that I'd wear wedges as an errand shoe. But dang, these Blowfish Tugo wedges seriously are comfortable. I like that I can wear them and feel a little bit more put-together (though I may still have spit-up on my shoulder). 

So, yeah, living on the edge these days. 

Speaking of living on the edge, apparently buying peanut butter is controversial these days too. 

We were at the grocery store a few nights ago and as I plucked a jar of crunchy JIF peanut butter from the shelf, the woman behind me says, 

"Not that you want to hear this, but that's full of fatty hydrogenated oils. It'll clog your arteries."

I looked at her, waiting for the punchline. And?? I thought. 

She continued, "Though, I suppose that's pretty much any peanut butter these days."

"Yep," I said with a shrug, " I guess I just like to gamble with my peanut butter."

I didn't tell her that one of my favorite treats is peanut butter and bacon. I feared the lecture I'd get after that. I wonder if she was standing there trying to assuage all of the PB lovers away from their purchases. Strange. Also, now every time I eat apples with peanut butter, I keep thinking about how my poor arteries are feeling. Thanks, lady. 

Have you taken any risks with your wardrobe lately? Do you think I'm bonkers for wearing leggings as pants?? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

it's the little things: cute packaging and sleeping babies

Man, the past few weeks of very little sleep and a crazy busy schedule are taking their toll on me. I had to apologize to Chris this morning for being such a crankypants last night. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and eat brownies. I think we'll be doing a lot of resting and hopefully de-crankifying as a family this weekend. 

All that to say, bring on the three day weekend! To kick off the weekend, here are a few of the little things that kept me smiling this week. 

  •  Starting off the day with a hearty breakfast. I don't always get to sit down to breakfast, so this is a treat some days! 
  •  I'm having a blast packaging up orders this week. I love being creative and putting together a fun package for someone to open! 
  •  I got an evening to roam Target alone this week. I feel a bit like a cliche whenever I do this, but it's seriously relaxing. And goodness, the new Threshold goodies are gorgeous! 
  •  It was warm-ish the other night, so we took a stroll on the beach together. Chilly, but the sun on my face felt so good. 
  •  I'm a little obsessed with polka-dots lately. How can little dots make me smile so much?
  •  Si has been a horrible sleeper lately, but when he does sleep, gosh, he's cute. God bless naptime. 
What about you, friend? Do you have a three day weekend? What's made you smile this week?
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

from our recipe box:: {chicken tikka masala}

I've told you many times that one of our favorite ways to spend time together is in the kitchen. Chris especially is the creative one-- always making up his own versions of dishes (while rarely using measurements) and trying new things. We love finding recipes to try out and new cuisines to taste. Over the past few years, we've learned a lot of recipes and have some favorite go-to meals that make our tastebuds dance. 

I'm going to start sharing some of those recipes with you. I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but now I'm actually putting my fingers to the keyboard to write these down and share them (or in many cases, picking Chris' brain and trying to get him to give me some measurements for the things he makes!). Some will be adapted from other sources (in which case I'll direct you to these sources!) and some will be our own made up recipes. 

In the coming months, I hope to share our amazing barbecue sauce, a tutorial/recipe for sushi and one of our favorites- penang curry. 

First up, is our favorite recipe for chicken tikka masala! It's slightly adapted from McCormick's Tikka Masala recipe here. 

We love Indian food. The rich, hearty flavors and bright colors make it such a good comfort food. Plus, you can impress your friends when it's your turn to host! Tikka masala is a tomato sauce based dish and yummiest served over jasmine rice with a side of garlic naan. 

First, you'll need to make the garam masala-- the spice mix that serves as the base for the flavor. 

The best way to make this is to use the whole spices and grind them up, but you can use the ground spices if you want. We use our mortar and pestle to crush up the whole spices, but a food processor can usually do the trick. (I've seen mortar and pestles for sale in World Market. We bought ours during our Thailand trip.)

Garam Masala 
(makes enough for 2 meals)

Spices you will need (measurements are approximate, because that's just the way we cook.) We store the mix in a jar and the recipe below should give you enough to make the tikka masala twice (depending on how much spice you use!) 

5 whole cardamom seeds
3 whole cloves
1/4 stick (about an inch) cinnamon
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns
1 tablespoon whole coriander
2 tablespoons cumin seeds


Roast spices in a small pan over the stove until fragrant (about 2 minutes). Grind in a mortar and pestle or food processor. Set spices aside. We use about two tablespoons of the ground mix for this recipe. 

Now to get down to making this yummy dish.

Chicken Tikka Masala 
(yields about 4-5 servings, depending on how big your husband's stomach is)

Other ingredients needed:: 

2 tablespoons butter
3 large chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces
1 onion (about 1 cup or so) diced
2 tablespoons lemon juice
15 oz. can of tomato sauce
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
2 tablespoons of paprika
1 large garlic clove, finely chopped
red pepper flakes (to taste)
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon salt


Melt butter in large pan on medium heat. Add the chicken pieces, chopped onion and lemon juice. Cook until chicken is no longer pink, stirring the whole time (about 10 minutes or so). Add two tablespoons of the garam masala spice mix (that you just made), nutmeg and paprika and however much red pepper flakes you want. 

Stop and smell that gorgeous aroma and get excited for dinner. 

Add garlic. Cook for another two minutes or so. 

Stir in tomato sauce. 

On the side, stir together cream, cornstarch and salt until smooth. Stir this mixture into the pan.

Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat to low and simmer for five minutes. Sauce will thicken up a bit. 

Serve over cooked jasmine rice and serve with warm garlic naan. We've tried this recipe for naan before, but it's much simpler and yummier (in our opinion) just to get storebought. :)

(This recipe is based off of this tikka masala recipe and these garam masala recipes- here and here. We've adapted them a bit to fit our liking to make the recipe above.)

Monday, January 14, 2013

open for business!

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach this morning. Shop opening day! There's something exciting and vulnerable about revealing your artwork to the world and I couldn't be happier to be back among my fellow creators again! 

The shop is live and open for orders, so head over to see my new products and designs. I'll be adding more products and designs in continuously. Thanks for all the kind words and support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this week! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

it's the little things:: a tough week, a good run and ice cream.

To be completely transparent, it's been a rough week. I've had more than one moment of questioning my mommy instincts and wondering how the heck I'll balance mamahood and my handmade business. Between a fussy, teething baby, housework and working hard to get my shop up on Monday, I've had little energy for anything else this week. Including taking pictures for this post. But I do want to share my little things with you this week, because these are the weeks I need it most!

 (ooh, did ya catch that rhyme?!)

Chris and I have been working out a little this week, which is a ton more fun than working out alone. Yesterday we ran about a mile and a half, and get this-- I didn't die. Normally I'm a pathetic runner, wheezing about ten steps in. But I actually enjoyed it this time, and we even found a running trail near our place! 

While it's a bit difficult to find time to paint with this squishy baby around, those moments when I get to sit down with a paintbrush and blank canvas are golden. So thankful for that 'me' time

I got my wedding rings to fit again, after 6 months of wearing an $8 JCPenney ring! 

Chris and I started watching the latest season of "The Amazing Race" on Huluplus. I can't believe he's never watched that show, because it's right up our alley. So fun to hang out on the couch after Si is in bed and talk about how'd we run it if we ever got the chance.

Bluebell icecream. Yeah.

What were the little things pulling you through this week?

Oh, and because I can't stand a post without a single photo, here's one of my boy and me from Si's failed 5 month photo shoot yesterday. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

talking shop!

It's almost here, guys. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you've no doubt seen me talking about the re-opening of my Etsy shop, Hello Hue Studio. I've been working hard on my artwork and I'm so excited to share it with you next week! 

I thought I'd share a little about the products that you'll find in the shop when it opens next week. 
First of all, I'm excited to offer prints in the shop! For years I've wanted to work on prints of my artwork, but with limited resources in Hawaii, I never did. Next week, there will be some frameable Hello Hue designs available for you to purchase! Some designs may be familiar, while others are all new.
You might remember my mini canvas magnets from right before I closed up shop last spring. They're back and just as cute as ever! They're available in a rainbow of colors and with a super strong magnet on the back, they'll add some happy cheer to your fridge or magnetic chalkboard. (Or baking sheet, which is what I'm using to display my inventory in the studio. ;)

The product I'm most excited about is my brand-new hand-painted necklaces. I've painted my designs in minute detail on gorgeous mahogany wood pendants. There are silver and antiqued bronze chains available and the chains are 24". Just like the prints, I've always had a dream to offer my artwork in this form and seeing them hanging in my studio, even better than I imagined is pretty surreal. I hope you'll love them just as much as I do, but if not, that's okay, because I wouldn't mind keeping them all to my self. 

You may be asking, "What about the canvases??" I'll have some limited designs on canvases, but I'm seeing the direction of the shop shift a bit. Part of the reason is because the packaging portion of selling canvases is so time-consuming and sometimes stressful. I'd rather spend my time designing and painting than wrestling cardboard boxes and cutting them to size. I may start to offer custom pieces again, depending on how the shop is doing. 

I'm excited and just a tiny bit anxious about the shop opening. Putting your designs and hard work out there is nerve-wracking, but I'm so stoked to dive into the handmade world again. My prayers are that through my shop and artwork, I'll honor God, inspire others, and add some happy color into your lives. 

See you next week at Hello Hue Studio! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

coral + emerald (( a review!))

color wheel necklace:: {yellow owl workshop}
Novel-Tee Shop grey top:: {c/o}
coral jeans:: {Old Navy}
Green Scallopini flats:: {c/o}

Ok, three things about this outfit. 

These shoes. Aren't they sweet? Scalloped edges and this gorgeous emerald green! Did you know that Emerald is the Pantone Color of 2013? When I first found out, I thought, "Ew, nah." Emerald makes me think of old ladies. And then these flats came in the mail from and I was all "Ooh, emerald!" So, now I'm on the emerald train and gotta get this color in my wardrobe elsewhere. Also, these flats are insanely comfy, which is a rare thing for flats, in my experience. Win-win all around. 

Remember when I told you that Chris bought me a replacement color wheel necklace after I had lost mine for 6 months? Well, yesterday while searching for my lipstick in a purse pocket, I pulled out a pair of earrings. Snagged on those earrings was a tiny gold chain, and on that tiny gold chain was my long lost color wheel necklace. Chris just rolled his eyes when I showed him. Too bad I didn't find it a month ago! I swear I searched those pockets a thousand times. 

Finally, I've just gotta tell you how comfy this gray top is. I've literally been wearing it since I pulled it out of the package. In fact, on the way to a party last night, I texted my friend, Jess and said "Don't judge me, I'm wearing the same shirt I wore on Friday. It's too comfy to take off." Easily my new favorite top. 

And now I'm off to crawl around on the floor with Si. He's figured out the whole rolling over thing this weekend and it's so stinkin' cute how proud he is of himself. 

PS. Shop at between today and Friday, and use the code HELLOHUE to get 15% off your order! (Valid in the US and Canada!) 

PPS. Just noticed that this outfit uses all five of my postpartum style tips. If you wanna check those out-- click on over to this post. 

(( This post was sponsored by  I was offered product by, in exchange for my review. As always, my words and opinions are my own!)) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

it's the little things linkup!

After a short holiday break, we're back at it with the Little Things linkup! 

 Things are slightly overwhelming at the moment-- my house is a disaster zone, Si keeps waking himself up from his nap, and I have yet to wash my face this morning. But I needed to sit for a moment and think on some of the little happy things from this week to keep my head from exploding. :) 

I'm sipping on this iced coffee right now and that's my last stripey straw. After a rough night of sleep last night, I'm hoping this will give me the boost I need to get through the morning. 

Si has started to reach around behind him for the globe we have on his changing table. Even though it makes diaper changing a bit more of a challenge, I love seeing him noticing things like that and seeing him try to spin it. Also, it's pretty neat to see my own kiddo playing with something I played with my whole childhood.

The laundry is ridiculous right now. Coming back from vacation is no joke. But as I was getting frustrated about it this morning, I realized how blessed we are to have more than enough clothing to keep us warm and how easy it is for us to keep those clothes fresh and clean.

Up until this summer, I owned a beautiful color wheel necklace from the Yellow Owl Workshop. And then somewhere in our move, I lost it. Chris bought me a replacement necklace for Christmas and it made me squeal when I opened the box. Also, how awesome is their packaging??

Now it's your turn!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Si's first snow.

 Si got to experience his first snow last week. It only lasted about an hour before it turned to mush but we were all pretty excited to see those big flakes coming down (especially while lounging by the cozy fire at Chris' parents!). I'm sure we'll get more than our fair share of winter when we get to Boston, but after three years in Hawaii, the white stuff is kind of magical.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sister style.

Out of my six siblings, I always end up seeing my little sister, Tori, the most when we go home. It's probably because up until a few months ago, she lived at home. I cherished the time I had with her this week, and can't believe the next time we visit, she'll be walking down the aisle marrying her guy. Since she's pretty much the most gorgeous little thing ever, I thought it'd be fun to do a sister style post with her. 

 cardigan:: {Francesca's Collections}
scarf:: {Forever21}
top:: {Francesca's Collections}
necklaces:: {Anthropologie}
belt:: {DSW}
jeans:: {Nordstrom Rack}
leg warmers:: {Kohl's}
boots:: {Nordstrom rack}

scarf:: {gift from sister in law}
cardigan:: {who knows?}
dress:: {Target}
tights:: {Target}
boots:: {Rack Room}

Even though we are six years apart, we've been getting the "twin" thing our whole lives. Didn't help that my mom used to dress us alike. It used to bug me, but now I just smile because yeah, we look a lot alike and little do they know, but we're kind of complete opposites. 

I want 6+ kiddos. She wants one, maybe. 

Her closet is organized and color coordinated, mine is wrinkled piles on the floor. 

I'm a cheapo and buy $1 sunglasses (since I'll break them anyway) and she invests in the good ones. 

Long hair, short hair.

She's always wanted to be a "grownup", but I'll probably always be a goofball.

My wedding colors were pink & orange. Hers will be ivory and cream in May. 

Are you and your sisters alike or opposites?