Friday, December 14, 2012

It's the Little Things linkup!

 I woke up this morning with happiness rolling around in my head. No particular reason, just happy with life. Despite Silas fighting (aka screaming his head off) sleep every day and night this week, it's been a good one. And plus, he's sleeping in my arms right now (I'm typing this with one hand), so that's smile-worthy for sure. Below are some of the little joys making me smile this morning. 

This baby loves his baths. I think he's going to take to water like his daddy. Also, baby in a hooded towel is pretty much the best thing ever. 

Boots! I've been searching for a pair of boots for the past two years, Yes, I'm picky. I found TWO pairs last night! And just in time for the cold weather that has arrived in Florida this week!

Are baby sweater vests not the cutest things?? Besides hooded towels, I guess. Si is gonna be stylin' this Christmas.

Chris had to wear his dress uniform for work pictures today. He's handsome in shorts and a tee around the house, but gosh, dress him up and my heart gets all fluttery.

And finally, I continue to be thankful for the creativity that has someway found itself back in my system. Current project in the studio is working on finishing these sketches so I can turn them into prints for the shop!

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  1. Goodness that boy is adorable and I love your new boots! Also can't wait to see your new shop items! :) Linking up!

  2. Look at that smile on your sweet baby boy! So adorable! And I am loving those prints you are working on! I can't wait to see them all!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Have you heard of the book "Save our Sleep"? It has some great ideas. And yes hooded towels are SO adorable!!




  4. Oooh I like those boots, and men in uniform (or even just all dressed up) are always so good looking so I gotta say your hubs looks snazzy all dressed up!

    And again I am so darn excited about your new designs. If you're interested I'd love to do an interview or something with you once your shop is up. Let me know what you think or feel free to email me!

  5. Gotta love a baby in a hooded towel and a man in a uniform!

  6. He's such a cutie, bath times always so much fun!
    oopps You can take my link off, I didn't read what "little things" link party was about so I added my little christmas ornament, sorry :(

  7. Slippery, wet, fresh, clean baby. Oh I do miss those days! And I can't wait to see everything in the shop!

  8. What do you use when you create your sketches? Colored pencils, markers, paint? They're so beautiful. Right now I use colored pencils, but I'm not a huge fan because they aren't as vibrant and bright like yours are.


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